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The Phrozen Keep

Welcome to the Phrozen Keep, Diablo 2 mod making central. For contact information, please check out the staff page to find out who should be e-mailed, depending on the topic. While we try to cater to all needs, feel free to look around and don't forget to drop in on the Phrozen Forums where thousands of members and visitors try and help each other out with mod problems and suggestions!


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Keep Update Nov 01, 2013

Mod updates

Le Royaume des Ombres
Xaphan has released an update (2.00) for his mod. A whole new act has been added to the game, allowing players to go through act 2, as well as an update focused on monsters to make the mod more challenging. Some skills have been balanced, and some bugs fixed. For a detailed list of new changes and features visit this thread or download the update directly by clicking this link.

Diabolic Cartography back in action

Diabolic Cartography site is back in action with a new site and a couple of new dt1 plugins by Eimernase. The first dt1 contains new statue tiles get it here. The second dt1 contains some nice detailed tiles suitable for a graveyard style map - get it here

by Volf, Friday, 01 November 2013 18:25
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Keep Update Oct 20, 2013

The first keep update at d2mods.info

I august i posted an announcement stating that hugelaser is shutting down (check the topic here). The site and forums are now hosted by me (volf) and the downloads are hosted by Necrolis.
Being independent has brought up some new possibilities that were not easy to accomplish before due to lack of server access. As an example i have been monitoring the sites performance and tweaked to site for better speed along with allot of search engine optimisation changes, found unused and broken scripts that were adding to the loading times signifigantly. I have also been monitoring 404 errors (page not found) and fixed some pages that have been missing for a long time. As an example the staff page had disappeared completely so a new one was added here (you will also find a staff link to the left in the navigation under forums category.

Dead links

A side effect of the move has been a drop in pagerank and traffic as allot of incoming links are still pointing to phrozenkeep.hugelaser.com. We now ask webmasters and link partners to update any links to point to the new url. The format of all links is still the same, you only need to change replace phrozenkeep.hugelaser.com to d2mods.info or d2mods.com in links. If
you have made posts containing links to the phrozen keep on other forums you would be doing us a favor by editing the links to.

Diablo 2 mod updates

Xaphan has released an update (1.06) for hes Le Royaume des Ombres 1.06mod, the mod can be played in both French and English.
Some of the mods features are a new resolution 1024x768 or 1200x768, 7 new character classes with new skills (se the screenshot to the left), a completely new world to explore. For a detailed list of new changes and features visit this thread or download the update directly by clicking this link


kambala has released a cross-platform MPQ language changer, find out more about it in this thread

Code Editing Wiki

JDS has setup a Code Editing Wiki site named Phrozen Library. If code editing is your thing then please consider contributing. For more information read this thread

Maps and units

Eimernase has created a couple of unit packs and some new map tiles to share with the community, yopu can grab them here

Thats it for now

by Volf, Sunday, 20 October 2013 16:55
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Keep Update 12/19/2012

It has been a while since the last update so I figured its time for me to post my first keep update.

Code editors
The code editor have been busy and there have been some big breakthroughs. Kingpin has made life a bit easier for 1.13 patch coders with he's release of a Rebased Storm.dll for 1.13c. The Rebased Storm.dll takes care of the overlapping memory space between d2game.dll and storm.dll saving you from excessive headaches while debugging. Download the rebased storm dll for 1.13c here

New D2mod plugins
kidpaddle94 has released 2 plugins, the first one is named D2ItemSpell and it allows you to cast a skill from an item using a new pspell, the second plugin allows you to warp to another area using a pspell, both the plugins need a little bit of testing before their included in the filecenter so if you wish to speed up the process visit this topic and try them out.

The following plugins fall have been on modmakers Christmas wish lists for ages. Several code editors have researched and posted bits and pieces of code on the forums over the years, but nobody ever got around to putting everything in to d2modplugins, until now dav92 has released lots of plugins, starting with a d2mod plugin that allows modmakers to increase the resolution in their mods this plugin can be downloaded here. The second mayor release by dav92 is D2NPCs, this plugin enables us to add new npcs to our mods, download D2npcs here. The final one im going to mention is my favourite, this plugin enable modmakers to add real new towns to the game an thus its named D2Towns get it here. In combination with the exdended levels plugin and davs npx and town plugin we now have much more freedom when it comes to expanding the game. You can read all about dav's new plugins in this topic

Mod release
I have released a pre beta version of my d2scrabble mod version 6.
Since 2003 me and onyx have attempted to make a futuristic or modern day themed mod but all our attempts have failed doe to various factors such as real life and other things that constantly get in the way for d2modmakers. Not willing to let the idea go i began expanding act4 with a modern day city enviroment, naturally i asked onyx to join as a mapper and it was no big surprise that he agreed. The modern city is a blend of our tile and map work.
You can see some results in this video
You can download the mod here but before you do check out the site and forums

That concludes this update but im sure several releases and other update work material has been missed. You can contact me by pm to make sure your latest release makes it to the next update, also feel free to send me a message if you have a file that never got added to our filecenter.

On behalf of the entire staff we wish everyone in the community a peaceful Christmas.

by Volf, Wednesday, 19 December 2012 05:43
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