[Mod Release] Casual Nostalgia

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[Mod Release] Casual Nostalgia

Post by Kaladann » Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:05 am

Hello folks !

Humm, first of all, I want to apologize for the quality of my English, it's not my mother tongue, do not hesitate to tell me what's wrong if you find misspelling ;)

I registered to the Kepp two years ago, when I begin to work on a mod for me and friends.
We wished to come back in the mobs bashing business, but with quick leveling, as we didn't have million hours to spend on the game anymore... :mrgreen:
Basically a project to play with friends on LAN...


Well... Here it is !

Casual Nostalgia

Modmakers :
Game Version : D2 Lod 1.13c


You can grab it here, always up to date : Dropbox Mod Casual Nostalgia
Mod Casual Nostalgia vX.X.X_.7z is a 7zip archive for a standalone version, you just need a fresh installation of D2 LoD, patched in 1.13c.
Mod Casual Nostalgia vX.X.X for D2SE_.7z is a 7zip archive for use with D2SE mod manager. Just unzip in the MODS folder and play the game.

I also made a discord chan for the mod : https://discord.gg/pXJXUEU
Feel free to join and discuss the mod !


Picture credit : Baal Tyrael by ushio18

The purpose of the mod is to keep the gameplay intact, but with some ease finding cool items, and leveling fast, as we play most often in solo or on LAN, and we dont have the possibility to trade stuff.
Here are the features of the mod, so you can see what it brings :
Kaladann wrote: - You can launch any number of Diablo game at the same time.
- XP x5, to level up faster, it allows to test all full builds and characters quickly.
- Loot increased: we finally drop unique gear throughout the life of the character.
- Big boost of the size of the inventory, the stash and the cube. In D2 Classic too !
- Augmented stacks of books and keys.
- Cube formulas modified/added. (see the txt "Recettes cube Horadrim Casual Nostalgia v*.*.*.txt" for more info)
- Solo activation of items and runewords ladders only.
- Possibility to return to the secret level of cows even after killing the Cow King.
- Cain is near the stash at act 5.
- Jamela sells the gems.
- Larzuk sells the runes.
- More items are available during gambles.
- Ability to use some more skills in town. (teleportation, telekinesis, barbarian leap ... For fun!)
- Droprate of Uber keys increased.
- No more class Oskill level limit. "Before, if you are a sorceress and you find a staff that grants +15 to fire ball oskill, the level was set to 3 because you are a sorceress"
- Increased Gold limit in the stash.
- Now things such as automagics, are no longer deleted from items upon character creation.
- 1 level max cap removed from the Ancient quest act5.
- Enable defense while the player runs.
- Experience can be gained beyond two screens distance.
- Make the game store screenshots in the screenshots folder.
- Some more unique items for friends ...
- A Codex listing many formulas for the cube is on sale at some merchants. (maybe I can plan to propose a little side-quest for that...)
- "strange objects" have appeared on some bosses: Blood Raven (act1), Andarielle (act1), Radament (act2), Invocation (act2), Durielle (act2), Izual (act4), Hephasto (act4, called Haphesto in the game files, LoL), as well as Shenk (act5)...
(A little surprise awaits you once transmuted between them... ;) )

This mod is launched via Plugy, to benefit from the emulation of Diablo Clone (Annihilus) and Über Tristram (Torch) in solo.
I did not activate the enhanced chest with multi-pages to keep the multiplayer functional.
It is possible to modify the Pluggy configuration file to reactivate the multi pages in solo, but it will mess the multiplayer...
As you can see, nothing revolutionary here, but just some ease to quick leveling and stuffing your lovely chars !


Some Inventory screens :

D2 Classic Stash (same for LoD) :

Cube :

Gamble :


Big Up for all the great people who offers tutorials and advices here on the Keep, many many thanks !
Cheers !

Comments are very welcome !

:wizard: Kaladànn
Want to play but not enought time to drop good stuff and raise decent level ? Try Casual Nostalgia !
More infos here : http://d2mods.info/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=63800

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