D2 zy-el skript

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D2 zy-el skript

Post by LHaart » Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:04 pm

Hello. I decided to play this mod for a bit ... and then a problem arose, I spend a lot of time shifting things between a trunk - an inventory - a cube, cooking things, collecting, etc., all this takes more time than the game itself. Having understood this, I wrote a script for myself, that would speed up the whole thing. Actually, I did not need much, so I did not do much. We read a short description of the hotkeys, in Readme everything is in detail there. Only the main ones are shown here.

d (eng) or в (rus) - move the item to the cube.
f (eng) or а (rus) - move the item to the chest
g (eng) or п (rus) - move item to inventory
x (eng) or ч (rus) - open the cube
z (eng) or я (rus) - click on the button "Transmute"
e (eng) or у (rus) - press 3 times to close the program.

The program is available by reference.


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