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  • Member news

    • Eastern Sun Rises Beginnings

      About half a year ago I started to share my modifications I made for Eastern Sun. I began with little fixes and the Gold pickup.dll. I continued to fix bugs and balance a few things. I also introduced new items and replaced many item graphics. Not all of these changes were well received by all players. I remember discussions in a length the ES Subforum hasnt seen in a long time. Back then I decided to change the name to Eastern Sun Rises to cut short all those discussions whether it's still an unofficial patch or an independent mod. As a result Eastern Sun Rises yet again, like a phönix out of the ashes.
      Around that time we started tou use discord and what can I say, it has been a blast. Since then about every other day new people join us to play some ES again and talk about old times. ESR as it is began to grow, not comparable to mods like Path of Diablo or Resurgence, but for ES itself quite a lot. We continued to add QoL features like Bufficons and the possibility to dye your equipment as you want. You might have noticed that I spoke of us. Back then aught/mak, thaison and sky aka max joined to devteam to help out here and there. Without the help of mnw1995 and dav92 that wouldnt have been possible either. Another shout out to Ogodei and Spike who helped me on many small things that I cant count anymore.
      Most of you have noticed for sure, not long ago Perfect Cell came back and approved for me to take over ES. If I look back now, most changes have been quite simply so far, however that will change in the near feature. Maks, Max and me have been working on a new version behind the scenes for some time now, it wont be ready within the next few months, but we getting there. As such I would like to give you a small overview on what is planed for this year.

      Eastern Sun Rises Future

      Eastern Sun Rises 5.3 Beta
      ESR 5.3 will be a balance patch based on the current ES Version. It can be seen as a link between the current ES Version and what to expect in ESR.6.0. As such all skill synergies will be reworked to allow new and more diverse builds, certain skills will be further buffed or nerfed (see Creeping Doom or Shockwave).
      Most items will be reworked. Certain items will be removed or will be much harder to obtain. Those super rare items are meant to enable certain builds by having unique itemstats or oskills. Decals and Coupons will be removed, however certain items will prevail. The runestocker will be changed to work in a similar way as the gemstocker (needed to free up space for new itemstats).

      Major ES features as dstoning,tinkering and forging will be reworked (details will follow). Along the line a new feature will be introduced. Corrupting an item will give you the chance to add (one time only) a few selected itemstats to your item. Beware though that there is also a high chance for your item to either stay unchanged or be randomly rerolled as a rare. As of now I already started working on this and hope to deliver it in a reasonable timeframe.

      Eastern Sun Rises 5.4 Final
      ESR 5.4 will focus on bug fixes and small balance issues that were found in 5.3. There is also the chance that a slightly modified version of this will go online. But that's to decide once the time comes.

      Eastern Sun Rises 6.0
      ESR 6.0 will contain several major changes. First all chars will get a brand new skillset. Old ES skills can still be found as Oskills though. And second the current itemtype system will be completely replaced. The new system will contain less, but more different itemtypes.
      Also certain itemtypes will be bound (much more likely to find )to difficulty or certain areas. All itemtypes will come with a variety of 3-6 standard graphics (as rings or amulets).
      Another major change will be a complete monster overhaul. Making them more engaging and dangerous than they are now. ESR 6.0 will see a few more features that I talked about elsewhere or that I will reveal later on. So stay tuned folks and see ya around;).

      If you are interested to contribute to this project feel free to contact me. Any help will be appreciated. Currently we are looking for someone that could create a new web page and help out with coding a new lootfilter. Further detailed ideas and concepts can be found in the ES Subforum.

      The ESR Team

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      Id like to remind everyone that this member news forum is open for anyone to post their own quick news. News posted here will display on the main page aka news portal next to the old staff crafted keep updates.
      Posts here require approval and comments are disabled due to a core bug in the latest phpBB version (that will be fixed at some point). Other than that, been busy fixing bugs ad tweaking things here and there. Meanwhile ↓

      Ogodei Earned a tutor badge.

      Last 3 people to receive the Like a Boss Flair were Yohann, kingpin and Necrolis
      More about badges here

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      Some screenshots picked from the gallery.
      220 303 229

    • Here is some bth gameplay for the news.

  • Staff news

    • WE ARE BACK!

      Welcome everyone to the first new Keep news post in a very long time! Thankfully it won't take as long for the next news post. We have some very exciting things planned for the Keep in the coming months, and we look forward to sharing them with you guys as they are ready.

      First thing is first, you might have noticed the site looks a tad newer! This is because Volf has completely redone the Keep from the ground up! Working tirelessly over the past few weeks, Volf has redone the forums, the File Center and the Knowledge Base. From All the Staff and Users of the Keep, I would like to extend a massive "Thank You" to Volf for all his continued work and effort on the Keep for its hosting and always being there to keep it running!

      With there being a totally new platform for the Keep, we have some really cool new features for everyone, and are planning to add more. Some of the current new bells and whistles include:
      • Performance! The Keep is now running a lot faster than it used to, with fewer timeout and posting errors.
      • Flairs & Badges: Ogodei was the first keeper to earn a Tutor badge. We will be awarding this badge to users that contribute back to the community through posts and tutorials. There will be more badges coming in future! Some may have also noticed the "Forum Regular" user group too, which we have a few plans for, there is also a badge for mod makers to award their most loyal players.
      • A new quick-post function.
      • Quick user-referencing and post quoting.
      • Responsive design for mobile and tablet.
      • Quote notifications.
      • Embedable Google Docs, perfect for inlining txt files.
      • New image upload feature, no more awful third-party hosts.
      • Inlined images & embedable videos.
      • New video & image gallery.
      • New and improved knowledge base and File Center.
      • And many, many, many more, so be sure to explore, and find out more here.
      As with any new revamp, bugs are to be expected, so please bare with us and report any issues you have of features you'd love to see in future (Mod Tournament boards anyone?).

      Back To The Future
      As I mentioned, we want to improve the Keep for all out users, this means getting it more friendly, more active and most importantly positively growing our community. We are planning to host forums for more than just D2 modding in future, but we want to hear from you, our loyal members, what you'd like to see.

      There have been a few minor staff changes at the Keep recently. We have retired many inactive Admin and Moderators, until they make their return of course. Volf is now the new senior Admin of the Keep and Necrolis has been promoted to Admin. You can check out our staff list here. make sure to also check out the revamped Hall of Valor. If you think there is someone missing from the HoV, let us know!

      The Solstice of our Discord
      The Phrozen Keep recently got a Discord server hosted by Black_Eternity, its a wonderful way to interact with the Keeps members in a bit of a more relaxed environment. If you'd like to join the Discord, please follow the Invite Link. The Discord server is a lot busier than our old Unofficial IRC channel, but offers a lot more features IRC never did; such as multiple channels, historical logs and easy formatting.

      Upgrade, Update, Upsize!
      - Dark Alliance Has recieved several updates to both the mod and the team, read more about the latest version from kingpin here.
      - Eastern Sun and Eastern Sun Rises again! Perfect Cell returned to pass on the mantle of ES modder to AlphA - The Real One, who is hard at work on a new ES patch; check out the current ES Rises patch notes here or more on the future of ES Rises here.
      - We have a few off-site mods that have also been release or received new updates, check them out: - Black_Eternity has released a set of game asset rips: D3:ROS, D3:RotN, Grim Dawn, Dark Souls, Sacred and Primus Online. You can access them here till they are mirrored in the Keep's File Center.
      - Ogodei has release a few Diablo I themed plugins: - cla$$ics has release a few packs himself - leekun release quite a for asset rip packs as well: - AlphA - The Real One has also released a few item packs of his own. - sPoT has released a skills' animations pack available here.
      - Inertias has reelased an animation pack for monsters and summons, available here.
      - An anonymous user released the AoW2: The Wizard's Throne Sprite and Audio Rip for the Keeps users, available here.
      - Eimernase released some stock material from creating new skill animations, available here.
      - mirecek released some interesting tilesets available here.
      - Lurix has release a plugin for the D1 Anniversary UI from Diablo 3, available here.
      - User cla$$ics is working on a new open-source, fully compatible engine replacement for D2 called OpenD2. find out more about it on GitHub.

      Got a file to submit to the File Center? PM Necrolis to get it upload and hosted!

      Breaking the Wall!
      Whenever our users create new tutorials or discover a new break-through, we want to give them the credit the deserve. Soon we will be porting many of these tutorials to the KB, and making it easy for users to submit new tutorials and files!.
      - jetaman has made an amazing break-through on how wall transparency is handled in D2, read more about it here.
      - Ogodei has created four posts on the ShadowMaster and Pet AI's, allowing for all sorts of shenanigans. Read them here, here and here as well as a micro-compendium of the ShadowMaster AI here.

      Modding Topics of the Week
      The Keep is all about Diablo II modding at its core, as such, we shall now be promoting intersting modding topics or questions that arise each week! For the first post, we have an array of intersting threads from the recent past that may twiddle your modding bone! This weeke is rather animation themed.
      - Questions about animation structure
      - Making it so dodge/avoid/evade doesn't break skills
      - Applying d2 palette
      - Animations
      - And finally some pet tutorials, because who doesn't love new minions: The Gamers Guide
      Not everyone that visits the Keep is a modder, many are players of both the classic game and/or the multitude of mods that can be found in our File Center. We want to show case the intersting discussions that happen around the game, cool screenshots and awesome videos made by both our modders and users. If you would like to submit any mod reviews, please contact one of the admins. For this week, we are going to showcase two interesting threads, one of which is full of eye-candy! Content, Content, Content
      At the Keep, we enjoy the awesome Diablo content put out by members of the world-wide Diablo community, this week we are showcasing Rhykker's YouTube Channel, which includes a lot of Blizzard and Diablo 3 content, but of interest to our D2 modding community he has a multi-part interview with David Brevik and a new series on the lore of the Diablo universe. Check out his latest lore video, part 3 in the series, on the Prime Evils.

      Many thanks to Ogodei for helping me with links this week. If you have news, screenshots, videos or even an interesting link to submit for the news, let one of the admins know via PM or on Discord. Have your own news that you want to post? Can't want till the next PK News post? Then have a look at the new Members Area!

      Thats all for this week!

    • PlugY source code is now public2>
      I still remember the day when i heard rumors about "a french guy" working on an infinite stash plugin on the keeps irc channel, this was somewhere around 2003 or 2004. The guy turned out to be Yohann who is now well known and considered a pillar of our little d2 modding community.
      Some time later plygy came out and bumped d2 modmaking to a whole new level.
      PlugY, The Survival Kit 1.00 was the first version and it was described as the jaw-dropping PlugY by Alkalund in Keep Update 03/19/04. Now 10 years later Yohann announced the releace of Plugy source code. You can grab your copy here at Yohann site and please support him for all the years he has spent on this epic plugin!

    • Le Royaume des Ombres2>
      Xaphan released once again a new update to his mod (2.04). The update include a new specialities system, many adjustements to the difficulty as well as news features such as enchantables items, new gold system and much more. For a detailed list of mod changes and features visit this thread, and check this one for all updates changelogs. You can download the mod at this link and the lastest update directly by clicking this one.

      New World of Warcraft Resource Packs by Ominous2>
      All the icons and UI from are available from this thread, along with those, Ominous is also converting monsters from WoW to DCC for use in D2. He is currently taking requests for what people want to see converted next.

      The Runeword Browser for Zy-El Mod Version 4.4C.
      This is a major update to ZERB (originally created by Malakat) from Clersius. With the additional filters it provides, you can search for just about anything you want to. Plus...ALL the 600+ runewords have been populated in the program!!!

      Additional filters:

      ‘;’ - Stat Type Search (includes class skill search functionality)
      ‘:’ - Partial Stat Code search (useful if you want to find a specific attribute e.g. bocl)
      ‘!’ - CtC <skill>
      ‘@’ - Charged Skills (want to find how many runewords have Blood Golem Charges?)

      Please take a look at this short video I put together to show the new features in action.

      You can download this new version from the Wiki links page here. Scroll down to the heading for Miscellaneous Links and you will find it under there.

      Many thanks Clersius for all your hard work.

      This update was crafted by Xaphan, Necrolis and Al-T

    • Mod updates2>
      Le Royaume des Ombres
      Xaphan has released an update (2.00) for his mod. A whole new act has been added to the game, allowing players to go through act 2, as well as an update focused on monsters to make the mod more challenging. Some skills have been balanced, and some bugs fixed. For a detailed list of new changes and features visit this thread or download the update directly by clicking this link.

      Diabolic Cartography back in action2>
      Diabolic Cartography site is back in action with a new site and a couple of new dt1 plugins by Eimernase. The first dt1 contains new statue tiles get it here. The second dt1 contains some nice detailed tiles suitable for a graveyard style map - get it here

    • The first keep update at d2mods.info2>
      I august i posted an announcement stating that hugelaser is shutting down (check the topic here). The site and forums are now hosted by me (volf) and the downloads are hosted by Necrolis.
      Being independent has brought up some new possibilities that were not easy to accomplish before due to lack of server access. As an example i have been monitoring the sites performance and tweaked to site for better speed along with allot of search engine optimisation changes, found unused and broken scripts that were adding to the loading times signifigantly. I have also been monitoring 404 errors (page not found) and fixed some pages that have been missing for a long time. As an example the staff page had disappeared completely so a new one was added here (you will also find a staff link to the left in the navigation under forums category.
      Dead links3> A side effect of the move has been a drop in pagerank and traffic as allot of incoming links are still pointing to phrozenkeep.hugelaser.com. We now ask webmasters and link partners to update any links to point to the new url. The format of all links is still the same, you only need to change replace phrozenkeep.hugelaser.com to d2mods.info or d2mods.com in links. If
      you have made posts containing links to the phrozen keep on other forums you would be doing us a favor by editing the links to.

      Diablo 2 mod updates2>
      Xaphan has released an update (1.06) for hes Le Royaume des Ombres 1.06mod, the mod can be played in both French and English.
      Some of the mods features are a new resolution 1024x768 or 1200x768, 7 new character classes with new skills (se the screenshot to the left), a completely new world to explore. For a detailed list of new changes and features visit this thread or download the update directly by clicking this link

      kambala has released a cross-platform MPQ language changer, find out more about it in this thread

      Code Editing Wiki2>
      JDS has setup a Code Editing Wiki site named Phrozen Library. If code editing is your thing then please consider contributing. For more information read this thread

      Maps and units2>
      Eimernase has created a couple of unit packs and some new map tiles to share with the community, yopu can grab them here

      Thats it for now

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