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Selection of documents and reports on various subjects.
3 History of the Phrozen Keep

File Guides (1.1x)
Column by column explanation of the various v1.10x and 1.12x TXT files.
53 Overlay.txt

File Guides (1.09x)
Column by column explanation of the various v1.09 TXT files.
30 Weapons.txt File Guide

File Guides (1.08)
Column by column explanation of the various v1.08 TXT files.
3 Misc.txt

File Guides (1.00-1.06x)
Column by column explanation of the various v1.00 up to 1.06x TXT files.
12 SuperUniques.txt

General Tutorials
Detailed explanations on how to achieve a variety of goals through D2 modding.
6 Advanced Batch File Design and Usage

Tutorials (1.1x) - Cube Recipes
Tutorials on editing and creating cube recipes
1 Spawning A Random Item From A Recipe (by Acromantic Aria)

Tutorials (1.1x) - Code Editing
Tutorials on editing game code with a hex editor or disassembler/debugger.
1 Hex Editing Tutorial (by Foxbat)

Tutorials (1.1x) - Diablo Mod Setup
Tutorials on setting up and running mods in various formats.
2 BIN Files With v1.08 and Beyond (by ThresholdRPG)

Tutorials (1.1x) - Graphic and Sound Files
Tutorials on creating, editing and converting formats for sounds, static image and animation files.
11 Creating New Inventory Graphics with ImageReady

Tutorials (1.1x) - Item Mechanics
Tutorials on creating items and editing their properties.
20 Skill Scrolls

Tutorials (1.1x) - Map Making
Tutorials on creating and editing maps, controlling their application in the game, and populating them with random and fixed unit.
11 Creating new static automaps for towns

Tutorials (1.1x) - Skill Mechanics
Tutorials on creating and editing character and monster skills.
12 stat bonus based on character attributes

Tutorials (1.1x) - User Interface Mechanics
Tutorials for manipulating the User Interface functions and properties.
1 Skill Text Displays With Mouse-Over Hover (by Drackin)

Tutorials (1.1x) - Unit Mechanics
Tutorials for manipulating monsters, NPCs and interactive objects.
22 How to lightning enchant ANY monster

Tutorials (1.09x)
Tutorials dealing with the v1.09 patch
48 String Tables and Enquettar

Tutorials (1.08)
Tutorials dealing with the v1.08 patch
9 Enabling Rare and Unique Charms

Tutorials (1.00-1.06x)
Tutorials dealing with the v1.00 to 1.06x patches
15 Adding a New Helm

References Charts and Tables
14 Overview of Walkable Flags

Game Mechanics
4 Explaining TreasureClasses (v1.09x)

File Formats
2 The DT1 Format

DLL Editing
3 Diablo II Code Editing Tutorial

Naming Resources
8 50 LotR Character Names

Mod Concepts
7 Bionic Skill Tree

Historical References
2 Countess Elizabeth Bathory-Nadasdy

Mod Reviews
A well-rounded look at released mod projects.
28 [LOD v.1.10] d2:elements v1.01

Interviews with various figures of note in the Diablo modding community.
38 The Ancients Speak

An arsenal of D2-related humor.
22 D2 Mod Players are not obsessed

Frequently Asked Questions
Due to the sheer amount of emails we receive here at the Keep, a lot of which are asking similar questions, we have decided to set up this FAQ section which will hopefully answer as many of your common problems as possible.
3 Staff FAQ

Keep Updates
The Phrozen Keep's news updates from the first 3 years of the site's existance.
36 [03-09] September, 2003


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