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stat bonus based on character attributes
crushing blow based on dexterity

0 1970 08 Dec 2010
Calculating Missile Distance
How to calculate exact missile distances for missile with a static velocity by Demon9ne

1 592 07 Dec 2010
a stationary avatar
idea by brother laz, explained by whist

0 528 28 Aug 2010
Creating Monsters into Missiles (by cla$$ics)
This tutorial will teach you how to make a missile look like a monster.

0 1131 03 Sep 2009
How to create a Poison Bolt skill
by Demon9ne

2 2745 25 Oct 2008
Formulae Guide (by Xeno and Kingpin)
This tutorial (or guide rather) will teach you how to properly use the powerful formulae calculations now possible in D2.

2 9373 18 Nov 2005
Creating New Passive Skills (by GuyAskingQuestion)
For this tutorial, I will create a new Paladin passive skill that grants him crushing blow. I will give this skill the simple name

3 9570 04 May 2007
Create your own custom portals (by Kingpin)
Learn how to create your own town portal skill and other things related to portals

3 6136 19 Aug 2004
Creating Items from Corpses (by mouse)
Creating a Find Item-type skill with more specific parameters.

0 4082 03 May 2007
Multi-Homing Missiles (by Darque)
This simple tutorial will show you how to make a multi-shot missile that homes in on its targets.

4 6376 19 Aug 2004
New Summonables (by Thulsadoom)
How to create new summonable monsters as skills.

1 10373 19 Aug 2004
New Auras (by Chaotic Death)
For this tutorial we will be making an aura for the paladin that regenerates life and adds a % faster regeneration to mana.

3 6700 19 Aug 2004

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