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Skill Scrolls
right-click scrolls that cast a skill

7 2401 05 Dec 2010
The Uber Charm Of Speed and Invisibility (By Graverobber_93)
How to Make Tutorial

0 531 15 Mar 2010
Creating Single Use Potions
by Talonrage --- this tutorial will teach you how to make a potion a character can drink only once and never again.

3 3682 25 Nov 2006
Ladder Rune-Words, Boss and Drop Mod Tutorial
This tutorial is meant for absolute beginners, it'll teach you how to enable the realm runewords in single player, how to make a drop mod and how to make a boss mod.

5 11308 04 May 2007
Making characters start with an unique item
by Nefarius

1 6926 28 Jan 2006
Mercenary Only Items / True Carry 1 Items (by tsuru)
This tutorial will guide you thru creating mercenary only items.

0 3722 04 May 2007
Changing Potions to restore %age HP/MP/etc.. (by Ric Faith)
This will teach you how to change those potions to restore life based on a percentage, without instantly healing the character.

1 2859 18 Nov 2005
Creating New Uniques (by Doombreed-x)
See tutorial for details.

1 11248 04 May 2007
(TUTORIAL LOD 110) How to make a Magic Find display counter
This tutorial will show the new modder how to create a basic stat display that the player can carry in their inventory which can be also be added to by various spawned items which will increase the property each time.

0 6078 09 Sep 2004
Creating Single or Multi Page Clue Scrolls
How to make scrolls similar to the Tree of Infus scroll

0 5399 19 Aug 2004
Creating Sets v1.10
How to create sets in v1.10

1 9065 19 Jan 2008
Making a Group Item Modifier (by reiyo_oki)
See tutorial for details.

1 4696 19 Aug 2004
Extending the Limit of 3 Automods (by Kingpin)
Useful workaround of the usual 3 automod limit per base item.

1 3552 19 Aug 2004
Charms as Set Items (by Joel)
How to mimick a set containing a charm.

1 5245 19 Aug 2004
Simulated Hidden Sets (by Kraj)
This tutorial will show you how to create item modifiers that simulate a “hidden set”.

0 3912 19 Aug 2004
Temporary Stat-Altering Potions (by Drackin)
This tutorial will teach you how to make potions that alter your characters stats like resistance, maximum health, and damage.

1 4023 19 Aug 2004
Spawnable Socketed Throwing Weapons (by reddot)
This tutorial explains how to spawn socketed throwing weapons.

1 3278 19 Aug 2004
Skill Point and Stat Point Items (by RagnarokES)
This tutorial explains how to create a skill point book and a stat point elixir.

2 6565 19 Aug 2004
New Magical Modifiers (by Drackin)
This tutorial explains how to create new magical modifers for use on enchanted items.

0 5121 19 Aug 2004
Items To Morph Characters Into Monsters (by LiNkIn_PaRk)
Just thought some of you might have a use with this, it causes the same effect as the necro turning into the vampire when he uses the trangs-ouls set.

0 6471 19 Aug 2004

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