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Creating New Inventory Graphics with ImageReady
by Shuffles

1 3900 11 Sep 2008
New Music Tutorial
by Mentor [this tutorial will guide you thru the steps needed to add new music to the game, without replacing existing music]

1 2409 04 May 2007
Creating A Custom Health/Mana bubble LOD 1.10f
By I_only_pressed_Esc

0 5728 08 Nov 2007
Creating Custom Loading Videos LOD 1.10f
Creating new and converting videos for use as starting videos/biks

0 3128 29 Apr 2005
Creating Specific menu screens
Updated tutorial

0 4668 27 Apr 2005
Warcraft III Units in D2 (by SBM)
This tutorial explains how to import WC3 animations into D2 without the use of a 3D program.

2 6513 29 Oct 2004
How To Edit DT1 File Palettes (by BlackHeart)
This tutorial explains how to manipulate DT1 map tiles for use in any act.

0 2975 19 Aug 2004
DC6 Item Conversions (by Joel Falcou)
Indepth tutorial on creating a new DC6 inventory image.

0 6395 04 May 2007
DC6 Files (by DigiBo)
Tutorial which explains how to create new DC6 inventory images.

0 4516 19 Aug 2004
Making D2 Palettes
How to create your own D2 inventory item palette.

2 3441 19 Aug 2004
Item Graphic Conversion Tutorial (by Wafflemaster)
This tutorial explains how to convert a PCX image into an item inventory graphic.

0 4294 19 Aug 2004

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