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How to lightning enchant ANY monster
Lightning enchant a monster without it being superunique

0 858 23 Apr 2011
Making custom chests with controlled drops
by Xenast

0 3256 04 May 2007
Adding Sounds To A Monster-Character (by Mentor)
This tutorial will explain how to add sounds to monster-characters.

0 1685 05 Jan 2006
How to Change a Chest to drop a certain Item (by Yanou)
A Step by Step guide how to manage that problem on the softcoded way ;)

0 4889 28 Jun 2005
How To Make Player Specific Hirelings
Changing Animations Without Editing Graphics

1 5433 27 Jan 2005
Spawning the Butcher (v 2.0) (by Nefarius)
by Nefarius

0 4610 04 May 2007
Lighting tutorial
a tutorial for how to change various lighting levels in D2

0 2867 19 Aug 2004
Matching New Monster Animations to an AI (by I_Burner)
This tutorial helps solve AI problems when adding new animation tokens.

0 3359 04 May 2007
Character as Monsters (by TheMadModder)
This tutorial will show you how to make a player character into a monster using the character graphics.

1 6939 04 May 2007
Having Monsters Drop More Than 6 Items (by pmpch)
Increasing the number of drops permitted by a single creature.

2 6727 03 May 2007
Using New Graphics for the Town Portal (by SBM)
This tutorial covers the necessary steps to modify the graphics used by the Town Portal. The techique can be applied to other object graphics changes.

1 2940 19 Aug 2004
Adding new monsters with new tokens (by I_Burner)
This tutorial explains how to add new (not replace) monsters to the game using new animation tokens.

2 10150 19 Aug 2004
Monster Converting Tutorial (by Alkalund)
Here's a simple method you can use to change the animations of monsters in the game, that does not involve Hex Editing of files or messing with cof files either.

0 4632 19 Aug 2004
Lycanthropic Barb Hirelings (by reddot)
This tutorial explains how to turn act 5 hirelings into Werebears and Werewolves.

0 2928 19 Aug 2004
New Ranged/MonsterHirelings (by inhalantnut)
This tutorial allows for a ranged or melee hireling including adding hirelings. The main thing that separates this tutorial from others on the same subject is that this explains how to make a new hireling without them having to be melee only.

0 3255 19 Aug 2004
New Superuniques (by Paul Siramy)
This tutorial explains how to add new super unique monsters to the game.

1 5544 19 Aug 2004
New Hirelings (by RagnarokES)
This tutorial details how to add a new rogue variant as a hireling.

0 4057 19 Aug 2004
Summoning Multiple Golems (by RagnarokES)
This tutorial shows how to summon more than one golem at once.

1 3873 19 Aug 2004
Monster Sequence Tutuorial (by Kingpin)
This tutorial shows how to make any monster use it's own sequences

0 3674 19 Aug 2004
Make Monsters Use the Quest Treasure Class (by Kingpin)
In 1.10 we have a new treasure class for monsters to use. This tutorial is meant to show how to use this new treasure class.

0 3551 19 Aug 2004
Giving Items to Minions/Monsters (by Joel & Kingpin)
This tutorial will show you how to modify monequip.txt to give your monsters and minions items they can equip and use.

0 4130 19 Aug 2004
Changing Monster Base Colors (by Acromatic Aria)
This tutorial will instruct you on how to set a monster’s default color using just the text files. For this example, I’m going to turn a maggot baby gold.

1 3527 19 Aug 2004

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