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Creating new static automaps for towns
by Volf

0 4522 22 Apr 2007
Batch Files AR-style (submitted by WarpZone)
No need to mess with overwriting Patch_D2.mpq in Windows!

0 812 13 Sep 2005
Making A New Preset Level
Updated 1/14/13 - How to make a new preset level

2 11116 04 May 2007
Tutorial Dt1 Exercise 1 - Replacing tiles in an existing dt1
In this exercise we will be replacing the town fence with our own new fence. There are several different ways of doing this - I believe most mappers have their own ways; this is one of my ways.

1 3519 04 May 2007
Adding ANY Monsters and ANY Objects to a DS1 (by Paul Siramy)
Very useful tutorial for map making modders.

1 13746 29 Apr 2007
Adding A Level With AFJ666s Extended Plug-in v1.01 (by ArCh4Ng3)
Describes how to add new levels (You need to have AFJs extended level plug-in installed to be able to add completely new levels)

0 6825 19 Aug 2004
Creating Multi-Level Dungeons (by SiLenTx)
How to create new multi-level dungeons by swapping level entrances and exits through altering the Levels.txt file.

2 4234 19 Aug 2004
How to Change Dungeon Types (by Alkalund)
This tutorial explains how to change the appearance of dungeon levels.

2 4025 04 May 2007
Randomizing Levels (by Kingpin)
This tutorial explains how to randomize existing preset levels.

0 3807 19 Aug 2004
Moving NPCs (by Kingpin & afj666)
How to move a NPC out of town.

1 3677 19 Aug 2004
Linking Outdoor Areas Together (by Kingpin)
This tutorial explains how to link new outdoor areas to each other.

0 4752 04 May 2007

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