for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007


STR: 30 DEX: 20 VIT: 25 ENR: 5
  • Weapon: Axes
  • Other equipment: -
  • Starting skill: War Cry
  • Walk/Run Speed: 5/7

The Barbarian is the one character in Back to Hellfire that doesn't need to worry about defense or staying out of range from the enemies. He's all about charging head first into battle and cutting the monsters in half. He specializes in two-handed weapons like axes or mauls and uses no shield, but he has his ways of improving his defense rating and resistances.



War Cry
Level: 1
Damage and knock back all nearby enemies.
Level: 10
Improve defense rating.
Battle Cry
Level: 20
Reduce enemy defense rating and damage.
Battle Orders
Level: 30
Increase maximum life, mana and stamina.
Battle Command
Level: 40
Increase all skill levels.

Combat Masteries

Axe Mastery
Level: 1
Passive, improves axe fighting skill.
Increased Stamina
Level: 10
Passive, increase your stamina.
Iron Skin
Level: 20
Passive, increase your defense rating.
Level: 30
Passive, increase all resistances.
Level: 40
Passive, your attacks have a chance to cause bleeding wounds.

Combat Skills

Level: 1
Blow with increased damage and knockback.
Leap Attack
Level: 10
Jump in the air and attack an enemy on landing.
Level: 20
Decreases defense rating while attacking, but converts part of the damage into magic damage.
Level: 30
Spin and cut a path through your enemies.
Level: 40
Attack multiple targets or one target several times.