for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007

Blood Wizard

STR: 1 DEX: 1 VIT: 60 ENR: 0
  • Weapon: Staves
  • Other equipment: Blood Wizard-only Capes
  • Starting skill: Punisher
  • Walk/Run Speed: 6/8

The Blood Wizard is an interesting character, combining the never implemented class in Hellfire with the infamous naked mage from the Diablo days. He is unable to increase his Strength, Dexterity or Energy and all stat points are automatically applied to Vitality on level-up. The Blood Wizard is a pure caster class, but all his spells cost life instead of mana to cast. He is unable to equip most items in the game because of his low Strength.


Healing & Movement

Blood Boil
Level: 1
Passive, increases life regeneration rate.
Level: 10
Instantly move to a destination within your line of sight.
Blood Golem
Level: 20
A golem that shares life and damage with you.
Level: 30
Passive, increases walk and run speed.
Level: 40
Aura that steals life from corpses by destroying them.


Grim Hoop
Level: 1
Creates a ring of corpses around you.
Level: 10
Passive, chance to dodge ranged attacks while standing still.
Stone Curse
Level: 20
Turn enemies into stone for a period of time.
Blood Ritual
Level: 30
Create a frightening altar from a corpse.
Level: 40
Armor that absorbs elemental damage.


Level: 1
Throw a skull at your enemies, deals magic damage.
Level: 10
Leave a wall of fire in your footsteps.
Level: 20
A floating eyeball that shoots Fireballs at enemies.
Blood Wave
Level: 30
A mobile wave of burning flesh that damages and knocks back the enemies.
Level: 40
Shoot Blood Stars in all directions.