for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007


STR: 20 DEX: 20 VIT: 20 ENR: 20
  • Weapon: Staves
  • Other equipment: -
  • Starting skill: Sweep
  • Walk/Run Speed: 5/7

The Monk is a melee-caster hybrid who does well in close combat as well as in spell casting. His spells aren't as powerfull as the Sorceror, but the Monk can use them to weaken his enemies and then finish them off with his staff. He has spells that cost life in addition to the mana to cast, so be careful.



Level: 1
Hit up to 3 targets with one swing using a staff.
Staff Mastery
Level: 10
Passive, improves staff fighting skill.
Burst of Speed
Level: 20
Increases attack and movement speed for a period of time.
Ren Geri
Level: 30
Kick multiple enemies.
Level: 40
Aura - Increase damage and attack rating. Constantly drains life.

Path of Light

Holy Bolt
Level: 1
A bolt of divine energy that damages undead enemies.
Level: 10
A small ring of energy.
Level: 20
A fire elemental erupts from the ground and heads towards an enemy.
Fire Ring
Level: 30
A ring of fire around the caster.
Level: 40
A three-headed dragon that shoots Fireballs at enemies.

Path of Darkness

Doom Serpents
Level: 1
Summon two snakes to fight on your side.
Blood Star
Level: 10
Toss a blood star at the enemies. Steals life. Costs life and mana to cast.
Level: 20
Open a burning abyss to hell beneath the enemies.
Bone Spirit
Level: 30
Release a homing spirit that turns enemies into stone. Costs life and mana to cast.
Level: 40
Flames jet out of the ground beneath each enemy in your line of sight.