for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007


STR: 20 DEX: 25 VIT: 20 ENR: 15
  • Weapon: Bows
  • Other equipment: -
  • Starting skill: Magic Arrow
  • Walk/Run Speed: 6/8

The Rogue is the ranged character in Back to Hellfire. Using a bow and different decoys, she's able to take the monsters out without engaging in close combat with them. Playing a Rogue is all about staying out of the enemies range, that's why she walks and runs fast.


Passive & Magic Skills

Bow Mastery
Level: 1
Passive, improves bow fighting skill.
Level: 10
Creates a Golem from the earth to fight on your side.
Level: 20
Creates a duplicate of yourself that draws fire from enemies.
Level: 30
Passive, increases your attack rating.
Level: 40
Adds poison damage to your weapon.

Theft Skills

Find Item
Level: 1
Find hidden items in corpses.
Cloak of Shadows
Level: 10
Cast a shadow to blind nearby enemies.
Level: 20
Highlight all enemies in range.
Level: 30
Passive, chance to dodge attacks while walking or running.
Level: 40
Passive, arrows have a chance to pass through enemies that they hit.

Bow Skills

Magic Arrow
Level: 1
Magical arrow that does extra damage.
Guided Arrow
Level: 10
Arrow that seeks a target on its own.
Multiple Shot
Level: 20
Split one arrow into many.
Immolation Arrow
Level: 30
Arrow that creates a pyre upon impact, dealing fire damage.
Level: 40
Split one arrow into many, targets multiple enemies on its own.