for D2 LoD v1.10
Current Version: v1.02
since 03.12.2007


STR: 15 DEX: 25 VIT: 15 ENR: 25
  • Weapon: Orbs
  • Other equipment: -
  • Starting skill: Fireball
  • Walk/Run Speed: 4/6

The Sorcerer is a pure caster class - he stands no chance against the enemies in close combat. That's why he specializes in elemental magic to be able to deal with the monsters from a safe distance. He uses Fire, Cold and Lightning skills so he doesn't have to worry about monster immunities. The Sorcerer is old and he walks and runs slowly, but he has the Teleport skill which allows him to escape quickly when needed.


Cold Spells

Ice Bolt
Level: 1
Magical bolt of ice that damages and slows down enemies.
Mana Shield
Level: 10
Consume mana instead of health when you get damaged.
Frost Nova
Level: 20
Expanding ring of ice that damages and slows down enemies.
Chilling Armor
Level: 30
Increases defense and retaliates with an Ice Bolt when attacked by ranged enemies.
Level: 40
Summon massive shards of ice from the sky.

Lightning Spells

Level: 1
Lightning Bolt that damages enemies.
Charged Bolt
Level: 10
Multiple randomly directed bolts of lightning.
Lightning Wall
Level: 20
Create a wall of lightning to damage passing enemies.
Level: 30
Instantly move to a destination within your line of sight.
Chain Lightning
Level: 40
Bolt of lightning that arcs through several targets.

Fire Spells

Level: 1
A ball of fire that deals splash damage.
Level: 10
Continuous jet of flame.
Fire Wall
Level: 20
Create a wall of fire to damage passing enemies.
Level: 30
Cast a mobile wall of fire.
Level: 40
Shoot Fireballs in all directions.