Profile Flair Legend


Hall of Valor

Awesome enough to make it to the keeps Hall of Valor.
If you can someone deserving by sending a private message listing the persons contributions to the community to one of the active site admins.

Gutsy gamer

Congraz a hosted forum moderator thinks your a badass d2 mod gamer.
- Mod authors can nominate their coolest gamer by sending a pm to an admin -


Tutors help new members and share knowledge making the community better.
If you got this badge your efforts on the new site (after 2018) have been noticed by an admin.


Keep providing us with the good stuff.. Um I mean posts etc..
Another handpicked badge.

Like a boss

You just
→ smacked the hell out of that bug.
→ grabbed that offset by the **** and coded it into submission.


Thanks for submitting front page news in Member news forum.
----- badge manually given by admins -----

Hardcore poster

Thanks for being active on the forums.
Badge given by admins to non spammy members picked from this weeks top posters.

Hardcore mod beta tester

Tested the hell out of a mod and provided valuable reports and feedback.
- Hosted mod makers can nominate their testers for this badge by contacting an admin -


Badge awarded to members who assist the staff with something. Reporting a broken link, fixing a problem, alerting the staff of a problem etc.

Tool Maker

Manually awarded to members who submitted a mod making tool or an updating tool after 2018.

Phrozen keep community

First Anniversary

Thanks for sticking with us for a full year.

Second Anniversary

Thanks for sticking with us for another full year.

Third Anniversary

Whats? Still here.. um k.. well Thanks for sticking with us for a third year.

Fourth Anniversary

Wow you've been here 4 years already. If this is intentional then thanks for sticking with us, if you got stuck or cant find your way out of here then please don't sue us.