Hall of Valor

Welcome to the Hall of Valor!

On this page, you will find the major breakthroughs in modmaking documented, and the people behind them and their achievements or accolades recognized.

If you feel we left someone out you can nominate someone deserving by sending a private message to one of the active site admins.

  • Afj666
  • Fecesfaerie
  • Apocalypse Demon
  • - D1 Animation Conversions, greatly expanding Nefarius' work in the area. 
    - Monster Animation Conversion from other games. 
    - One of the first people to truly start d2 code editing. 
    - For great help in the forums. 
    - Discovery of the offsets used for healing potions and mana potion values. 
    - Discovery of the offsets used for various quest rewards.
  • Bilian BELCHEV
  • Brother Laz
  • Fusman
  • Hammerman
  • Hammerman
    - Great knowledge of the game dll files, extensive researcher on game code. 
    - Detailed code guides for ptUnit and ptGame (key dynamic data structures) 
    - Figured out offsets for the experience penalty above L75 
    - Found the function lookup table for OperateFn used by objects in Objects.txt 
    - Detailed clarifications for many different code sections.
  • Iowan
  • Jarulf
  • Jeff Bouley
  • - Discovery of the Txt File Record Limits. 
    - Extensive txt-based monster swapping. 
    - Kept the running and up to date during Phrozen's absence and to the present day.
    JBouley's Rough Notes
  • Joel
  • Myhrginoc
  • Nefarius
  • Ondo (Peter Hatch)
  • - Author of the first mods for Diablo 2, Vinyaharma and Úthaur. 
    - Author of Enquettar, the first TBL editor.
  • Onyx
  • Paul Siramy
  • Phrozen Heart
  • Rana Loreus
  • Rexxlaww
  • RicFaith
  • RicFaith
    - Author of Many of the Fileguides on the Keep. 
    - Alot of work and discoveries in the field of code editing.
  • Sir_General
  • - One of the D2 Code Editing Pioneers. 
    - Alot of Info about the Dlls Comes from him. 
    - Single-handedly contributed about 40% of spin's DLL Offset Sheet. 
    - Pioneered the creation of useable items. 
    - Discovery of adding new passive skills. 
    - Discovery of how the raven skill works. 
    - Creator of the Rune mod, one of the first mods to completly change the item mechanics. 
    - Discovered a way to extend the levels limits & develope a plugin that allows 256 lines in levels.txt.
    Diablo II v1.09b Code Editing Tutorial v1.00
    Kill Counter Plugin v1.02 (v1.09b)
  • Souricette
  • - With Myhrginoc's help and others (but especially Myhrginoc) he made the Macintosh beeing able to use equivalent of -direct -txt, thus bringing the so long desired modding possiblity by a Macintosh a reality. 
    Macintosh (again!), bin conversion: YES!!! But...
  • Spin
  • SVR
  • TeknoKyo
  • Volf
  • Yohann
  • Accomplish impressive code editing that always have been a dream for all modders with his infinite stash code. -Infinite stash (Plugy, The Survivial Kit) 

  • Necrolis