[LoD v1.09x] Master of Arms v1.2 by Kraj

[LoD v1.09x] Master of Arms v1.2 by Kraj

Description: Reviewed by Eisead for the Phrozen Keep.

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When I reviewed this mod a few months ago, I was ahead of the curve; the mod was still in a very early stage of development. This time I got the story straight and some good news to bring. The great thing about the mod is the level of balance I noticed.

Master of Arms, which the creator says was inspired by Sir_General’s Rune Mod, is a mod of choice. You must choose at the start what items and skills you will be using for the rest of the game. Why? The upgrade hammers -- you start with them, and collect them through your travels. These hammers are used on your equipment to make them stronger as you move through the acts. They are usually given to you as quest rewards.

There are other ways to get items. A limited set item system, for example, and a form of gambling to get uniques. But I didn’t think they were the cream of the crop and didn’t use them much.

Game balance is well handled. Kraj has taken into consideration what level you will be when you get hammers and what level your equipment should be. Overall a very interesting and successful concept.

But as I played the mod there seemed to be something missing, as there were no noticeable changes to the monster roster or level arrangement. And to those who have walked the same fields, the same deserts and swamps, from Hell to the mountain summit and beyond, for the millionth time it gets monotonous. The interest level tends to fall. If Kraj were to open up this project again, I would tell him that he needs to make changes to the levels and monster roster. Some new tokens, a few color changes, and a slight rearrangement of levels goes along way in holding a player’ s interest in the mod (a tip to all mod makers).

I would suggest this to anybody new to the mod community, and anyone that likes the Rune Mod. But stay away if your preference is flashy colors and redone character models. But again, impressive work.

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