[00-11] November, 2000

[00-11] November, 2000

Description: Archived Keep updates.

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November 10th Phrozen

Just one last update before I leave. Sorry there hasn't been much action at the Keep lately but both Iowan and myself have been pretty busy with reality (yep, some of us even have lives outside of D2 ;-P).

Anyway, I've added a notice board for no apparent reason, it just sounded like a good idea at the time. Click on the link for more details.

Updated my SoA mod to v0.9 with some great new features including a new skill and morphing gems (thanks to Fusman for the idea!)

November 6th iowan

uploaded another version of the unique editor (0.91e) , i made the 'old' version available for download too just in case the newer version keep giving trouble (seems to be something wrong with the image loading , but on my computer it works fine)

updated the Kagero Mod to version 1.04 (thx FecesFearie)

new in 'my resources' a monstat.txt tutorial made by FecesFearie and a guideline for the setitems.txt made by PhrozenHeart

November 4th iowan

The PhrozenKeep email is now working so get your free acount !!

People told me the unique item editor wasn't working like it should so i got a new zip file ( thanks Squall )
the new one works , well on my computer that is :) i'm sorry that some people had trouble with it .

November 3rd iowan

updated the Fusman arsenal mod, check out the authors page for more info , also Fusman joined our webring. updated the unique item editor , its now version 0.9c

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