[01-01] January, 2001

[01-01] January, 2001

Description: Archived Keep updates.

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January 28th Phrozen Heart

Added another tutorial by Nefarius, this time on how to change the title screen in your mod.

January 26th Phrozen Heart

As you've probably figured, we've been having a few technical problems around here lately but hopefully they should all be smoothed out now.
Added a nice tutorial by Nefarius for the different columns in the levels.txt.

January 21st Phrozen Heart

Added a fairly impressive mod for v1.04 by Nefarius called Xyrax for download and added a little tutorial about creating skill enchanted items.

January 21st Fusman

Updated the Jamella character editor to 3.0. As you all know

this is the best d2 char editor for d2 yet. It's in tools of the


I'm working on some more of these multiplayer simulation mods,

2, 4, and 6 player mods to be exact, and incase you havent

noticed, there is a small poll in the forums on what should be

included. If you are one of those waiting for one of these mods,

dont forget to speak your mind.

Interesting info on expansion coding can be found in the V&K

mod forum, nothing that can be confirmed, but a fun read all the

same, click HERE

to read it.

January 16th Fusman

Updated the screenshots section with 6 new screenshots.

Including an unused Camel, the unused trophy case and the guild


Jarda Fireheart has fixed the download for the Fusion mod over

at Tactics Central.

January 15th Fusman

Good day, and welcome to the new keep. This was the reason for

my lack of updates recently, I was working on changing the whole

site over to this new look. This new look is a lot faster and

easier to serf. Most of the features are now available directly

in the menu instead of countless sub pages. The old layout was

just not up to the task anymore, with the increased traffic and

material we have now. I flushed out a few things here and there

to make some more space on the server and to make things look a

bit smoother. There are a few new screenshots in the screenshot

section, one unused character animation of a Paladin holding a

torch. I hope you guys like this new look and if you find any

errors please email me. 

January 13th Phrozen

Jarda Fireheart has been contacted about the problems with the

download link to his new mod but if you'd like to contact him

directly you can at jardafireheart@yahoo.com

January 11th Phrozen

Fusion v2.0 is out! Go check it out at Tactics


Added both the regular and 4-player versions of Eastern Sun v1.6

to the v1.04 mod section along with the updated version of

Varaya and Khan's D2 mod.

Our apologies about the lack of updates recently but real life

is getting a little busy for the three of us right now but never

fear, expect some pretty big changes around here in the near


January 7th Phrozen

Split the tutorials off into their own sub-section of modmaking

to add a little more organization.

January 6th Phrozen

Tidied up a few of the pages and corrected the title on the Mods

for v1.04 page. Split the screenshots section up onto it's own

link in anticipation of new additions.Added a new section for

hosted mod sites of which Tactics

is the first. Just ignore the missing button the

navigation bar for now, all will be revealed shortly...

January 6th Fusman

I dont know how many posts I've seen on the internet from people

asking where the Fusion mod is. Well look no further, because

Tactics Central is now up and running right here at the

Phrozenkeep. Click HERE.

Boss madness mod for 1.04 is available in the mod section now.

January 4th Fusman

Uploaded the latest dc6maker by Clannad to the modmaking/tools section. It lets you do dc6 animations.

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