[01-02] February, 2001

[01-02] February, 2001

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February 28th Fusman
The forums are not working right now due to server problems, we are working our butts off to fix this. Please be patient.
On a lighter note, my Werzion X mod is coming along just fine, currently undergoing beta testing and some fine tuning. The Arsenal mod will also be updated for patch 1.05 shortly.

February 24th Phrozen
Finally got access to a computer even if it is just briefly. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed me to let me know that my Unforgiven v0.11b mod zip was corrupt. I've just uploaded it again which should have corrected the problem.

February 19th Phrozen
First up, I'd like to apologize to everyone who downloaded v0.1b of my Unforgiven mod and found that some characters lock on start up. This problem went unnoticed due to me using a custom test hero built with Jamellas. I've fixed the bug along with a couple of others and v0.11b is now available for download.
If anyone wishes to contact me in the near future, please be patient, I've just moved into a new apartment and computer access is severely limited for the immediate future.
Iowan and Fusman go on vacation or something? Seems to be me making all the updates ;-)

February 16th Phrozen
In the end I decided it would be easier just adding my new Unforgiven mod to the site and doing an open beta test rather than through just a few individuals. You check it out under the 'The Unforgiven' option on the site menu.

February 12th Phrozen
Not much going on in the world of mod making at the minute but even so, our forums are still pretty busy so you know where to go for all your mod making info.
On a more personal note, I'm working on the sequel to my Sins of Angels mod named The Unforgiven and at the moment it's in mid beta testing. Anyone wishing to assist or learn more, check out this forum thread I posted.

February 8th Phrozen
Finally got round to uploading the v1.05b PC patch to the tools of the trade section for those of you who've mailed me regarding problems patching from battle.net.

February 4th
Updated the Forum links to the new Phrozen Forum , Uploaded a PhrozenKeep screensaver , its under 'community'. iowan

Just a quick note to everyone who has applied for hosting at the Keep. At present, we're in the upgrading the site and aren't taking anymore submissions until we're set up. I'll post a newsflash here when we're accepting sites again. Phrozen

February 3rd
Flushed the old site news from this page to help with loading times and generally tidy up a little. If you wish to see them however, the link is available at the bottom this page. I've also redone the old updates page to aid viewing. Phrozen

Uploaded Eastern sun 1.85 that works with patch 1.05. Fusman

February 2nd Phrozen
Added the Xyrax mod for v1.05 mods. An excellent mod by Nefarius. Just click on 'Submitted Mods', to see it and other fine mods.

February 2nd Fusman
Rana Loreus finished setting up The Forge here at the keep, it is the home of the diablo 2++ mod, now updated for 1.04 and 1.05. You can check it out in Hosted Sites on the menu on the left.
Got a new tutorial on making sets by Perfect Cell. Finally some answers for all those mod makers that want to make new sets.
Updated the 8play mod to work with 1.05.

February 1st
Bolty, the webmaster of Lurkerlounge.com got to visit Blizzard and check out how the expansion pack is coming along, he wrote a very long 3 page report on what he saw, click Here to read it. Fusman

Patch 1.05 is out , i tested some mods and they still seem to work fine , also i could still use the unique item editor so that one still works too. we have a new forum set up on the PhrozenKeep server but we will keep the old forum up too so new and old members get the chance to register. iowan

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