[01-03] March, 2001

[01-03] March, 2001

Description: Archived Keep updates.

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March 26th Fusman

Nothing much today, just updated the Werzion X mod to version
1.02, some minor bug fixes. Check out the readme for more on

March 20th Fusman

Another Fansite chat with Blizzard is up at the Lurkerlounge.
Blizzard announces that the expansion will support 800x600
resolution. Click here
to read the whole thing. Diabloii.net also has the same chat up,
but with their thoughts on the answers that Blizzard gave, click here

to read that one.

March 17th Fusman

Small bug fix in the new Werzion X mod. The monster hitpoints in
nightmare and hell difficulties were incorrect. Been fixed now.
Doubt anybody made it that far yet anyway.

March 16th Fusman

A nice double release today as both the Arsenal mod and the
Werzion X mod are now up and running for diablo 2 1.05. No new
features for the Arsenal mod, but the Werzion X mod is not the
same. Check out the Werzion X page for more info on the new mod.
Have fun.

March 11th Fusman

Two more expansion interviews for you to read are up now, one
over at gamejolly
and another one over at MacNN.
Also be sure to check out the latest poll at voodooextreme,
were you vote who of several game designers would win in a fight
to the death, including Bill Roper. 

March 10th Phrozen

Added the Dark Mod by Shai Tan and the new version of Nefarius' excellent Xyrax mod entitled The Apocalyptic Riders both for D2 v1.05 to the submitted mods section.

March 6th Fusman

There is a nice preview of the expansion up on Gamespot

with some new info, been there for a few days actually and of

course diabloii.net couldnt do any less than Gamespot so they now

have a massive update

on expansion items covering about 18 pages. Both are an

interesting read if not for mod ideas then simply for info on

what to expect from the expansion pack.

March 3rd Phrozen

Just passing through for a brief update. I've archived the news from february which can be accessed through the link at the bottom of the page.

While I'm here, I'm pleased to announce the opening of the Phrozen Keep store in conjunction with Amazon.com. Pre-order yourself a copy of the expansion pack right now and help keep this site ad free!

March 2nd iowan

Problems with the forums are fixed , all forums are back online now.

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