[01-04] April, 2001

[01-04] April, 2001

Description: Archived Keep updates.

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April 28th iowan

Uploaded Patch 1.06 to the tools of trade section , lets hope
Blizz is done patching now and will release the Xpack soon. c'mon
Blizz !! lets get playin :)

April 24th Fusman

Updated both 8play mods and the Arsenal mod to work with patch

The enhanced 8play mod now features a much bigger inventory.

April 23rd Fusman

Updated Werzion X to 1.05, it works with official patch 1.06 and
fixes a few bugs. It should work with German D2 as well now. Note
that I reduced the sockets for ancient armor to 3 so if you have
one of those, full of gems you probably have to get rid of it
before updating to this version.

April 22nd Phrozen

For those of you who are interested gamejolly.com has an interview up with myself and Iowan on the subject of the Phrozen Keep and mod making in general. Click here to check it out.

April 19th Phrozen

Blizzard has finally released patch v1.06 which probably screws up most current mod making projects but that's life I guess. Click here to download the latest patch installer if you haven't already.

April 16th Phrozen

The Phrozen Keep is pleased to announce joining PlanetDiablo.com part
of the Gamespy network hopefully by the end of the month. As a result
of this, we are once again offering free web hosting to D2 mod sites.
If you're interested, please write to hosting@phrozenkeep.com
stating the name of your site/mod (along with a brief description), a current URL if you have one and any other information that may be of use to us.

April 12th iowan

According to Blizzard the X pack beta testers will recieve their cd pretty soon , read the
X pack beta FAQ here
lets hope all goes well and we all can buy the X pack real soon :)

April 3rd Fusman

Updated the Werzion X mod to 1.04, fixed a unique crystal sword
that was crashing the game, so it's important to download this
one if you want to avoid crashes (who doesnt). Also fixed the
Amazon bone spirit not doing any damage.

April 1st Fusman

Updated the Werzion X mod to 1.03, fixed a minor leap bug and
increased a few hitpoints. 

Updated dc6maker to version 2.1, it's in tools of the trade.

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