[01-05] May, 2001

[01-05] May, 2001

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May 29th Phrozen

Finally got round to updating my Killer Instinct mod to v0.3b as well as adding it's own page with a few quick screenshots. Not a huge update admitedly but every plan for world domination has to start somewhere... :-)

May 28th Fusman

Added a brand spanking new tutorial to the tutorial section. It goes through the steps of adding a new helm, both normal and exceptional, to your mod. Complete with graphics and script files.

May 28th Phrozen

Finally got round to updating all of the pages so that the navbar bar is the same on each (atleast for now anyway). I haven't updated any content but atleast navigation is a little easier now.

May 27th Phrozen

Planet Diablo and the Phrozen Keep are pleased to welcome Evil B to the network. Not only is this the homepage of his Xtreme mod engine but also numerous other useful utilities. Check it out!.

Check out the interview Iowan and I did with the Acolyte from Planet Diablo regarding the various aspects of mod making. Click here to view it.

May 26th Phrozen

Okay then, the Tools section should now be fully updated (and someone better tell me if any of the links are dead even though I checked them)..

May 26th Phrozen

I've taken the Tools of the Trade section down for part of today while I rework a new idea, sorry for any inconvenience.

May 26th iowan

ok ok , we get the point Phrozen :)

Blizzard published a guide to Lord of Destruction which tells about almost everything
new that can be found in the XPack.

Check out the The
Arreat Summit
for the details.

Goldendeth and Silverdeth (whats in a name huh ) from the Dethguild played the Xpack Beta , and published what they
found out on their website .

they state that what they found out might not be that cool to all you D2 gamers out there
read all about it here
(thanks Alexander)

May 25th Phrozen

Damn, someone other than me updating this page that's a shocker j/k.

It might be of interest to everyone who has the xpak beta that the first beta patch has been released and where there's patches, there's mod making :-)

Anyway I've tweaked a few sections of this site, resources, plugin, tutorials etc in readiness for the release of the D2 xpak. I've given them their own sections to aid navigation. If I've screwed up any of the links someone let me know please...

May 25th Fusman

Updated the Werzion X mod today, it is now more difficult. Tweaked
all monster hitpoints, damage, walk speed, armor, block,
resistance, missile damage and group sizes. Nerfed leach affixes
just a tiny bit but life regeneration affixes get a slight boost.
Resist penalties are now 30% in nightmare and 75% in hell. Plus
some other difficulty stuff.

Nerfed Necromancer skeleton mastery skill a bit.

The mod should also work with French d2 and German d2.

Check out the Werzion X page for the

May 24th Phrozen

Oops! I've had it pointed out to me that the download for the Darkness Weaves mod I mentioned yesterday didn't actually work. Sorry for any inconvenience but it's working fine now.

May 24th Fusman

Added a page to Resources that contains all the item type codes
in d2, taken from the forums and posted by Jeff Bouley. Also
added a few questions to the FAQ page and uploaded dc6maker 2.0
that went missing when we moved over to PD.

May 23rd Phrozen

Added the Dark Crusade v0.6a and the Darkness Weaves v0.5a mods by Rexx Laww to the mod archive section.

May 19th Phrozen

Updated Phalzyr's D2 Modder yet again due to a critical bug that was found and fixed. Also added another utility by Phalzyr called the DB Text Viewer which functions similarly to the Tab Text Viewer but with wider arrays. You can find both of these under Tools of the Trade.

Added a brief history of MPQs under Mod Making which was originally part of the MPQ 2k manual but I thought those who haven't seen it might be interested.

May 17th Phrozen

Blizzard released the new v1.06b patch today which fixes a few crashing bugs and even more CD drive copyright issues. Click here to download it until I get to uploading a copy to the Keep.

Updated Phalzyr's D2 Modder with the latest version which includes numerous fixes and more tabs completed. You can find it in the Tools of the Trade section.

For those of you who haven't already subscribed, the Keep's mailing list is now almost set up so people should start receiving their updates soon. I've added a new page for others to join if they wish.

Just a side note, the Phrozen forums are still expanding rapidly, with the 500th member signing up today. I recommend any mod makers or players who haven't check them out to drop in and say hi.

May 14th Phrozen

Right now there seems to be a wave of WYSIWYG mod making engines being released with the latest being Phalzyr's D2 modder utility which once again looks very impressive even though not all features are fully implemented yet. Check it out in the Tools of the Trade section.

May 13th Phrozen

Added a new page under the community section for anyone wishing to link graphically to the Keep. The page includes the Keep's button and several banners to choose from.

May 12th Phrozen

Just a quick note for all you mod players out there. There's still time to sign up for the beta testing of Goldark and Selenaia's new mod Hell on Earth which looks to be one of the most visually appealing mods to date. For more info, visit the HOE site.

May 11th Phrozen

A couple of new developments at The Forge lately. Foxbat has released his Lag Reduction mod which essentially streamline's the game while Rana Loreus has updated his Diablo 2++ mod to work with v1.06.

May 9th Phrozen

It's official! The Keep has now officially been launched as PlanetDiablo's mod central playing host to all of their D2 mods. Woo hoo!

Please welcome aboard Rana Loreus and The Forge once again to the Keep now he has finally had chance to move his site over to Planet Diablo. You can check out his site by clicking here!

Bonescythe, the author of the D2 Mod Studio informed me of a bug in v1.01 that was in the tools section so I've updated it with the fixed v1.02.

For some strange reason, even the newsflash on the 3rd of may (see below) I'm still getting emails regarding the location of the Fusion v2.5 mod due to a review in the Computer Gaming World mag. The site containing the mod can be found here.

Just as a note to all webmasters that have applied to the Keep for hosting and haven't been contacted in a while. My apologies for any delay but my personal time is somewhat limited at present and the main site is currently taking up a lot of my time. Don't worry we haven't forgotten about you people :-)

May 7th Phrozen

For anyone wishing to contact me, please use my Planet Diablo account which is PhrozenHeart@PlanetDiablo.com.

May 6th Phrozen

The latest versions of Evil Englishman's Boss Madness and Jungle Fever mods for v1.06 have been added to the mod archive section.

May 5th Phrozen

Just added two new files to the tools of trade section, both of which look very impressive from what I've seen but haven't actually had time to try them out yet. Firstly is Bonescythe's mod studio which is similar to the old tab text utility but this one is much clearer and more professional looking. Next up is Evil B's extreme mod engine. This allows easy manipulation of monsters (both their location and stats) as well as weapons and armor. Go check em out!

May 3rd Phrozen

I've been informed that people come to the Keep looking for the Cold Fusion mod and are unaware the the mod is part of Tactics Central. I'll get round to changing the 'hosted sites' link to Cold Fusion when I get a chance to update the navbar throughout the site which should be anyday soon. Apologies in the meantime for any temporary link errors on other pages.

We are no longer accepting offers for mod hosting until we've had chance to process the current applicants. Thankyou to everyone for your interest.

May 2nd Phrozen

Today another of our hosted sites joins us, this time it's Teknokyo who's moved his site over from the old Keep.

May 1st Phrozen

As promised, the first of the new hosted sites is up and running. Please welcome Goldark and Selenaia to the Keep, authors of one of the impressive looking up and coming mods I've seen in a while Hell on Earth. The mod's still in the testing stages at present, but check out their site for a sneak preview of things to come!

May 1st Phrozen

Welcome to the new and very slightly improved site! We're now the mod central for PlanetDiablo.com. Our apologies for the under re-construction status of several of our hosted sites but due to conditions outside of our control and through no fault of their own, they weren't setup at Planet Diablo in time for the re-launch. We'll keep you posted as each site becomes re-established here. Have a browse around the Keep, we've added a few things, taken a few away and generally done a little spring cleaning throughout. Enjoy!

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