[01-06] June, 2001

[01-06] June, 2001

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June 30th Phrozen

Sorry to all our viewers who are using Netscape Navigator as some the images may appear slightly messed up, we're working on the situation.

I'm having a bit of a play with the nav bar on this page by adding a seperate D2 xpack link section to save people having to choose which version after they click a link. Any thoughts people? Should I copy this through the site or scrap it and go back to the way it was?

June 28th Phrozen

Welcome to the new look site courtesy of a very nice looking design template by Mad_Monk![TCI]. I haven't changed a great deal else except switching a few of the links around and made the place easier to navigate. There's probably a few screw ups along the way (like the tutorials link missing from most of the pages that I need to fix) so if you find anything, let me know.

June 27th Phrozen

With more and more copies of the expansion pack hitting stores, it's only a matter of time before the second D2 mod revolution begins :-)

June 25nd Phrozen

Oops, forgot to mention something. Iowan's hard work on transferring the forums has paid off and we can now happily announce that the forums can now be located here on one of Gamespy's server's.

June 25nd Phrozen

Sorry for my brief absence but a combination of real life and reworking parts of this site have kept me somewhat busy :-)

Updated Phalzyr's D2 modder to v1.07c which fixes a few issues that were screwy in v1.07. This version only works up to D2 v1.06b but right now, Phalzyr's working on a new version for Blizzard's latest patch. You can join in the beta test of his v1.08 beta upgrade by either downloading it from the Tools of the Trade section or from his site Harcore Gaming.

On the same note, Threshold RPG has written a brief tutorial to dealing with the v1.08 patch mod situation.

June 22nd Fusman

The forums are down right now because the old server couldnt handle the traffic
anymore, Iowan is working hard to get the forums up and running on another

June 21st Fusman

Well, it turns out that the "tool" for converting 1.08 txt files to bin
files is the game itself, all that is needed is the correct switch. Check out this
Khan made in the forums and you will be modding in no time.

June 20th Phrozen

I've temporarily shut down the mod archive section of the site while we move all of our files across to the fileplanet servers. Thankyou for your patience and we're sorry for any inconvience caused.

June 20th Fusman

Well, it seems like patch 1.08 is going to give us modders a headache or two. The mods dont work without
converting the txt files to bin files it seems. There is no such tool available right now, but work is already underway. Check out the forums for up to the minute news on patch 1.08 modding.

June 19th

Me again. Just a quick update to upload Tim the Enchanter's highly entertaining Monthy Python and the Holy Grail mod (v0.6) which is available for download in the D2 standard mod archive.

June 19th

Updated Phalzyr's d2 modder to v1.07 due to a major bug discovered by the author which has since been fixed. Once again, both the regular and compact upgrade versions can be found in our tools of the trade section.

June 18th

Uploaded the latest edition (v1.06) of Phalzyr's excellent D2 modder which contains numerous fixes from previous versions for smoother operation. I've included the full version and the smaller upgrade file from v1.05. Check it out in our tools of the trade section.

Added a new file guide by Nefarius, this one's for anyone wishing to know more about how the armor.txt file works

Updated HexenLord's Evil Uprising mod to v1.06 due to numerous reported bugs. It's available for d/l the D2 standard mod archive

Just a side note. The editing version of Enquettar mentioned over the weekend wasn't just found by Mephansteras, he editing it :-)

June 16th

Check out the Hell on Earth site and download the excellent new 1.03 by Goldark and Selenia which has just been released.

Added the modified version of Ondo's Enquettar to tools of the trade which allows the strings.tbl file to be editing using Excel (thanks to Mephansteras for finding this)

Thanks for everyone who mailed me additions/corrections to my misc.txt file guide, hey no-one's perfect :-)

Uploaded HexenLord's Evil Uprising v1.0 mod and Dark Sky v1.22 by Mephansteras to the D2 standard mod archive

Finally got round to moving most of the tools of the trade to the Fileplanet servers so downloads should now be faster with multiple worldwide mirrors available.

June 15h - By Phrozen

Today we welcome aboard Rexx Laww and his excellent ironman mod Darkness Weaves! You can visit his site either by clicking here or clicking the Darkness Weaves link under the hosted sites tab of the navigation bar.

Finally got round to writing a new file guide for the D2 standard resources page, this time one for the misc.txt. If anyone has any info about the missing fields on this or any of the file guides, mail me and I'll fill in the blanks and credit you at the bottom of that page.

June 14h - By Phrozen

Added a new mod plugin to the D2 standard plugin section of the site. This one is by Daktor and is an overall improvement on all of the hirelings in the game, altering everthing from their blocking rate to the AI that controls them. Nicely balanced in my opinion.

June 12th - By Fusman

Updated the Werzion X mod to 1.10, check out the Werzion X page for more.

Also Tim the enchanter released his Monty Python mod, you might have read about it if you visit our forums. Here's the link to MPHG mod, check it out.

June 9th - By Fusman

Goldark and Selenaia have updated the public beta of Hell on Earth to 1.02a lots of cool changes since the initial public beta, check it out here.

Also upoaded a mod starting program that RostToaster made. It handles renaming of mpq files for you. So you dont have to move the mpq mods around yourself, you make your own list of mods that you have and the modstarter does the renaming and moving for you. Check it out here.

June 6th - By Fusman

Updated the 8player mod today. The mod now comes with an installer that does the whole installation bit for you. It also puts a shortcut on your desktop that you use to run the mod and your normal d2 shortcut runs the standard d2. So if you want to play the 8player mod, just click that shortcut, if you want to play standard d2, just click your regular shortcut. Plus some other changes like Valkyrie hitpoints and more check out the 8play page for more.

June 5th - By Fusman

You can now download the Werzion X style game panel from the plugin section.

June 4th - By Phrozen

Yet another update to Phalzyr's D2 Modder, this time to v1.05. The full version is available at his site but I've only uploaded the upgrade version to the Keep for now. This upgrades from v1.04 to the current version is only 1mb rather than 2-3 like the full version.D2 Standard tools section of the site.

June 3rd - By Iowan

Our mod team from Germany , Goldark and Selenaia , have published a public beta of their Hell on Earth Mod , have a look at their great looking website and download the mod here.

June 2nd - By Phrozen

Updated Phalzyr's D2 Modder to v1.04.99 which is shaping up to be an extremely powerful mod tool indeed. The Modder is available in the D2 Standard tools section of the site.

The latest version of another impressive WYSIWYG editor, Evil B's Xtreme Mod Engine, was updated yesterday which can be found at Evil B's Mod Tools site.

June 2nd - By Fusman

Fixed a small bug in the installer for the Werzion X mod. The mod is now 1.09 and the shortcuts the installer creates now point to the right folder when you select a different folder than the default one. Note that if you already downloaded 1.08 and it's working for you then there is no reason to download 1.09 since it only updates the install routine.

June 1st - By Phrozen

After much consideration by the Phrozen Keep staff, we decided to add a permanent mod reviews section to the site which can be found by clicking here. The reviews that appear in the mod reviews forum may get a little buried by the other posts so this way we could preserve them in their original state. To begin with, I've included Darkmage's reviews of Sanctuary Corrupted and Cold Fusion.

June 1st - By Fusman

I updated the Werzion X mod today, it's up to v. 1.08 now. The biggest new thing with this release is how you install the mod. It is just a simple exe file that you double-click and the mod is installed. You dont need to mess with your patch_d2.mpq file in your diablo 2 directory. The installer puts a new shortcut on your desktop and in your start menu d2 folder. Those shortcuts run the mod and your old d2 shortcuts will still run normal d2. The installer also puts a readme file and an uninstall option in your start menu d2 folder.

Check out the Werzion X page for more info and the download.

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