[01-07] July, 2001

[01-07] July, 2001

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July 31st Phrozen

Uploaded another new plugin, this time by Fecesfaerie which is simply just an addition to the cubemain.txt
file and allows you to change any regular item into it's unique counterpart, simply by transmuting it and
just a single identify scroll in the Horadric cube. It's available from the plugins section.

Beta testers wanted! Sir General has a new Rune mod out and he needs help debugging it if anyone would be so kind. For more information and downloads, click here!

Okay people, here's the situation. I'm trying to make as much time as I can for updating the Keep, answering emails, testing new mods etc but it just doesn't seem to be working out as I planned.
From now on, I'll probably only be updating every other day unlike I have been lately to try and conserve time for other online activities. That's not to say the other guys won't be updating in
between, just wanted everyone to know why my own updates might get a little less frequent.

July 30th Fusman

Something new in the Plugins section today, it's a
nice item package that has some item graphics for you all. I zipped it up with
directories so all you need to do is just unzip, check out the readme and get
some good looking items for your mods. There are about 30 weapons, 12 body
armors and lots more.

July 29th Phrozen

Today I decided to upload an old tutorial by Rana Loreus that still does a great job of explaining how Ondo's Enquettar string utility works. Click here to check it out!

July 28th Phrozen

Added a nice little tutorial by Phatose that explains how to make rare/unique charms droppable in the xpack which is available in the Lod tutorials section.

July 27th Phrozen

Welcome aboard Mephansteras and his Dark Sky site to the Phrozen Keep mod network! You can visit his site by either clicking here or clicking the Dark Sky link under our hosted sites tab.

Fusman found a document at Stomped.com that maybe of interest to mod makers. It was actually written with Half Life in mind but most of it runs true for all mod making. Check it out.

While I have the opportunity I'm just like to apologize to anyone who has written to me regarding mod making and hasn't received a reply. At present my time is very limited which only allows half an hour to an hour each night for computer time and that includes wading through countless emails and updating the site as well. Anyone with D2 related issues can post in our forum and I'm sure one of our helpful resident mod makers will help out.

July 26th Phrozen

One of our hosted webmasters Rexx Laww has announced the release of expansion versions of his Darkness Weaves and Dark Crusade mods! Check them out at his Darkness Weaves site!

Uploaded the lates version of the Uber Kit. This thing has been HEAVILY updated and now contains a vast amount of new Horadric cubes recipes! Available from our Visitor mod archive.

July 25th Phrozen

Digibo has kindly converted my Diablo 1 inventory pack from PCX to DC6 format ready to be added to your mods. These are available from the plugins section.

Check out Red Death's review of Planet Diablo's mod of the week 'Natalya 10X' by our very own Teknokyo. Click here!

July 24th Fusman

Added a new tutorial today on treasureclassex.txt made by Jarulf. This is
absolutely a must read for any mod maker. It even explains a bit about the
itemtypes.txt file.

July 23rd Fusman

Added 2 new tutorials I just made, one that explains -direct -txt and
another one that shows you how to change Druid Dire wolf into werewolf and
Grizzly to werebear. For those that want to use the -direct tutorial but are not
having any luck extracting txt files I've also uploaded all the txt files from
Lod 1.08 in a zip file in the tools of the trade section. It includes all the
txt files from Lod patch 1.08 and those that are not in that patch were taken
from d2exp.mpq so you got all of them.

July 22nd Phrozen

Looks like Fileplanet got over it's minor troubles and should be working fine again now.

I've uploaded an interesting new utility by Isilweo called D2 Excel Editor v1.0 which lets you edit the text files in a tab-delimited format such as excel does. The interesting part is that this program has (very limited) .bin conversion abilities too. Get it from the tools section under bin converters.

July 21st

Hmmm..something very weird seems to be going on with fileplanet. I'm trying to find out so please hold back your 'where is...' emails for now.

Jamella's editor 4.0 beta 8 was released yesterday and now contains the much awaited item editor. Apparently is a little on the buggy side however, so always remember to back everything up first!
It's available for download in the tools section.

July 20th Phrozen

Looks like the mods just keep on comin :-) This one's a nice example of work by Mephansteras and includes lots of interesting changes to the xpack. Check it out here!.

July 19th Phrozen

Uploaded yet another mod, ths time by Demon Alcohol and Maldroth. The concept of the mod was to add numerous aspects of the xpack to classic D2 v1.08 and it works pretty well. As always, it's available from our visitor mod archive.

July 18th Phrozen

Uploaded a new mod by Phil Crosby, curiously entitled Dragon's Deadly Mod of the Bat which is available in the visitors mod archive or by clicking here.

Just for quick reference, Alexander has compiled a sheet of the common codes used in the Horadric Cube recipes which can be found in the resources section.

July 17th Phrozen

Looks like I goofed up again :-) I never actually tested the latest version of Jamella's editor, just went on what the guy who submitted it told me and I think their must have been some mis-communication somewhere. The latest version DOES have an item editor and works with LoD. The editor is available from our tools section.

July 16th Phrozen

Once again, we welcome a new hosted site to our Phrozen Keep collective. Please welcome 54x and Sozotrunks, webmasters of the New Dawn site and mod which can be found by either clicking here or clicking on the New Dawn link under the hosted sites tab of our navigation bar.

And just as 54x is joining the crew, he's come up with another useful resource for LoD, this time a list of the values when using the 'skilltab' magical modifier when designing new sets, uniques, etc which is available our resources section.

July 15th Phrozen

Updated Jamella's editor to v4.0 beta release 7. This one allows you to manipulate hirelings but unfortunately there's still no item editor yet and it's only for D2 v1.08. Get it from our tools section.

Uploaded a new xpack mod by |-Wraith-| called the 'Uber-Kit' which allows you to see the true potential of Horadric Cube recipes. Check it out!

July 14th Phrozen

Hey people I'm back from my brief break and after eventually sorting through all the emails, I've got a few new additions to the site for you :-)

Pharoah has released v1. 0 of his Druid's Temptation mod for the xpack which is available from the visitor mods archive!>

One of our hosted webmasters Teknokyo has also released a mod for LoD entitled Natalya 10x. Check it out here!!

Please welcome Tim the Enchanter and his Monty Python and the Holy Grail mod to the Phrozen Keep! Tim says that the LoD version of his mod should be released in the very near future. Click here to visit his site.

July 10th Phrozen

Uploaded a new version of Fusman's cube/stash/inventory mod plugin which Phalzyr has upgraded to now cater for D2 up to v1.06, D2 v1.08 and the xpack! Get it in the plugins section.

Not sure about the other guys but I probably won't be making anymore updates myself until the weekend due to a busy offline existance right now combined with the fact that I just got my hands on a copy of the xpack :-)

July 9th Phrozen

Uploaded the latest version of Phalzyr's D2 modder to the tools section which works with D2 and the xpack!

Updated the set items tutorial for v1.08 and LoD by Perfect Cell. Cell found a small error involving the variable in the item add column which has now been corrected.

Added the complete data list when using the expansion in MPQ View which can be found in the resources section.

July 8th Phrozen

We continue in our abundance of new tutorials with one for LoD from 54x about how to re-enable the rune words that were disabled in v1.08. Click here to read it.

July 7th Phrozen

Oops! The links to the character editors are fixed now.

July 7th Phrozen

Perfect Cell, the creator of the Eastern Sun mod has created a bunch of useful files for v1.08 including a file guide and tutorial for the new setitems.txt as well as a detailed color chart for use with item palette shifts! All of these can be found in our resources and tutorials sections.

Iowan uploaded two new character editors for v1.08 to the Tools section for testing out your all new mod features (I'm working on a new design for the Tools section as you'll find out)

Finally got round to adding in a page that links to all of Blizzard upgrade patches for easy reference. For now it's only on this front page but I'll add it to the others when I do the next big update.

Added a nice little resource by [HA]~Binary which explains the effect of all the magic property codes since the release of D2 v1.08 and the xpack. Click here to view.

July 6th Phrozen

Finally got round to uploading a few mods for D2 v1.08 two of which are by Nefarius (the Fixer mod and the 32ppl mod) along with the latest version of Varaya and Khan's Middle Earth. All three can be found in the visitor's mod archive section.

July 5th Phrozen

Added a couple of new tutorials and a new Monstats.txt file guide by Nefarius. One tutorial deals with spawning the Butcher while the other is for spawning NPCs and Critters in different locations.

July 4th Phrozen

Finally got round to atleast partially getting the Lod parts of this site in order. The resources sections for both versions of the game have been combined and I'll probably end up doing something similar with the plugins section when I get round to it. The tutorials sections remain split for now but I'll just cross link any topics that pertain to both D2 and LoD. From the various emails I've been trading with some the more experienced modders, they'll be quite a lot more tutorials and file guides coming soon!

Added a tutorial by ThresholdRPG for LoD that deals with the manipulation of the new runes.

All of our US viewers, have a great 4th of July!

July 3rd Phrozen

Another tutorial by 54x, this time it's a column by column guide to adding new armor to both D2 v1.08 and the xpack. Check it out!

July 2nd Phrozen

Today we added a file guide to the difficultylevels.txt file for D2 v1.08 by Nefarius as well as some general tweaking in the Std Resources section. I know this place looks a little messy right now, but we need to get a few things decided before we can straighten all the pages out.

July 1st Phrozen

Added a great little tutorial by 54x to the standard D2 tutorials which lets you implement class specific items such as the ones found in the expansion pack.

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