[01-09] September, 2001

[01-09] September, 2001

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September 29th Phrozen

Effective immediately, I'm switching from making short updates every few days to making one bigger one each week (probably at the weekend) due to continued time restraints I'm experiencing at the moment. I'll still post breaking news and releases but actual site updates will all be made together. However, this doesn't mean that the other three won't make updates in between (their schedule's permitting) just myself.

Added the latest versions of Feces Faerie's Nezeramontias (v1.04) and Varaya and Khan's excellent Middle Earth, both for LoD v1.09. Check them both out in the visitor mod archive.

Three more simple plugins added to the mod plugins page by yours truly for your mod making pleasure :-)

Just a quick shout out to the mod making public to see if anyone (other than some of our hosted sites) is still working on mods for the latest versions of Classic Diablo 2? I know most people have switched to the xpack but not everyone has abandoned CD2 have they?

Finally remembered to update the reviews page with links to all of the recent mods featured as Planet Diablo's Mod of the Week. Check out this week's candidate, it's our very own Jeff Bouley and his Sanctuary in Chaos mod!

btw. If anyone knows anything about the electrical workings of the dashboard of a 1999 Buick Park Avenue, drop me an email, I have a question for you :-)

September 22nd Phrozen

Just a quick update today from me with 3 new plugins for LoD v1.09 that I came up with. After numerous requests, unlike previous ones, these plugins aren't really designed for balance more for short term entertainment which you can read about on the mod plugins page.

September 21st Jeff

From Xavon Wrentaile, we have a Unique Items Upgrade Kit that
will allow you to use the Horadric Cube to boost existing unique
items into more powerful versions of the same. You can get it
from the Mod Plug-Ins page, or simply click here.

Also, Masakari has put together a kit from which you can create
you own skill tab backgrounds. If you eliminated all skill prerequisites
and want blank backgrounds with no arrows, or if you need to
customize where the arrows point, this is the tool for you. The
download includes instructions in German and in English. I haven't
had to time to play with it much myself, but I like what I see.
Until I update Tools of the Trade to include it, click here
for the download.

September 20th Phrozen

Check out the latest versions of Teknokyo's
Ancestral Recall mod
which just been released as v1.04 and
is available in both SE(Skills Enhanced) and CS(Classic Skills)
downloads. This release contains some truly amazing new changes
including a 16 level deep crypt in act 1 amongst tonnes of other

Due to temporary domain renewal problems, at present all email
accounts ending using the phrozenkeep.com are temporarily suspended.
Our apologies for the inconvience and all web mail already received
by these accounts is still available for you to read at the usual

I've taken down the L250 mod plugin from the site due to a
selection of problems that have been reported while using it.

Thankyou all for your interest but we are no longer taking
applications for the current job vacancy here at the Keep while
we assess the current candidates.

September 19th iowan

i uploaded my MOD Launcher to the tools of
the trade page
, this tool wil backup , find , replace and
launch your MOD's , and it got an option to generate bin files
using the -txt -direct options :) so if you want a hassle free
mod game , or test your mod real quick you should get it :)

September 18th Phrozen

Just about finished redesigning the tools
of the trade page
, including alternate mirror site options
and a quick links index table which allows you to navigate the
page much easier.

Added a quick reference guide by will hunter to the resources
which contains the names and codes for all the arms
and armor in both CD2 and D2X.

Temporary Job Vacancy : We need someone who has a fair
knowledge of intermediate mod making as well as a knowledge of
the mod tools that are currently available to help us out with
our Tools of the Trade page. At present,
the page contains many downloads that are currently missing a
description of what the program does and which versions of D2
they work with. Anyone wishing to apply for this job as temporary
content assistant can write to me at the usual address. All contributions
to the site will credited on the applicable page.

btw. Just out of interest, does anyone know whatever happened
to the site d2auctions.com (or maybe diiauctions.com I forget)?
I made a few visits there at the time I was opening the Keep
in it original state and when I checked the other day it'd gone.
I'd appreciate it if someone could drop me a line if you know
anything about it.

September 16th Phrozen

In light of all of the recent sadness over the tragedies in New
York and Washington, Gamespy has put together a brief statement
as well as a useful list of links to information about donating
blood and money towards the charities that are working so hard
to try and piece reality back together. Click
here to visit the page in question
. As they mention, trying
to provide entertainment in a time like this seems empty but
without standing together as a community then the terrorists
have achieved their goal which can never happen. You can also
reach the links by clicking the USA flags I've added to the front
page. Our thoughts and prayer go out to everyone who survived
the tragedy and the friends and relatives of those who were lost.
God bless America!

Please welcome Klay and D2 Game Enhancer mod to our family
of mod sites. You can check out the latest developments with
his project by either clicking
or clicking the 'Klay's D2 Enhancer' link under the
hosted mods tab.

Started work on redesigning the tools of the trade page to
incorporate provisions for additional mirror downloads to hopefully
overcome the various problems we've been having with Fileplanet's
new system. Please excuse the page only being partly done, all
links are still fully functional.

Uploaded a program by 007 which allows mod makers to distribute
their mods in an easy to install format. Take a look in the HREF='tools.htm'>tool of the trade under the new mod installers

September 14th Phrozen

Added 40 new (currently untested) codes to my Magical
Code Master List
which is in the resource
bringing the list up to v1.67b. Any help with trying
these codes out would be appreciated.

Uploaded a useful mod manager utility by our very own Iowan
named Patch Replacer v1.0.0. This little program allows you to
backup your original Patch_D2.mpq as well as switch between different
modded Patch_D2.mpq files with ease. Check it out in the HREF='tools.htm'>tool of the trade section.

Fixed a small HTML error in the visitor
mod archive
that made the table of v1.03 mods look somewhat

September 12th Phrozen

Updated my Magic Code Master List to v1.67 which can be found
in the resource section.

Added a nice little page of info to the resource
by bjhampe which explains usage of the /time switch
in conjunction with the magical modifier codes.

Check out v1.03 of Fecesfaerie's new Nezeramontias mod by
his website
. With any luck, one us will also get a copy into
the visitor mod archive in the next few days.

September 10th Phrozen

Well I'm back from my experimentation with the Realms and ready
to pretend I know what I'm doing once again...

Added a new file guide to the resources
that I wrote for the runes.txt file in D2X v1.09
which will hopefully spark off some new ideas.

Finally remembered that I was supposed to update the reviews
with all of the links for Planet Diablo's Mod of the
Week feature. From now on, I'll try and keep it a little more
up to date.

Check out the latest release (v1.03) of Teknokyo's
new mod Ancestral Recall
for D2X v1.09 which new includes
a vast revamp of all of the skills and much more storage space.

September 2nd Jeff

Two new text-file resources have been added to the Resources
section. One is on misc.txt, the other is on skills.txt, both
are for the LoD expansion, and you have RicFaith to thank for
putting both of them together.

I've got some more things to upload soon (like a Unique Item
upgrade kit from Xavon Wrentaile). But I'm out of energy right
now and will have to come back to them later. I'm still unfamiliar
with updating this site, so I'm a bit slower and more awkward
than I'd like to be. Bear with me. ;-)

In other news, the Ancestral Recall mod (by TeknoKyo) is now
available in version 1.02. Click
to be on your way to downloading it.

September 1st Jeff

Jeff starts getting off his butt and gets some stuff done for
the Keep! (Of course, this is keeping me from my mod, but I'm
sure those awaiting it will forgive me.) Anyway, uploaded Klay's
D2 Game Enhancer mod to the Visitor Mod Archives, along with
the Intensions mod I mentioned a couple days ago.

In addition, I finally updated the Tools of the Trade page
to include the Level Editor by Isilweo.

Finally, in some even bigger news, Goldark's Hell on Earth
mod for D2Exp 1.09 is in beta testing, and can be reached by
. Now I've got to get back to modding before I lose much
more ground to my German friend...also so that I have time to
play his Hell on Earth mod myself. ;-)

Soon, I will also be uploading some reference files for skills.txt
and misc.txt from RicFaith. Newbie modders (and even some of
us more established ones) will be happy to see these two entries
in what will probably be many more such resources to come for
expansion modding.

September 1st Phrozen

Check out the interview I had with
Perfect Cell of the Eastern Sun mod project by clicking

Added a couple of mods to the visitor
mod archive
, one for LoD v1.09 called the Enhanced Drop Mod
by Badcop and a retro-mod called ExpChallenge by {RS}Samurai
for CD2 v1.06.

In the next stage of the Keep's slight renovation, I've reworked
the tutorials section, combining
the CD2 and D2X sections and hopefully making a it a little more
up tp date. I'm sure they'll be a few screw ups, like me forgetting
to finish part of it but that's only to be expected :-) If anyone
finds anything that looks like it shouldn't be there, let me

While on the subject of the tutorials
, thanks again to 54x (co-webmaster of the New
Dawn website
) who's produced a new one which shows you how
to make any gem drop automatically. Check it out here.

54x also released v1.09 r1 of his New Dawn mod which is available
at his site.

Updated my Magic Code Master List v1.40 thanks yet again to
Derek which is available in the resources

Moved all the old news from august to our old
news archive

Thanks a lot to DestinY for updating my No Exp loss plugin
and Fusman's Morphing Gem plugin to work with the v1.09 patch.
The updated files are available from the all new plugins

If anyone's wondering why this update is so big then it's
because I think I'm going to take this coming week off and actually
see why so many D2 players, like the Realms so much. Anyone wanting
me can either mail me or find me on US East :-)

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