[01-10] October, 2001

[01-10] October, 2001

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October 31st Jeff

Finally, I have uploaded several new tools/resources and updated
the Tools of the Trade and Mod Plug-Ins sections of the Keep
accordingly. In Tools of the Trade, I have added a new file-packing
tool that may replace MPQ2K as the "gold standard"
for re-inserting modded files into your patch MPQ file (only
time will tell). In Plug-Ins, I added three items. One is Masakari's
kit for altering the graphics of skill tab backgrounds, which
I uploaded ages ago but never provided a link to. Also, I added
a huge pack of inventory graphics courtesy of Stargazer. Finally,
for those of us (myself included) who lack any comprehension
of hex editing, Thunder has provided a modded d2game.dll file
that removes the "always critical hit" bug of the amazon
and barbarian.

October 30th Phrozen

It has come to my attention, that the site Hellswarriors.com
has unsubtly stolen almost the entire content of the Phrozen
Keep, word for word, and displayed it on their site, without
credit or permission. This may not have been so obvious except
that not only are they leeching off gamespy's hosting servers
(which may have consequences of it's own) but they even copied
the newsflashes exactly as well which wasn't the smartest move
anyone ever made. The webmaster of this site has been contact
and if something isn't done about the situation, 'action' may
have to be taken.

October 27th Phrozen

Exciting news from one of our partner sites Camelot Systems this
week. Quantum, the guy who wrote MPQ 2k has developed a new utility
called MPQ Draft which uses MPQs to patch games in run time (without
replacing any existing MPQs) in a similar way to mods for Quake
and the like. The new file type will be called SEMPQ (self executing
MPQ). Apparently, it works on any Blizzard MPQ and should be
a very interesting addition to the mod maker's arsenal. It's
still in private beta right now but Camsys should be releasing
it pretty soon, so hopefully we'll get a copy up on the Keep
too :-) Quatum already sent me a copy to try but I haven't had
chance to take a look yet...

We welcome back Digibo to the Keep with his new Eclipse mod,
you can visit his site either by going to the link under our
hosted sites tab or by clicking

Updated our visitor mod archive
with V&K's Middle Earth v1.3, Fecesfaerie's Nezeramontias
v1.05 and all for Lod v1.09.

Looks like Red Death's been busy again as there's no updates
at Planet
Diablo's MotW feature

October 23rd Phrozen

Just a quick mid week question to all our visitors out there.
Does anyone know much about database or script-style web site
updating for use with things like our nav bar? Also anyone think
they can help solve our Netscape incompatability problem due
to none of us really having the time to put into either issue.

October 20th Phrozen

This week's new releases :

- Fecesfaerie has released v1.05 of his Nezeramontias which
is available from his

- Varaya and Khan have released the next version (v1.3) of their
Middle Earth mod available by clicking

The Hell on Earth site, home of Goldark and Selenia has undergone
a great new facelift, so cruise on over there and check
it out

The New Dawn site has also had a nice makeover, so click
here to see it for yourself

While we're mentioning Goldark, thanks go out to him again
for helping us to support our German fans by creating a nice
little mod kit complete with translated instructions. You can
download it from our tools of the trade section.

Added two more mods to the visitor
mod archive
which are (RS)Samurai's Rudica and Syniq's Manos:
The Mod of Fate.

My quickie plugins keep on coming with two more this week
available for download in our plugins section.

Updated the reviews page with the
last few Mods of the Week from Planet Diablo.

Planet Diablo's Current Mod of the Week : Zhoulomcrypt
by Zhoulomcrist

October 13th Phrozen

Let's start with new releases this week :

- Hosted webmaster Rexx Laww has finally brought his Darkness
Weaves X mod out of the beta stages and into a full v1.0. HREF='http://www.planetdiablo.com/dweaves/'>Check it out at the
his DWX site

- Another one of our hosted webmasters Teknokyo has released
v1.06 of his Ancentral Recall mod which can be found at the
AR website

Added three more mods to the visitor
mod archive
including Veil of Shadows v1.0 by Mordini, Zhoulomcrypt
by Zhoulomcrist and The Mod of Champions by Medisinner Man.

Extended the new 'expanded display' format in the visitor
mod archive
back to v1.08 and v1.08 xpack mods, the earlier
versions should hopefully follow soon.

Wrote three more quick plugins this week which are available
for download in our plugins section.

Thanks go out to Goldark for translating Mordini and I's Idiot's
guide into German for the Keep. Check
it out here

Just a quick note to remind everyone that sometimes it may
take a while for new files to mirror across to the fileplanet
public servers so if you get a file not found error, just check
back later!

October 6th Phrozen

Started a new page in the tutorials section
just for quick tips on mod making. Not every little piece of
information needs a full tutorial to explain, some just need
a line or two, which is why I came up with this :-)

Continuing with the tutorials section,
Mordini and I just finished our "Idiot's Guide to Mod Making"

which goes into great detail about learning the basics of mod
making. Newbies who might be having problems should definately
check this out!

Altered the intro for the plugins section
slightly to clear up some confusion that people have been having.

Finally got round to completing Act 5 in normal with my Realm
character (don't laugh). Thanks go out to Strum Darkblade for
all his help :-)

Flushed most septembers news from this page and moved it to
the news archive.

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