[01-11] November, 2001

[01-11] November, 2001

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November 25th Jeff

Yes, yes...I know, I'm a day late on my weekly update. I'll try
to do better in the future. ;-)

Anyway, although Zhoulomcrist has ceased working any more
on his ZhoulomCrypt mod for D2 (though he plans another one for
Dungeon Siege when it comes out), we have the latest version
of his D2 expansion mod (for -direct -txt play) available in
the Visitor Mod Archive (or you can click
if that's too much work for you). If you haven't checked
out the mod yet, which emulates some of the classic elements
of the original Diablo game, I recommend you do so now.

There is also a Baldur's Gate mod out for the D2 expansion.
This is another one that you should probably check out, particularly
if you are a Baldur's Gate fan to begin with. You can get that
by visiting the mod makers' site (one of our hosted sites) at

I removed a couple of broken links in the Visitor Mod Archive,
and added two monster-modding tutorials to the tutorials
of the Keep. Check them out. I had announced these
tutorials already in the modding forum, but I recently fixed
the one on making enemy golems...there was a slight error in
there about how to get their names to show up properly in-game.
So if you read it before, you might want to read it again. Sorry
for the error.

Some people have had difficulty working with MPQ View to extract
files from D2 for modding. Apparently, CV5 is a great alternative
(I haven't used it personally), and is available at http://user.cs.tu-berlin.de/~mickyk/cv.html.
I will check with the creators of this tool to see about uploading
it here to the Keep at some future date.

That's it for now. Later this week, I will upload a plug-in
by FoxBat that will allow you to put Blood Knights from Diablo
I into your D2 mod. Just waiting for him to work out any last
bugs...should anyone report any.

November 17th Jeff

My thanks to Phrozen for his faith in my ability to handle things
in his "absence" (Those shackles aren't too tight,
are they, Phrozen? The dungeon isn't too chilly for you, is it?
He heh hehhhh). Seriously, though, I will try to update various
aspects of the site and post news here more often than once a
week, though I make no promises that I'll always be able to do
so. And I will aim to achieve Phrozen's standard of excellence.
So, what have I done so far?

Well, I uploaded an updated version of MPHG's front-end application
for running MPQ2K with more ease. In addition to being slightly
more up-to-date, it got a name change. No longer MPQ2001, it
is now called MPQ Max. The reason? The creator of the
original MPQ2K is planning an upgrade that will bear the "2001"

appellation. MPHG didn't want to step on anyone's feet, and asked
me to make the change.

I took down the links for the Hireling Upgrade download in
the Mod Plug-Ins section, as the files somehow are empty. Until
we can fix that, that particular plug-in will remain down. If
anyone discovers similar problems with other downloads, please
let me know via e-mail. Fixed the link for vb40032.dll in Tools
of the Trade.

In other news, Varaya and Khan's Middle Earth Mod is now in
version 1.4B, which is compatible with Blizzard patch 1.09c and
which fixes several bugs while also adding new monsters, cube
recipes, uniques and sets. You can visit their Web
for more information, and you can download the latest
version of the mod here at the Keep as well, in the Visitor Mod

November 10th Phrozen

54x's excellent New Dawn X mod has just been updated along with
his site which now contains sections for player details and screenshots.
Check it out at the New
Dawn homepage

Another great mod has been updated too in the shape of Teknokyo's
Ancestral Recall v1.07. Click
here to take a look

Quite a big update to the visitor
mod archive
this week with 4 new mods available for D2X v1.09
including Bartuc's Freestyle mod v1.2, Spectrum's mod v4.26,
Max Payne's Lord of Chaos v1.0 and Frodo's Diablo ii++ v1.0.

Added three more plugins to the plugins
, one by myself which adds a bunch of new Horadric Cube
recipes, one by Emdo that makes gloves, belts and boots socketable
one a great piece of work by Glass Angel that allows Baal to
summon his brothers and the lesser evils in the Throne of Destruction
(makes for quite a run!).

As you may have noticed, Planet Diablo's mod of the week feature
hasn't been updated for a while which is due to Red Death's busy
life and subsequent resignation from the feature. If anyone's
interested in taking up the job of PD's MotW reviewer, click
here for more information

On the subject of being busy, my own time is unforunately
somewhat scarce at the moment and therefore Jeff will be taking
over my weekly updates for a while. I feel comfortable leaving
the Keep in his hands and I'm sure he'll keep up the same level
of content our viewers have come to know :-)

November 3rd Phrozen

Thanks go out to the owner of Hellswarriors.com
who has now repremanded the individual responsible for stealing
content from the Keep as well as printing a formal apology on
his main page in compensation for his staff member's actions.

With the increased interest in Teknokyo's excellent Ancestral
Recall mod, Tekno has decided to revamp his site somewhat. HREF='http://www.planetdiablo.com/teknokyo/'>Check it out here!

Tim the Enchanter wanted me to let everyone know that his
Alchemist mod is now available for download at The
Alchemist home page

Iowan informs me that he's set up a new forum at the Phrozen
Forums dealing exclusively with graphical related issue in mod
making which should hopefully stop important posts getting lost
in amongst all the others. Click here to
visit the Phrozen Forums

Added the latest release of Bilibo's mod to the visitor
mod archive
for anyone interested in checking it out.

Converted Mordini and I's Idiots Guide to Mod Making into
an easily downloadable format for use offline. It's available
from the last page of the guide.
Hopefully I can get Goldark
to convert the German one over as well considering my language
skills are pretty much limited to English and (VERY limited)
French :-)

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