[02-01] January, 2002

[02-01] January, 2002

Description: Archived Keep updates.

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January 30th Jeff

I know...11 days later is hardly what one would call a "weekly"
update. How about I make it up to you with a bonus weekend update
in a few days? :-)

Fixed Datafile, New Text Files & Missing Mod File

Good news: A while back, I uploaded my personal datafile for
use with MPQView, to help out people who weren't able to view
important files in the D2 .mpq files (it's in Tools
of the Trade
, right under the download for MPQView itself).
Well, silly me...I uploaded it as a .txt file, which caused it
to be pulled up kind of like a Web page. Somebody finally pointed
that out to me. It is now a .zip file, so that you can just unzip
and get a nice, clean .txt file for immediate use as a datafile...instead
of having to do an ugly copy-paste job.

Also, I have uploaded a .zip file of the clean, unmodded .txt
files for classic D2, for those people still modding the
pre-expansion game. You can click
to get them, or visit Tools of the

Not so good news: The D2 Plus Plus mod by Frodo seems
to have run away from home. The link no longer work and the file
is no longer on the server. Several people have been looking
for it, and I am trying to get my hands on a copy of it to re-upload.
For the moment, I'll be deleting its entry from the Mod Archives.
Hope to have it back up soon.

Mod Madness

Thankfully, we have some other mods for version 1.09 of the
D2 expansion to keep you busy. First in the lineup, we have an
update: version 1.01 of the Monster Enhancer Mod from
Shadow. It's in the Archives, or if
you want to download the new version right away, click
. The key changes in this version seem to be to hirelings.
Their health and defensive ratings have been increased, as well
as the per-level values for those stats. They gain strength at
a faster pace. They also will cost you significantly more gold.

Next, we have the Bleak Times Mod from Kobu. Visit
the Archives or for instant gratification,
. The mod is intended to be more stategic than "normal"
D2. Some aspects of the game have been simplified and redundancies
minimized or eliminated. Kobu reports that you will find very
few magic items in the game. You can create powerful items, though,
by socketing gems, runes, jewels, and monster body parts. Charms
also now can give you many skills that were previously available
only to other classes.

Also, mandzo, Goldjas and Stargazer are working on the Legends
of the Ancients
mod. They have a forum set up, which you
can reach by clicking
. I think they are still working on the actual Web site.
Features of this mod project include a totally revamped inventory
system that handles armor and weapon components in a new way
(it's quite cool), new skills and slow character levelling, among
other things. They are also working on a new skill point system
and heavily revamped acts...Here's hoping Blizzard hardcoding
can be soundly beaten down by this team.

For those of you still playing classic D2 (non-expansion),
several mods for version 1.09 of classic are in the works. We
hope to have some mods to upload in the near future for you.
We don't want anyone left out just because they haven't bought
the expansion. Just be patient for the moment...please?

Behave, Now, Folks. ;-)

There have been some recent flame-ups in the forums. This
is bound to happen as we get more members, but I want to emphasize
that we need to get along around here. That means not getting
inpatient when people don't answer you right away, it means not
cross-posting or multi-posting on the same topic, it means not
getting nasty with people. We pride ourselves on being more "grown
up" around here in how we relate to each other...at least
compared to a lot of other forums out there (D2 or otherwise).
Let's keep it that way, please. Thanks.

On that note, be aware that Zhoulomcrist and MPHG both have
been elevated to admin status in the forums. Yes, iowan still
rules supreme in the forums, with me not far behind...but Zhoul
and MPHG are there to back us up in terms of helping people,
putting out fires, moving threads, and generally keeping watch.
They're both fair and experienced in moderating these forums.
Let's give them a warm welcome and not give them any reasons
to get mean.

Animation Avalanche

I have received a huge number of animation conversions of
monsters from Diablo 1, Baldur's Gate 2, and IceWind Dale recently.
I cannot get all of these up right away, so I'll be rolling them
out a few at a time. Here's one teaser (and something to look
forward to in a future update): an honest-to-God red dragon that
can be inserted into D2.

Even though I'm holding a lot of stuff back, I have a pretty
good number of new ones to announce right now. Visit the HREF='plugins-animation.htm'>Animation Plug-Ins area for
the stuff mentioned below...and for other files.

From Nefarius, two Diablo monster conversions: the Hidden
and the Vipers.
Click on their names if you want the converted files right away.

Incandescent_One has three more D1 conversion for us, which
as usual are available as simple plug-ins or as files that you
need to do your own work on. You can find both options for each
monster in the Plug-Ins section. To get the simple plug-ins immediately,
click on the names: Dark
, Advocate,
. The Black Knight is the same mnster as the Blood
Knights I uploaded long ago...but this one makes a bit more sense
in that it replaces the Oblivion Knights instead of the Mosquitoes...so
in this case, I don't mind the duplication. The Dark Mage plug-in
replaces the Will-o-Wisps and the Advocates replace the Zakarum

On the Baldur's Gate 2 front, I have re-uploaded three files
from King Cold that had been buggy before. These ones should
be good. If you want these converted files this very second,
click on the name of the one you want: Lich,
or Dark
. Otherwise, just go visit the Plug-Ins section.

To Come...

Some nice tutorials and resources have been bequeathed to
me recently. I'll try to build pages for those in the coming
week to help out all your busy, beleagured modders. ;-) I also
hope to finally get around to writing up my guide to missile
and overlay modding, which may or may not be part of a larger
tutorial on skill modding. Also, I will archive the December
news soon, probably with the next update.

January 19th Jeff

Just a quick update. I hope to have a more comprehensive one
in a few days...however, I've been busy with mirroring all the
stuff I've uploaded over the past month to another site as a
backup to Fileplanet...in addition to daily life and making a
living. With a 56.6k modem, well, you can imagine how quickly
that goes. ;-)

I forgot to mention last week that TeknoKyo, author of several
mods here and a hosted site as well, is now officially part of
the Keep's staff. It's nice to have a little more backup to deal
with modding questions, problems and...rarely (thank God)...the
occasional malcontent who needs to be ejected from the forums.
And TeknoKyo is an accomplished modder, which makes him all the
more welcome.

New Tool, New Resource

Quantum officially released the public version of his MPQDraft
tool earlier this month on our affiliate site, Camelot Systems.
You can click on the link on the left side of this page to visit
the site, or just click
. As my good friend DigiBO said of this new tool:

"It creates self-executing MPQs.With other words it creates
exe files from MPQ files.You double-click on the exe and the
game starts with the mod. No MPQ changing, no nothing."

Sounds pretty cool to me, too, Digi. My thanks to him and
to Phrozen Heart for bringing this new tool to my attention.

Also, there is new Web site out called the Horadrim Library,
which covers set and unique items in detail as well as game concepts
and mechanics. It's at www.horadrim-library.dk

More Mods for You...From Me

Might as well announce version 1.01 of my mod, Sanctuary
in Chaos
, while I'm here. More items, more new graphics,
more uniques...more fun. Updated links are in the Mod
or if you want to be lazy, you can click
. The .zip file for the new version includes four
readme files to give you plenty of information on the mod, in
.doc and .txt formats. Expect version 1.02 in one or two more

People who don't know how to mod themselves have been asking
me a lot lately about mods with better drops or the ability to
create unique and set items. I've made a very simple mod (not
a plug-in but an actual mod) that achieves both goals.
No other gameplay changes were made besides the new Cube recipes,
the better overall drop rates and quicker access to uniques.
I call it the Power Item Mod...and if this is the sort
of thing you're into, get it in the Mod
or click
for immediate download.

January 12 Jeff

Well, the flurry of activity when I had time off for the holidays
certainly ended quickly, didn't it? OK, despite a load of other
work on my plate, time to give you fine people some more stuff...a
bit late, but it's good stuff.

New Info to Help Modders

There is a new addition to the Resources
: A guide to the Levels.txt
specifically for the expansion, written by Nefarius,
who also is the author of our Levels.txt resource for classic
D2. I made a few minor edits to what he wrote and added some
additional information at the end. Hope it brings clarity to
your modding lives.

In the Tutorials Section there
is another new item, also by Nefarius: A tutorial on converting
D1 animations
for use in D2 modding.

New Mods

Well, it's actually been out a week or two at least now, but
there have been complications getting it uploaded. But, here
it is, the Magic: The Gathering Mod. Go to the Mod
to get it, or just click
for download. Be warned, it's a big file. But it sounds
like a good mod. There have been some complaints from people
who weren't sure how to install it. But there's just two things
to know on that score: (1) Read the tutorial here on the Keep
about using the -direct -txt method (many mods are now released
this way to make the download smaller), and (2) the download
comes with modified d2game.dll and d2client.dll files that also
need to be copied to your Diablo 2 folder for proper playing
of the mod. Remember, always back up any file in your
D2 folder before replacing it with a modded one and store
that backup in a safe place...if you want to play other people's
mods or normal D2 ever again. ;-)

The Spawns Extreme Mod from SPAWN_VN has been updated.
Head to the Archives or click
for instant gratification. A few of the new features
include: 20 stat points per level and 2 skill points per level,
as well as changes to skills.

New on the scene is the Monster Enhancer Mod from Shadow,
which gives you somewhat tougher monsters, more unique monster
spawns, better drops from some of the bosses, reduced gambling
cost for rings and amulets, new Cube recipes, and more. It's
in the Archives, or if you want to
download it right away, click

And finally, the modder named "timeless" brings
us the Horadric Mod. New Horadric Cube recipes allow you to generate
unique, set, rare, and magic items (all generated items are legitimate
and follow original game rules); monsters are harder to kill,
more abundant and greater experience rewarded; and saved characters
work with original unmodified Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.Yes,
yes, it's in the Archives; the lazy
can just click
. ;-)

More Animations from D1...and Other Places

In addition to conversions of D1 animations for D2...we are
also seeing some nifty work on Baldur's Gate monsters that are
being made to work in D2 mods. In fact, I had uploaded some BG
animations from King Cold to the Keep, but they turned out to
be buggy. I will upload the repaired files as soon as I can and
announce them here.

In the meantime, enjoy a few more D1 conversions. For example,
Lord Qapla has given us the Crypt Demons. Go to the HREF='plugins-animation.htm'>Animation Plug-Ins area for
download. You have to do the work of assigning the animations
to a monster type yourself...but I'm told these guys work great
as Yeti replacements.

Incandescent_One has again provided the one-two punch of straight
animation files for you to work with on your own, as well as
actual plug-ins with the hard work all completed for you. This
time, he gaves us the original Fallen from D1 (much taller
than the dinky ones we get in D2) and the Defilers. Head
to the Animation Plug-Ins

area if you'd like to download them.

Housework Around the Keep

Speaking of converted animation files, you might have noticed
that I have split the Plug-Ins Section into two parts: one of
them specifically for animations. This will make it a little
easier for you to navigate, as the list of plug-ins was getting
quite long for a single page. I may need to do even more changes
soon if we keep getting so much new stuff. :-)

January 1 Jeff

Welcome to the New Year...here are some updates to get you revved
up and ready for the next 12 months of modding. :-)

And there's lots to let you know about, so in the immortal
words of crusty old Deckard Cain, "Stay a while...and listen."

Mod Updates

New Mod Uploaded...it is the Spawns Extreme Mod for
LoD version 1.09d, by SPAWN_VN. There are some skills changes
and such...but the focus seems to be on tougher monsters and
better damage from weapons. Most changes in this version are
to Act 1, so the author probably intends quite a few more changes.
There are, apparently, now two different ways to complete Act
1. Head to the Mod Archives to get
it, or just click
if you're lazy.

Mandzo has finished his Magic: The Gathering Mod. He
has announced it and provided a link in the Mod Releases Forum...but
geocities isn't being as cooperative as he (or we) would like.
I hope to get the mod uploaded to our archives soon for those
having trouble getting their hands on it right now.

It seems the info about Klay's D2 Game Enhancer Mod
I provided in my previous update might have been hasty. Klay
informs me he didn't even mod anything having to do with the
amulet in question. It might be that a character editing program
messed up this particular player of the mod due to incompatilities
with version 1.09 of D2. Just a theory. Anyway, Klay will be
returning to the mod scene soon with more new stuff...he's just
gotten a new hard drive and still needs to install D2 before
he can get back to work on modding. In the meantime, you can
get the current version of his mod by visting the Archives.

Version 1.01 release of TeknoKyo's Descendants of the Dragon
is available. Head over to the Hosted Sites links to
the left on this page to visit his site, or click

Last time I posted here, I mentioned Fix #1 for the Baldur's
Gate Mod
...since then, Ric_Faith has been quite busy. There
is now a Fix #2 and Fix #3. The link to the site is on the left
side of this page under Hosted Sites, or you can waypoint over
there by clicking

Nefarius, who has been pretty busy working up some tutorials
and Diablo 1 animation conversions, says he'll be updating his
XYRAX Mod to be compatible with the D2 expansion in the
near future. Stay tuned...we'll let you know more when we do.

Info to Mod By...

Speaking of Nefarius, he has helpfully provided a Token Datasheet
to help people identify which monsters, NPCs, nests, etc. the
MonType.txt tokens refer to. Head over to the Resources
to view the page, or just click

Also, I updated the FAQ section here at the Keep. Some of
the info was outdated, and I added a couple new questions and
answers with regard to common problems with the runes.txt and
itemstatcost.txt files.

Even More Animation Conversions from D1

Well, we continue to have a steady flow of animation coversions
allowing you to plant Diablo 1 monsters into your Diablo 2 mods.
(We are getting so many that I will probably have to create a
special subsection for the Plug-Ins Section
soon just to handle D1 animation conversions.)

First, from Incandescent_One, we have the Acid Beasts
and Gloombats. As with his other conversions, he has provided
two sets of files. One gives you the files themselves so that
you can choose the monster to replace animations for, and the
other gives you simple plug-ins to replace monsters Incandescent_One
has already picked out. Here, the acid beasts replace quill rat-style
monsters, and the bats replace the various swarms in D2.

Lord Qapla has given us the Shredded monster to replace
D2's wraiths, and also the Gargoyle to replace the electrified
bat demons in D2.

Next, mandzo has converted five Diablo 1 monsters. You have
to do the work of picking your own D2 monsters to replace, renaming/replacing
the necessary files, and making any other adjustments that are
necessary. But at least you don't have to extract the animations
from the D1 or Hellfire CDs yourself. The monsters are the Biclops,
Hellboar, Lich, Overlord and Na-Krul.

For all the above animations, visit the Plug-Ins
to get them.


Finally cleaned up this home page and archived the October
and November news items.

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