[02-05] May, 2002

[02-05] May, 2002

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May 31, 2002

by JBouley (Jeff)

Yes, I have finally come back. The broadband cable Internet connection is up and running, and
I'm able to get online better than ever before when I just had the 56K modem. Certainly better than paying long-distance phone
rates to connect to MSN, as I've had to do since moving to a small town a couple weeks ago.

First off, in a few weeks when more people have re-registered in our new forums, we may
actually have over a thousand members again (officially), and then the intro up at
the top of this page will be true again. ;-). So, get to those forums and register,
people. Lurkers, come out of the shadows someday soon. :-)

And if we get up well over a thousand members again like last time, I'll try to remember
to update the intro box up top. I realized shortly before we made the update to PHP, we were still saying
a thousand when we were up to more than 4,000. Oh, well. ;-)

Making Sense of Item Codes and Skills

Red Havoc has kindly prepared a resource file that explains what the itemclass codes in the
skills.txt file mean. The codes restrict use of skills only when certain weapons are equipped, but
but not all of them are immediately obvious as to what they mean. Go visit our 'Resources' section
to look it over, or just
click here
right now.

Hope for Modders of the first Diablo

Zamal & Zenda have created a last resort for D1/Hellfire modmakers, a forum dedicated to the modding of
the original Diablo and Hellfire. It's also a meeting place for players of The Dark mod, which is for
the Hellfire expansion. Visit The Dark forum

at http://213pc225.sshunet.nl/forum/

The Reviews Are In...Again

We have a mod reviewer again, thank God. His name is Maxx Power, and his first installment is a review
of Sir_General's Rune Mod. Check out the review in our 'Mod Reviews' section, or
click here for instant
transportation over there.

Maxx is an Englishman like Phrozen Heart, but trust us, he got his position
based on ability, not nationalism. ;-)

Speaking to a Modder

We have a fresh interview from our permanent new interviewer, Deathscythe. This time around, he speaks with
Enqinum, who made the Seasons After mod. To view the interview, use the link at left for our 'Interviews' section
or just
click here

I'll Be Back Soon

OK, I just wanted to make this update so you all would have something sooner than in a week, and to show
that I really haven't fallen off the edge of the planet. Those of you who've contacted me about getting stuff
up to the site, don't worry. I'll get to that stuff soon. Besides, I have to get back to work on version
2.0 of my own mod.

May 27th, 2002

by Phrozen Heart

For those of you who don't know, Jeff will be out of touch for a few days while he's waiting
for his new cable modem to be installed. We were hoping it'd be done by now but things like thar
can't be helped so I'll make the (slightly belated) update this week.

Major Forum Upgrade

Our lead story today is long overdue which is the release of the brand spanking new Phrozen
Forums, complete with awesome new facelift and an amazing array of features and options to
play with! The old forums will remain active for another week or two, but after that point
I'll be locking them down as a permanent read-only archive and all discussion will take
place at the new forums. Please don't start any new topics on the old forums and if you wish
to continue a discussion onto the new place, please use this transistion period to copy them
across. I've updated the 'Phrozen Forums' link on the navbar to point to new location.

The Empire Continues...

New mod sites are springing up all the time around here and of course if they're up to the job,
we're happy to host them here at Planet Diablo. First, check out the excellent
Incandescence which is a great source
for Diablo 1/Hellfire animations and sound clips ready to drop straight into your D2 mods.
Next up is the lesser known but still high quality Seasons After mod by enq which can found
here. Still haven't quite round to adding in
a hosting submissions page on the site yet I will eventually.

New Staff Member

Looks like Deathscythe will now be doing interviews for the Phrozen Keep on a more permanent basis
with his latest offering being an interview with RicFaith and SubSanity, creators of the popular
Baldur's Gate mod for Diablo 2. You can find it in the interviews section under the 'Features'
tab on our nav bar or go there directly by clicking here.

Uber Golems

Thanks to unitone1 for contributing his new tutorial on a neat little mod making trick that allows
you to create extremey powerful and uniques iron golems through the use of enchanted jewels. You
can read it in the tutorials section of the site under the 'Mod Making' tab on the navbar or just
click here for quickness.

Generation Hex

Thanks also go out to hosted mod maker and Phrozen Forum moderator Sir_General for his amazing
tutorial/resource on hex editing the DLL files in v1.09b in order to increase the maximum number
of points you can spend on skills. This has been located on the Phrozen Forums for quite some
time but I've only just got round to posting it here. Click
here to view
or you could always just follow the link in the tutorials section.

May 18th, 2002

by Phrozen Heart

Along for the ride

Two new hosted sites for you all to sink your teeth into this week, which are the
Shadowhaven mod (formerly
the Zhoulomcrypt mod by Zhoulomcrist) run by OT forum moderator Baldrick and the
Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse mod
by Mandzo and crew. You can find our new additions by either
clicking on their mod names here or following the appropriate links under the
'Hosted Sites' tab on our navbar. Looks like the Phrozen Keep and Planet Diablo
might be building a small empire here huh? :-) Anyone wishing to have their mod or
mod resource site hosted here at the Keep can contact me at

with either your current URL or a mock-up of what your intended site will look like
and I'll let you know from there. I'll be re-adding a hosting page to the new site
shortly with rules for hosting and an application submission form when I get the chance.

We Do Actually Listen Sometimes...

Thanks to everyone who's been submitting their feedback to us about the site both
through email and through the Suggestions section of the Phrozen Forums. A lot of
modders out there who don't play on open b.net have decided to stick with the v1.09b
patch which previously wasn't available for download here at the Keep. I've now
included all four patches (Mac and PC patches for CD2 and LoD) in the file center
to upgrade your D2 to v1.09b. Also, thanks to Jeff for sending me the DLL files
for v1.09b which allows users to revert back from v1.09c or v1.09d without having
to re-install the game. You can get them from the file center or by
clicking here.

Disappearing Files

Apologies to anyone who tried (and failed) last weekend to download the files from
my may 11th update. Potatojoe.com was changing over to a different unix server to
help give the file center maximum uptime but unfortunately, it appears that I
uploaded the files AFTER the server backup had already been done. As a result, when
the files were restored to the new server later that day, obviously the latest files
weren't part of it. I've re-uploaded the files now so everything can go back to
running smoothly :-)

Cubaholics Paradise

After numerous emails from different people about if/when I'd be coming out
with another mod, I finally decided to release my new Cubaholics mod as
public beta v0.7b. While most people consider it a cheat/trainer mod (which in
essence it is), the idea behind it's creation was to give players access to
different aspects of the game using the Horadric Cube which would most likely
require hundreds of hours of gameplay to experience normally. Check it out in the
File Center under Staff Projects or for quickness, just click here to
download it
. Some of you might have seen me playtesting v0.72a of the mod on
open battle.net recently which also contains some other experimental features but that
one's not quite ready for release. If I can make a little time for modding in the
near future, I may have another crack at a 'real' mod.

Ancestral Interview

Many thanks to Deathscythe, co-creator of the Ancients mod for allowing us to
reproduce an interview he did with Ancestral Recall mod author Teknokyo in which
readers get to see a little more about the man behind the mod as it were. You can
find it in the interviews section under the 'Features' tab on our nav bar or go
there directly by clicking here.

Even More Plugins!

A bunch of new plugins for everyone to enjoy have been added today, especially those
of you who like switching monster animations. Zeruel has released no less than
FIVE awesome new plugins ready to drop straight into your mods which are as follows:

BG2 Frost Giant replacing the Frozen Creepers (click here to download)

BG2 Myconid replacing the unused Quill Bears (click here to download)

BG2 Ettin replacing the pinhead monsters(click here to download)

IWD Cyclops replacing the yeti monsters(click here to download)

IWD Troll replacing The Smith (click here to download)

The other great plugin we have for you this week is by Riparious which grabs hold
of the various class skill trees and adds his own special touch to them. You'll have
click here
and download the plugin to really appreciate what I'm saying though :-)

Blowing Our Own Trumpet

Well after an internal email from Gamespy regarding all hosted sites on the network,
I started contemplating something. If Gamespy is the biggest gaming network that
ever existed on the internet as they say, then does that make the Phrozen Keep
the biggest mod making site on the biggest diablo site on the biggest gaming network
on the internet??? Or are we just a grain of sand in an epic desert? Starting to
wonder if I think too much...

May 11th, 2002

by Phrozen Heart

Jeff's busy this week with real life business so I'm just stepping in briefly to fill the
gap. I've been busy with various aspects of the site and forums so I apologize that this is
so short.

Finishing Touches

Thanks to Mordini and Riparius for pointing out a few Netscape-related bugs in the new PHP
site. These consisted of the nav bar text appearing in a well oversized font as well as the
redirection page wasn't showing up properly in Netscape which have both now been fixed.

Cool New Plugins

We've received quite a few standard and animation plugin submissions lately so we're to get
as many out to the public as possible. First are two ready to use plugins by Incandescent
One. Click here to download his Diablo 1 Hidden plugin (which replaces the
various ghost/spectre-type monsters) or Click here to download his Diablo 1
Rhinodemon plugin (which replaces the claw vipers). As for regular plugins, Riparious has updated his
equipment inventory DC6 pack (Click here to download) as well as creating
a great new pack of color coded inventory images (Click here to download)
which make awesome new set or unique graphics.

A Big Thank You

We sincerely appreciate the contributions which some of you have been making to the site
through our donation page (the link is located below the navbar). Don't worry that your
payments haven't shown up yet on the page as Amazon's refund policy holds the money for
several weeks before posting it in order to allow the payer to back out if they wish.
Also thanks for all the emails of appreciation I've received from Netscape users, you're
all very welcome :-)

Job Vacancies

Okay then people, here's the deal. Jeff and I are constantly busy with one thing or another
whether it be on the actual site or forums or just behind the scenes but either way, we
could do with a little assistance in some departments. Each position isn't necessarily
limited to being filled by a single person, considering the more people working on an area
then the more work is produced so everyone wins. Here are the current vacancies:

Mod Reviewers - This position requires someone to thoroughly playtest currently
available mods of their choice them review them in depth, CONSTRUCTIVELY describing what
features did and didn't work well in their opinion, along with an overall round up of the
mod itself. Check out Darkmage's reviews of Hell on Earth and other mods to see the kind
of depth and quality we're aiming for.

Interviewers - This position is also pretty self-explanatory really with the job
entailing the interviewing of people who have had a notable impact on the world of D2 mods and
mod making. Some people may consider me saying this a little egotistical but I feel that
the interview I did with Middle Earth mod creators Varaya and Khan was a prime example of
a quality mod making interview.

Content Researchers - We've had numerous people over the years helping out with
this position but in my opinion, you can never have enough. The content researcher position
consists of scouring the various Diablo 2 sites (mod-related or otherwise) for material
and utilities which may prove useful to the mod making public but currently aren't featured
on the Phrozen Keep. All finds will be credited to both the original authors as well as the
researcher who makes the find.

All applications can be made to me personally at the usual email address of

May 4th, 2002

by Phrozen Heart

Welcome everyone to the new and totally unimproved Phrozen Keep! I was planning on adding tonnes of
cool new stuff to this place but most of that's been put on hold for a short while until I can
catch up with all of my other on and offline duties. Jeff's still the boss here but as I'm the
admin who arranged for all the new upgrades, he's kindly given me the first update :-) Now all
I've got to do is give Jeff a crash course in PHP :-P

New PHP Design

Even though cosmetically you can't see many changes, I actually rewrote the entire site page by page
using PHP rather tham HTML which produces a much more consistant effect. Using an 'include' file
based template, all the pages will display the current and up to date navigation bar which also
makes it much easier for us to add new pages (which you'll be seeing quite a few of shortly).
The rewrite should hopefully have also eliminated all of the Netscape browser inconsistancies which
displayed the graphics all messed up. Obviously no-one's perfect so if you find any distorted pages,
spelling errors or broken links you can report them directly to me to fix.

New File Center

Yay! At last we've finally managed to come up with a fully functional (we hope) PHP file center
which provides a great alternative to File Planet which has had quite a poor record with
this site recently. All files are kindly hosted by PotatoJoe.com which we are
very thankful for and I'm sure you all will be to. You can find the various links into the
file center under 'Downloads' tab of our nav bar.

Pennies For The Poor

The only downside unforunately with the new file center is the server that the script is based
upon is a paid host and requires an annual hosting fee to pay for the excessive bandwidth.
I've added an Amazon Honor System box to the bottom of the navigation bar so if anyone wishes to
donate a single dollar to help towards offsetting these costs it would be very much appreciated.

A Trip Down Memory Lane...

For those of you who're interested, I've added a new page explaining the history of this site and how we
got to be where we are today. In my opinion, it's quite an interesting piece but then again
I wrote it so I would say that :-) You can get it under the 'Features' tab.

Revamped Store

The Phrozen Keep site store is back in full swing after quite a long period of neglect on my
part. All items have been catagorized for your convenience so don't forget to look up all the
great D2 novels and AD&D materials! Check the redesigned store out under the 'Services' tab.

Downloads To Your Door!

I've been asked by Gamespy to pimp...umm...promote one of their new features which is
Fileplanet Custom CDs. Now for $10 including shipping they'll send you a burnt CD full of
all your favorite Fileplanet software. This could be quite cool if you wanted to try out all
of our hosted mods but didn't have time to download them. For more info check out

Chataholics Anonymous

Our latest project here at the Keep which I'm especially proud of is the new Off Topic Phrozen
Forums. While the existing Phrozen Forums serve to discuss all things D2 mod making, the OT
forums allow everyone to relax and wind down before diving back in for some editing. I've
setup a completely independant script from the main forums just to create some kind of
distinction between the two and I have to say that the new PHPBB2 script I used on the OT
forums is great. Pay us a visit but clicking the appropriate link under the 'Community'
tab on our nav bar and you'll see what I mean!

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