[02-10] October, 2002

[02-10] October, 2002

Description: Archived Keep updates.

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October 26, 2002

by JBouley (Jeff)

After divesting myself of a job that was driving me crazy and interfering with my life on many fronts (my fledgling
freelance business, my modding, my marriage, and my sleep), I am starting to get back to work on my new mod, Rise of the
Old Gods
. In the process, I have also finally found time to personally produce some new stuff for the Keep, including
a tutorial on making clue scrolls, which Phrozen Heart should have coded and uploaded by next week's update or
the week following, depending on how busy he is.


Tripping Out...Twice

Brother Laz's Demon Trip mod gets a double-dose of attention this week.

First, Maxx Power has reviewed the original version of the mod, Demon Trip 1, which you can find by visiting our
Mod Reviews section, or by clicking here if you're an
inpatient type.

Also, we now have version 1.03 of the more recent incarnation, Demon Trip 2. Maxx says he plans to review this mod as
well, once Fileplanet finally lets him download the blasted thing. To get the latest version of Demon Trip 2, you can
visit our File Center's Mods area, or you can
click here.

Two New Inventory Packs

It's been a while, but I've made two new item packs to help give y'all some variety for inventory graphics. You can find
them and all our other item packs in the Plugins area of the
Keep's File Center. What are they?

Phrozen Keep Rune Pack #1

Features many new runes, including some colored ones...plus a bunch of runes in shapes that are different from the norm

click here for download.

JBouley Item Pack #3

This pack is heavy on the heads (for use as masks, necro heads, helms or whatever else) and staves, as well as providing
some other tidbits like several new crossbow graphics.

click here for download.

And An 'Old' Inventory Pack

Seems someone forgot to give credit where credit is due. We have recently renamed the giacatdangkhoa pack
as the Nezeramontias DC6 Pack because, well...the items in it came from the Nezeramontias mod with very minimal
changes having been made to the originals and a couple items even having the exact same file names as they had
in the Nezeramontias mod. The original 'author' of the pack didn't mention any of this. We have not only renamed
the file but also re-credited the correct authors. You can get the renamed and re-credited item pack by

clicking here.

Please remember: Don't send stuff to us that you got from someone else and claim it as your own work. And if you use
the work of others as a base for your own (as I have for many of my item packs here at the Keep), credit those people for
the hard work they did to make your work easier.

Got Names? If Not, We Do

There were some thread recently in the Mod Concepts and Research forum here at Phrozen Keep in which I rattled off a number
of names for items, runeword, etc. to help people who are running out of ideas or who would like a little inspiration to
help them make some new names of their own. I've compiled those names into lists (which Phrozen kindly coded into Web
pages and uploaded to the Keep), added a few more to those lists, and you can get them via the links below:

Single-Word Runewords (click here)

Multi-Word Runewords (click here)

Sets and Set Item Names (click here)

Unique Item Names (click here)

Let the Music Play On...

Once again, Phrozen Heart provides several extractions of music from Baldur's Gate 1 for you. They are in MP3 format
to ease your download times, but you'll have to convert them to the proper .wav format and settings to use them in a
D2 mod if that's what you want. Download links are below, or you can find them by visiting our
Audio Plugins area.

'Setting the Stage' (click here)

'Stealth in the Bandits' Camp' (click here)

'Streets of the City' (click here)

'Sword Against the Darkness' (click here)

'The Beregost Night' (click here)

'The Dream' (click here)

'The Friendly Arms Inn' (click here)

'The Gibbling Horde' (click here)

'The Lady's House' (click here)

'The Last Battle' (click here)

'The Ruins of Ulcaster' (click here)

October 18, 2002

by JBouley (Jeff)

Changes are afoot here at the Keep...and they're good ones. We've already revamped the Off-Topic Forum, with tons
of new smilies, the ability to apply two different new 'skins' for your forum display, and other goodies. Think that
we're neglecting the modding forum? Hah! Far from it. Expect an upgrade of the Phrozen Forums as well soon, with tons
of great features for you to use and more functionality. Life is good.


By the way, to visit the OT Forum (if you haven't been going there much yet), just go ahead and
click here. You'll see some people there you don't see
around the usual forum, and there's much madness, mayhem, and good, clean (well, mostly clean) fun to be had there
when you need a break from the D2 modding scene.

Got Mods?

A couple people have let me know they might have mods for me soon. How about you? All you have to do is send an e-mail to
me asking about it, and I can tell you how to get your mod to me so that I can upload it to our File Center.

Also, maybe you've downloaded a mod from somewhere else and think it should be here at the Keep? Let me now where to
find it, or ask me how you can send your copy to me. One person recently asked me about the 'Slaughter' mod, which I have
never heard of. We're always happy to expand our mod offerings around here, but I rarely have time to hunt new stuff down.
That's where you come in.

Middle Earth Mod Gets an Upgrade

Khan tells me that version 1.8 of the Middle Earth mod is ready, with drop-related fix and a bunch of other new stuff.
The Middle Earth crew was going to wait until patch 1.10 came out before releasing a new version, but Khan didn't want to
make y'all wait until then, since Blizzard keeps delaying the release date. The Middle Earth mod site is one of our
hosted sites (V&K Mods). Head to the nav bar or just click here.

Boy, I wish that patch would come soon. I'm willing to wait until late November or December if it's half as good as it
is reputed to be (especially for modding purposes)...I just hope it doesn't get delayed any more than that. At least
Blizzard finally put a second person on the patch development team, which is good news.

New Hosted Site

Joining V&K Mods and our many other hosted sites is a new member of the family: When Worlds Collide. The mod for
that site, by Drac0, is still under development, but there is a workable, downloadable beta version, and plenty of
updates/information about the mod. Use the navbar link at the left, or simply

click here to visit When Worlds Collide.

A Word With the General, Please

There's a new interview up in our Interviews section, with Deathscythe talking to the author
of the well-regard Rune Mod, a man known as Sir_General. I didn't forget the underscore in your name, man. Aren't you
proud of me?


You can also click here to cast yourself a town portal directly to the interview.

A New Face in Reviews

We've got a 'guest review' in our Mod Reviews section, with Nishrakh giving Michael
Hartman's Enhanced Gameplay Mod a once-over. Or is that a twice-over? Thrice-over? In any case, you can
click here to read the review right this moment if you like. I'll be here when you
get back.

Tools to Get Things Done

We have two more new offerings in the Tools section of our File Center.

First, an updated version (V 1.4) of Paul Siramy's MERGE_DCC freeware
(click here for download)

Second, a new version (V 3.10) of Evil Peer's Peer TBL editor
(click here for download)

Adventurous Tunes for you

Phrozen Heart has once again offered several extractions of music from Baldur's Gate 1 for you to possibly
use for modding or just to listen to for pleasure. They are in MP3 format to ease your download times, but
you'll have to convert them to the proper .wav format and settings to use them in a D2 mod. Download links are below
if you don't want to hunt around our new Audio Plugins area

just right now.

'Exploring the Plains' (click here)

'Giant Spiders' (click here)

'Gorion's Last Stand' (click here)

'Helm's Temple' (click here)

'Hobgoblins and the Worg' (click here)

'Leaving Home' (click here)

'Main Theme' (click here)

'Night Falls on the City' (click here)

'Night in the Oakwood' (click here)

'Night on the Plains' (click here)

'Safe in Beregost' (click here)

October 9, 2002

by JBouley (Jeff)

A lot of faces have come and gone here at the Keep. One we had been missing for a while was TeknoKyo. Well, it
sounds like Tekno, author of the Ancestral Recall and Descendants of the Dragon mods, will be back to D2 modding once
patch 1.10 comes out. Welcome new for those many players of his mods. However, he had been silent for so long that
Phrozen Heart and I recently uploaded his mods to the Keep here in case he should completely vanish. Though that seems
to be a fate that won't befall him (or us) any time too soon, the files are up in our File Center anyway, so you can now get
them from us here, or from Tekno's site, which you can reach by
clicking here

And what are his mods? Here they are:

, a 'retro' mod usable only on version 1.08 of D2:LoD

Ancestral Recall v1.0
, the original AR mod, usable only on version 1.08

Ancestral Recall v1.07
(classic skills), for version 1.09 of LoD

Ancestral Recall v1.07
(skills enhanced), for version 1.09

Descendants of the Dragon v1.01
, for version 1.09, which is a 'Beyond Hell' gaming experience for jaded AR mod players.

(P.S. The links above are a late addition to the news update. They were broken when I first uploaded the news today. But
all is well now with them...I think)

Another Interesting Mod...

The Demon Trip 2 mod by Brother Laz recently underwent a little fix for some bugs, and we uploaded it to the site. But, we
somehow forgot to re-establish the link in the File Center. I think we've got everything sorted out now, and the current
version of the mod can be found in our File Center's Mods area, or you can
click here.

Tools by Paul Siramy

Our prolific French brother-in-arms has produced yet another new tool, the MERGE_DCC freeware 1.3 program. This tool
helps you to transform a multi-part monster (or player) into a torso-only animation for D2, or if you're interested in
using animations from the game in a Mod of another game. It's in the 'Animation Editing' portion of our
Mod Making Tools area in the File Center, or you can
just click here.

Also from Paul, we have the source code for his DS1Edit tool, in case you want to learn from what he did or try to
improve on it. You can find it in the Source Code section of our Mod Making Tools
area, or you can
click here

Fire in the Hole!

Incoming! We have a lovely set of recolored missile and overlay animations by Red Havoc ready for you to use in D2
modding, including a multi-colored inferno. Quite cool. It's in the Animation Plugins portion of the
Plugins area in the File Center. For more speedy delivery,
click here instead.

Music to Your Ears

A new feature has been added to our Plugins in the File Center: Sound. Yes, we have audio plug-ins now. To start the ball
rolling (rock and rolling?), we have a bunch of music from Baldur's Gate 1. Phrozen Heart did the honors of converting them
to MP3 format for faster downloading, but you'll have to covert them to .wav format and make sure to save them with settings
compatible to D2. Go to our new Audio Plugins area, or just use
the links below.

'Attacked by Assassins' (click here)

'Attacked by Bounty Hunters' (click here)

'Bandit Melee' (click here)

'Candlekeep' (click here)

'Cloakwood Forest' (click here)

'Down to the Sewers' (click here)

'End of the Quest' (click here)

'Entering Baldur's Gate' (click here)

'Even Deeper' (click here)

'Fighting For Survival' (click here)

'From Out of the Storm' (click here)

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