[03-02] February, 2003

[03-02] February, 2003

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February 20, 2003

by JBouley (Jeff)

Hoo boy! Am I late or what? A few more days and it would have been a bi-weekly update


OK, first a word from our founder, Phrozen Heart:

'With the Fileplanet system apparently at an all time low currently with files disappearing and reappearing at random
intervals not to mention generalized download errors, I'm working on a completely new 'Fileplanet' free file center
which should make everyone's lives much easier. Our apologies to all who have suffered thus far but trust me, we are
working on a solution.'

Heaven only knows what that final solution will be...that's Phrozen's territory. But Phrozen and I don't like
FileLament...I mean, Fileplanet mayhem any more than any of you do. So we're motivated to solve this somehow,
someday. (Soon, I hope)

Also, before I get into some of the modder and modding news this week, I want to say a quick word about forum etiquette.
Most people are great, don't get me wrong. But we do get the occasional malcontent, and sometimes discussions get heated
for no good reason at the forums. Several times in the past month, when we've warned members about flaming, abusive responses
and things like that, we keep getting responses like, 'I'm sorry, but what about free speech?'

I love free speech. I am lucky enough to live in a nation that constitutionally protects it. But let's not get carried
away, folks. You can say whatever you want, but that doesn't mean you won't get in hot water. Just try saying you have a
bomb when you're waiting in line to get on the airplane and see how fast free speech lands you in a cell. The thing to
remember here is that these forums and this site work so well because we are a community of people helping each other
and not getting into petty crap. Think of the forums here as a home that belongs to Phrozen Heart and me. We've invited you
in and we hope you'll stay a while and we'll have some good times. But if you get obnoxious, you can be kicked out of
our home. We're not squashing free speech. We're trying to make this a place newbies and experienced modders and mod players
can come to without having to worry about being insulted or ridiculed or flamed. So please, abide by the rules. They really
aren't that oppressive. And there's plenty of free speech to be had around here without causing trouble or making people
feel bad.

Patch 1.10...It's Out There Somewhere

We don't know when version 1.10 of the patch will be out. But informed sources tell us that the patch itself has
indeed been finished. Currently, it's in the hands of the QA (Quality Assurance) personnel at Blizzard. I don't know how
long they will poke and prod and test the patch, but it's good to know that it's out there somewhere. Maybe we'll even see
it before long. :-)

New Mod News

We've got some updates to mods...

XyRAX - Total Annihilation

by Nefarius

In addition to recently becoming one of our newest moderators (for the General Modmaking Forum), Nefarius released a
temporary preview version of his new mod, an update to the XyRAX mod of old. Being a test version, and only temporary,
it's only available in -direct -txt for the english version of D2. This will change when the final version is out.

(Get It Now)


by 54x

Recently, 54x released the second-to-last version of the 'New Dawn X' (NDX) mod on the New Dawn website, which is one of
our Hosted Sites. He says there are lots of good new graphics and that finally the experience system is looking somewhat
balanced. Many bug fixes have also been implemented. Unfortunately, as I post this, there are some file corruption problems
and 54x hadn't yet gotten around to re-uploading a clean file. Check his site...it'll be up soon I'm sure.

(Visit New Dawn Site)

Master of Arms

by Kraj

Version 1.2 of the 'Master of Arms' mod came out recently and we've got it in our
File Center.
Go check it out. This 'item customization' mod is one of the more interesting concepts to come along in
a while. It shares some ground thematically with Sir_General's Rune Mod, though the two are definitely unique and
distinctly different beasts. I recommend you at least give Master of Arms a quick look.

(Get It Now)

Files, Files, Files

New to our File Center:

Peer TBL Editor v3.20

|String Editing Tools subsection|

by Evil Peer

Get It Now

Pointless Gorgon Re-Enable Plugin

|DCC Animations Plugins subsection|

by Nefarius

Get It Now

Prototype Tristram Plugin

|Map Plugins subsection|

by Black Heart

Get It Now

Warcraft 3 SFX - Human Units

|Audio Plugins subsection|

by Phrozen Heart

19 different sound files translated to .wav format for use in D2 modding

Get To Them Now

Class Is In Session

Some tutorials to help you along in your modding career:

Gambling For Random Runes

by Nefarius

Check It Out Now

Respawning the Unused Spinning

Razorblade Traps

by Nefarius

Check It Out Now

Is That Your Funny Bone...

Or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Proving once again that you can make fun of something you love (in this case, Diablo 2), we have added to our
Humor section 'Builds You will never see on Battle.net' by Maxx Power. To get to it right now,

click here.

Talking It Out

Mordini has graced us with two interviews this week: Angst Merchant of the Visions of
Valor mod and Rav3n of the Doomsday mod. Both interviews use the same set of
questions (just so that you don't think you're seeing double because of eyesight problem), but of course the answers
are different. At least, I hope they are.


February 9, 2003

by JBouley (Jeff)

OK, it's not D2-related, but since our forum tech support expert, spin, worked the magic that enables us to have
the recently improved and more reliable Phrozen Forums, I think he deserves some kudos. First, I want to thank the hell
out of him. Second, while I'm at it, I'm going to plug the fact that his Zoo Tycoon site,
http://zt.arachnafobic.org/, won the 2002 Best New Site Award from the Zoo
Admin forums.


In more site-related Phrozen Keep affairs, the January news has been sent to our
News Archives
section. Now, on to the actual mods and modding news....

The Family Continues To Grow

Well, we've got another hosted site, folks (they are coming fast and furious lately). This time, it's Visions of
run by AngstMerchant, which you can reach through our nav bar or by
clicking here
. The mod is designed to give you a 'fresh look' for D2 without really altering gameplay, with features
like new skill animations and new monster animations.

Coming Soon...Not

Eager for some new mods? We've got a list of juicy mods thanks Olorin. Except for one little fact: The don't really exist.
But if you want a chuckle, read his piece entitled 'Mods To Look For In The Future' by visiting our
Humor Section
or by clicking here. It helps if you've been playing mods for a while,
since some of the jokes refer to older mods...but it's still a funny bit of work.

File Center Updates

First, if you've been look to us for a patch installer for any version of D2, you might have noticed that we have shut
down that part of the File Center for now. We have to do a little rewriting and reconfiguring to get it back up and running.
Sorry for any inconvenience this might cause. Here are some other updates:

Tools Section

Updated v1.09d MPQ datafile by Paul Siramy

(Go There Now)

Plugins Section

Kill Counter Plugin v1.01 by Sir_General

(Go There Now)

Patches Section

Clean v1.09 TBL Files

(Go There Now)

Helping You Mod Better

Here are a couple updated offerings to make your modding life a bit easier:


Updated Title Screen tutorial for D2X by Nefarius

(Go There Now)


Updated color map resources by Paul Siramy

English version: (Go There Now)

French version: (Go There Now)

New Reviews

One completely new mod review...and another updated for a new version of the mod (both in our
Mod Reviews

Seasons After v3.20d

Reviewed by Eisead

(Read It Now)

Seven Lances v1.06

Reviewed by Brother Laz

(Read It Now)

Note: Replaces the earlier review for version 1.05 of the mod

Can Ya Hear That?

Another batch of Warcraft 3 sound files converted by Phrozen Heart have been added to the 'Sound Effects' area of the File
Center, a subsection of the Plugins section's 'Audio
Plugins' area. You can also use the links below to get the .wav files.

Demon Spells (download now)

Human Spells (download now)

Item Spells (download now)

Night Elf Spells (download now)

Orc Spells (download now)

Other Spells (download now)

Undead Spells (download now)

Also, in the same Plugins area, we have some Neverwinter Nights sounds effects, courtesy of Joel. Links are below, and
they are in .wav format as well:

Animals (download now)

Caves (download now)

Magic (download now)

Nature (download now)

People (download now)

Winds (download now)

February 2003

by JBouley (Jeff)

January News can be viewed in our News Archive section, as can other old news.

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