[03-03] March, 2003

[03-03] March, 2003

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March 31st, 2003

by JBouley

Phrozen Heart has been busily helping some of our hosted modmakers in getting their sites across to Xfernet, and other
hosted sites have found time to finish their moves, so we have a lot fewer 'coming soon' placeholder home pages for our
hosted sites. Yay! That means we're almost settled into our new home here. So, whose migrations have recently been
completed? Well...

...Ancients: The Fury Within mod site (click here to visit)

...V&K Mods, the home of Middle Earth mod (click here to visit)

...Incandescence, 'animation central' (click here to visit)

...Darkness Weaves 'ironman mod' site (click here to visit)

...Baldur's Gate mod site (click here to visit)

We also spun off Har'lea'quinn's 6th Age site, which was part of Incandescence before, as a stand-alone site, which
you can reach by clicking here.

Newly added to our hosted site family is *Astalion*'s Prophecy of Shadows site, which you can visit if you
click here

Of course, you could also just use the navbar at left. :-D

Other Hosted Site News

Sir_General's Rune Mod files have been added to our File Center, which
you can download here. In addition,
Nefarius has released a 'Demon Portal' plugin through his Stairway to Oblivion

hosted site, which you can download right now by
clicking here.

In the midst of adding so much, we have lost one mod. Well, not 'lost' exactly. The Seven Lances mod has made a
move to the fansite www.sevenlances.com, which is a pretty natural migration. We're
happy to keep a link to the mod by linking to the site, though, as you can see in our navbar. Just because a mod site isn't
hosted with us doesn't mean it gets ignored.


Mods for You

The move to Xfernet threw me off-track on a lot of things, and I completely lost track of the fact that I had version 2.4
of the Zy-El mod sitting on my hard drive awaiting upload. I've now corrected that problem and updated the file center.
Two versions of the mod are there: one for 1.09B

(click here) and one for
1.09D (click here) of Diablo 2:
Lord of Desctruction. Sorry about the delay, Kato. Speaking of Kato, he has mentioned that another new version of Zy-El
will probably make an appearance sometime after the middle of April. You can find both versions of version 2.4 in our
Mod Archive area of the File Center.
Oh, any if anyone's wondering why the two mods have such vastly different download histories and ratings, it's because
I simply updated the old index for Zy-El to link to the 1.09b version of the mod, and created a new record for the 1.09d
version. So, the first one still has data related to version 2.0 of the mod, which was there previously.

My own mod, Sanctuary in Chaos, got updated recently, but not the way players intended. I still owe everyone version 2.21
(coming soon, I swear), but it was reported to me that the download for 2.20 was not working. Seems the file got damaged in
the move to Xfernet, and I have updated the .zip. My apologies to anyone who had trouble with the download before.
To get SiC v2.2, click here.

A Joyful Sound

Hey! This week Phrozen Heart isn't alone in sound file contributions. In addition to Phrozen's 17 packs of Orc Unit sounds
from Warcraft 3 (located here), we also have a .zip of several brief, maniacal laughter tracks courtesy of malice
(located here). They join a bunch of
audio options in our Sounds Effect Plugins

Don't Call Me That Anymore!

Tired of the old titles for characters once they vanquish the various difficulty levels in D2? Well, be bored no longer.
Myhrginoc bring us his New Titles .dll Plugin, which you can get in our

DLL Plugins area or by just
clicking here.

New Tools

Got three tools to share with you this week:

First, at Joel Falcou's hosted site, Cabal Wars, in his tools
download area, we have a brand-spankin' new editor for dealing with strings in the .tbl files. It's a command line
application, but even without a 'pretty' GUI, it is worth checking out, as it allows you to make quick and easy changes
and manipulations to the .tbl files, from simply changing strings to coloring text displays to many other nice features. Get
it by clicking here.

Next, a revised, corrected, updated and all-around more useful version of Myhrginoc's mod-launching VB scripts, which
are in our Miscellaneous Tools area,
or which you can reach immediately by clicking

Finally, we have Experience.txt Generators from *Astalion*, which are also among the 'Miscellaneous Tools' in our File
Center. To get to those generators and make your like a bit easier when adjusting experience points for levels in your mod,
just click here.

How About That File Center?

So far, I don't think we've had one bad comment about the File Center's speed and functionality and reliability, which sadly
wasn't the case with File Planet. Helps to remind me why we went through the pain of moving to a new host to begin with.
Happy downloading, folks!

March 23rd, 2003

by Phrozen Heart

A New Beginning...

I know I don't post the site news very often anymore but I figured as this is such a notable occasion
that I probably should. While we regret having to leave Planet Diablo and Gamespy but anyone who's tried
using the Fileplanet system or tried to get hosted with us in a timely manner knows that these two
aspects of their hosting solution were completely unacceptable which is why the Phrozen Keep and the
majority of the hosted sites have joined the Xfernet Network. I've
redirected the http://www.d2mods.com URL to point to the new hosted site so as long as that's the URL
you've been using then there's no need to update your bookmarks/favorites.

No More Filedammit

After promising a new file center for a long time, it's finally become quite an impressive reality
through the use of the pafiledb script courtesy of phparena. You can visit the new file center at
http://files.d2mods.com so take a look around and see what you
think. Obviously when you're manually entering in nearly 600 file records there's bound to be a few
mistakes and typos so feel free to drop me a line if you spot any.

Danger, Construction Ahead.

As the hosted sites were only notified of our big move a little late in the game, the majority of them
are still moving in so you'll have to excuse the place holders and partially completed sites you might
encounter. This was primarily my fault so please accept my humble apologies.

Fade to Black

Brother Laz and his D2:Black mod who recently joined us as a hosted site has shelved the
project for the moment until the new patch is released or possibly even permanently. He does still
however intend to continue was his proposed Acid Reign mod for v1.10 as planned when the time comes.

While I'm Here

Apart from all the other environmental changes to the file center, I've also added 18 new sounds packs
from Warcraft 3 which this time are for the Undead units including some that look seriously usable in
a D2 mod. You can find them in the audio plugins section of the file center or just by clicking here.
The undead packs are some of my personal favorites but as I've received so many requests for them, yes
the orc units are coming next =)

Ummm...Did I Tell Jeff?

Not strictly sure if I mentioned this to Jeff or not but I've added three new animations by Cabal Wars
creator Joel Falcou to the file center. These include the Fenris Warrior from Icewind Dale (Click Here), the Boar Hulk from Planescape: Torment (Click Here) and the NPC ghost Deinoerra also from PS:T (Click Here). I also noticed I've never added in Joel's mycanoid broodling animation replacement for the sand raider so I dropped that one in too (Click Here).

March 17, 2003

by JBouley

Hey, hey...Jeff finally updates the home page in a week or less for the first time in several weeks and...well, it's
even shorter than last time! But that doesn't mean we're running short of material. Got several things waiting in the
wings. But Phrozen Heart and I are both a little short on time because we're working on some pretty significant changes
for Phrozen Keep. Keep your eye on us here at www.d2mods.com and you'll see what I
mean in a matter of days.

Off-Topic Forums Shift Into Another Plane

One part of our overall changes that I CAN let you in on today is the move of our OT Forums. Once again, as with the
main Phrozen Forums, the space and bandwidth are kindly donated by The Rednas Group which is the company that our
forum tech support expert, spin, works for. The improvements in speed and overall control of the forums are worth the
pain. Then again, it was spin who really went through the pain, so I probably shouldn't speak for him.


Two New Tutorials

And lastly for this week, Nefarius has provided two new tutorials designed for beginning modders. And here they are:

Creating Enchanted Arrows and Bolts

(Click Here)

Enabling Organ Drops in the Expansion

(Click Here)

More to Come....

Next time I should have much more for you...both in terms of news and modding stuff. Stay tuned to www.d2mods.com.

March 11, 2003

by JBouley

Short and sweet this week, my friends...short and sweet. One quick note, though: Since Phrozen is almost done with
the new File Center, all of this week's stuff (and maybe next week's as well) are in temporary folders online. The links
below will work fine, but you might not see these items in the File Center until after we launch the new
File Center.

And the Sweetest of All...

Have we got a nice .dll plugin for you. As proud as I am of coming up with the clue scroll idea so many moons ago, and
finally writing a tutorial on how to do them, I am happy to say my clue scrolls are now thoroughly obsolete. Myhrginoc
has developd a Messaging/Books of Lore System that will allow you to insert clue books throughout the game that act like
the book in D2 that tells you about the countess and the book in the Arcane Sanctuary. Scrolling text so that you can say
as much as you need to, without a bunch of right-clicking and without using inventory space. To get it,
click here.

Leveling Forever

Well, not quite...but if you thought the 25,000-level plugin last time was over the top, you ain't seen nothing yet!
This time, *Astalion* bring us a 65,533-level plugin based on Nefarius' work on the 25,000-level version. Get it by

clicking here.

More Warcraft Sound Packs

Some more audio goodness from Phrozen Heart ('Demon Units' this time):

Chaos Warlord (click here)

Fellhound (click here)

Infernal (click here)

Pitlord (click here)

March 3, 2003

by JBouley

Owing to a busy period in life, this update is really, really late again. I do
have some good news though. Phrozen Heart has been busy at building an alternative File Center that doesn't force us to
rely on Fileplanet, which has been so twitchy for the past several months. He still has some final touches to put on the
new File Center before we can launch, but most of the files are in place with the exception of the Sound Plugins, which
will probably be finished after launch. We'll keep you posted as we near the unveiling of the new File Center...but I think
the wait will probably be worth it.

Also, because my updates haven't been as on-time lately (and because my time is short), I'll probably wait to archive
the February news until the next update in about a week.

Brother Laz Finally Gets Hosted

After breaking into so many mod-players (and mod makers') hearts with a pair of mods (Demon Trip 1 and Demon Trip 2) that
allowed you to play as monsters and have vastly altered skills...the author, Brother Laz, still didn't have a hosted site
with us. Of course, he hadn't asked for one either (as far as I know). So we're happy to say he's on board at last with a
hosted site for his upcoming D2:BLACK mod. You can visit the new site by going to the nav bar or by
clicking here.

Just One Tutorial This Time

Look, I know you've come to expect at least two or three tutorials from Nefarius each week...but hey, he has a life.
And actually, as you'll soon see, he's been working on some other things, so he's obviously still busy at mod-related
work. Anyway, his tutorial this time is on 'Creating Charge Only Skills,' and you can get it in the

Tutorials section
or by clicking here.

The Mod Quad

Four new mods this time, and two of them by Nefarius (I told you he was working on some other things this time around).
Here they are:

Really Pointless Drop Mod v1.0

by Nefarius

Doesn't the mod name say it all? OK...maybe it doesn't. How about the filename, which is 'unbalance.zip'?! This mod is simply
a way to wallow in power and wealth and stick it to all those monsters who have been messing with you since you bought
D2. Fun, but not at all a balanced experience. Features include: Uniques can drop more then once per game, experience
doesn't get halved past level 75, all equipment dropped is unique, unless it doesn't have a unique version, monsters
will always drop items, all unique jewelry has the same chance to drop (and the Constricting Ring is enabled), unique
items have the same level as their base types, the Cow Level is now filled with Mephistos, and Static Field works like
it did before the expansion. And those are just some of the features.

(Get It Now)

Giga Inventory Mod v1.0

by Mhoram

Need more space for your stuff? If I recall, this mod makes the inventory 9x10, whereas the older 'Expanded Stash Mod'
upon this was based had 7x10 or 8x10. The mod is really more about more storage space than it is about anything else,
so the the D2 playing experience should be pretty much what it would be otherwise...just without the annoying lack of
room for all your goodies. Stash and cube are also larger than in 'vanilla' D2.

(Get It Now)

Rune Word Mod v1.0

by Zachs

Runes are easily (and cheaply) buyable so that you can play around with the runeword combinations and not have to hunt
forever to find yourself what you need. No new runewords were added, though. Expanded stash, inventory and cube, too.

(Get It Now)

Ultimate Fixer 3.0

by Nefarius

Nefarius hasn't just been working on a mod to satisfy the cravings of some people for uber-drop mods...he also
updated his 'Ultimate Fixer' mod, which is more about returning things to the way D2 was before Blizzard 'fixed' it,
removing the global physical resistances in Hell, fixing the critical hit bugs, removing casting delays, re-enabling
Flamespike the Crawler, and much more.

(Get It Now)

The Noise of War

Phrozen Heart has converted 17 sounds from the Night Elf Units in Warcraft 3 into .wav format for easier use in D2
modding. You can find them here.

Another Uber-Gift from Nefarius

One more pointlessly overpowered gift from our prolific Nefarius...a 25,000-level plugin. You read that right. 25,000!
Think you can find a use for all the spell point and skills points, kids? To head right over to it in our Plugins section,
just click here.

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