[03-05] May, 2003

[03-05] May, 2003

Description: Archived Keep updates.

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May 27th, 2003

by JBouley

EDIT: Little mistake when I uploaded this on Tuesday. I had Phrozen's name on this update
instead of my own. Need more sleep, I guess.

Well, as most of you have probably already noticed, the forum crisis over the weekend is resolved, and you can once again
visit and post as usual. No, we weren't the victim of some government conspiracy, alien attack, or possession of the
server by demonic forces. The system simply changed our forum's IP without asking nicely first. For the full explanation
from spin, our forum tech support guru, click

It will be another brief update this week, since it was a holiday weekend here in the States (Saturday through Monday)
and life has been hectic. So, on with the show...

New Zy-El Version Ready

Say goodbye to the buggy v2.6a and say hello to v2.6b. Kato got the new version to me, and it's all in one .zip, which
contains both the 1.09B and 1.09D versions of the .dll files, depending on which patch you have installed on your

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Monkeying Around

Thought he was gone, that modder of simple specialty mods, who makes them and never looks back at them again...moving on
to other things right away? Nope. That's right, it's that monkey-boy Spiral Simian again, with his short attention span and
desire to mod quickly and get the hell out again. (He has to put up with my abuse, folks...he's related to me). This time,
he brings us a mod that allows very easy socketing and a mod that makes getting runes very, very easy. I think y'all can
figure out which mod is which by the names. And here they are:

Socket to 'Em v1.0

(Get the Mod)

Rune With A View v1.0

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Looky, Looky...Pretty Pictures!

Been a while since we've had an item pack to offer you folks, I think. Well, here are two:

Kraj-JBouley Item Pack

Various items (more than 70 in all), including weapons, gems, books, shields and charms.

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Phrozen Potion Pack

One style of bottle, but many colors of the liquid contents. Here are 50 new potion images for your quaffing needs

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May 24th, 2003

by Phrozen Heart

Just so everyone knows, I've just received an email from spin stating that the server which hosts our forums
appears to have temprorarily died and unfortunately he doesn't have access to it until monday morning. We apologize
for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.

May 19th, 2003

by JBouley

Well, I'm doing two cheap things this week. First, another light update...lighter than last week. That's because
of the fact I'm behind schedule on my work after being out of town for a week. I actually have some other stuff I was
going to upload, but it will have to wait until next week (some item packs, map plugins and other nice stuff). So, what's
my second bit of scandalous behavior? Lying about the date. It's actually 12:30 a.m. Tuesday (almost) as I type this
paragraph. But I'm sure that it will still be Monday somewhere in the world when I finally post this page.


Seven Lances Gets a Facelift

Another update of the Seven Lances mod by FoxBat. Now it's up to version 1.11. To give you an idea of how fast he's
moving on updates, our last version here at the Keep was 1.07. Remember, this is the same mod that got updated so
frequently that a new version came out every time Brother Laz tried to review it, thus making his reviews instantly
outdated. But, I'd rather see a modmaker make frequent updates than let a mod die out.

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Legends of the Inferno

A new mod to add to our Mod Archives. Well, not exactly 'new,' I suppose, since I've had it a few weeks (I think) and just
didn't get around to uploading it. My apologies to the modmaker, Booga. One of the more interesting features of this mod is
that your skills don't increase as you level up. Instead, you seek out items that increase your skill levels.

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Full Metal Mod

OK, I thought that sounded cool. Of course, if you haven't seen the movie 'Full Metal Jacket,' you probably don't know why the hell
I even came up with that headline. Anyway, the mod is actually D2:STEEL, and it comes to us from Michele Steele (no, I don't
know if that's a man or a woman, honestly). I don't need to apologize quite as profusely to this modmaker as the previous
one, because I've 'only' been sitting on this mod for a week or two.


The aim of this mod, in general, is to allow all character classes the ability to solo in 8 player Hell games while still providing a
challenge to established character builds.

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And One Thing That Ain't a Mod...

For at least a little variety in this brief update, I offer a new character editor from Rheikon. I haven't used it myself
yet, so I'm not sure of the functionality...but he made the application because of problems he had with other editors
corrupting characters.

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May 12th, 2003

by JBouley

A somewhat light update this week, as I'll be heading out of town tomorrow and have plenty of other things on my
plate, but we've got to make sure you have something to do between now and when I get back.

Hosted Site News

Sir_General's Rune Mod

Sir_General has released a Rune Mod Launcher Update that fixes many bugs and provides a better interface for the mod's

(Visit the Site) | (Get the New Launcher)

Dark Alliance Mod

Kingpin has released two original-composition MP3s by Stefan Widh from the Dark Alliance mod, just to give you a taste
of what's to come...musically...in his mod.

(Visit the Site) |
(New Crypt Music) |
(New Mausoleum Music)

Is That the Smell of Death...or a New Mod?

The 'deathly' new Necropolis Mod, v0.03, comes to us by way of No1Necr0. As you might imagine, it's necromancer-friendly.
The first two modifications mentioned in the documentation are the replacement of all four golems and the ability to
buy necro heads from vendors. There are other changes, too, so it ain't all about necros. ;-)

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What? Seven Lances Again?

We just got version 1.07 of the 'Seven Lances' mod into our File Center, and now FoxBat goes and updates his mod! Just
what is he thinking anyway? Well...I guess he's thinking of keeping the mod interesting and fun for those of you playing
it, so I'll forgive him. I'm still trying to figure out how it suddenly jumped from v 1.07 to 1.10...but I'm guessing it
has something to do with trying to keep in line with the upcoming 1.10 patch from Blizzard. Oh, the new version introduces
130+ set items, improved crafting, modified minions, rebalanced base weapon damage, 'compatibility' with LoD 1.10, and
lots of other tiny fixes.

(Visit the Seven Lances Site)

Phrozen Heart Makes Another Modder Talk

Fortunately, he didn't have to resort to any painful forms of torture to get our latest interviewee, kingpin, to
share some of himself with us. To find out what's in the skull of the author of the 'Dark Alliance' mod, just
head over to our Interviews area or use the link below.

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The Stress of Waiting Is Getting to Them

The members of our modding community have been waiting eagerly, in some cases salivating (perhaps drooling) in anticipation
of the new 1.10 patch from Blizzard, which promises so many improvements to modmaking efforts. For some, the pressure has
gotten so great, their minds have snapped. Or, they simply have too much time on their hands, as you'll see if you use the
link below to go to our Humor area...

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Need Cube? We Can Help

It's not exactly the most advanced kind of modding. In fact, it's one of the simplest. But, we realize that not all
the modders here are experienced, and the beginners can use a simple tutorial now and then in our

area. So, Nefarius has written up a tutorial explaining how to start characters with the Horadric Cube.

(Read It Now)

That's All For Now

I was going to add some more stuff to the File Center tonight and announce it here, but I've pretty much run out of time
for working on this week's update. Still trying to catch up with work that got delayed by our move last week to the new
home. For those who sent me stuff recently, I apologize for the delay. I'll try to upload some stuff while I'm out of town
if I can, and I'll officially announce it next week.

May 5th, 2003

by JBouley

Despite the fact my wife and I had to suddenly move out of our apartment (long story...which I'm sure none of you
want to hear unless you're really bored) and spent most of last week and this weekend moving stuff over to our new
place via car, you'll still get a Monday update. That makes quite a few weeks in a row we haven't been late with the
weekly update. Will wonders never cease?


Site Maintenance

We vacuumed and dusted the home page, sweeping away the April news into its own special corner of the Acme News
Warehouse that Phrozen Heart and I own on a lonely, dark wharf a few miles from Bangkok. Or maybe Phrozen just moved it
to our News Archive area. In any case, you can check out the April news (if you missed it
earlier) by clicking here.

Keep in Touch, Y'all!

There is now an unofficial Phrozen Keep IRC channel open, thanks to efforts by one of our members, Kardon. But just because
it's unofficial doesn't mean you should ignore it. Get together there, chat it up, and make it a D2 modmaker and mod player
party. Kardon's waiting for you, and we fully support his efforts. I'll try to visit myself if my work schedule ever lets
up enough. Click here for more information.

Hosted Site News

Eastern Sun

Perfect Cell releases Eastern Sun v2.1 beta 7 release 3. A veteran mod that's still being updated. Gotta love it!

(Visit the Site) | (Download MPQ Version) | (Download Direct Version)

Deathfile's Sanctuary

Looky, looky...more map-making fun as deathfile releases another DT1 file and source graphics (this time, for a Ruined
Tower) from Red Havoc, as well as source graphics for three previous DT1 files he uploaded from RH last week.

(Visit the Site)

Tactics Central

Wait a minute...Perfect Cell and his Eastern Sun mod aren't the only veteran offerings to promote this week. We are proud
to announce the return of Jarda Fireheart, Tactics Central and the Fusion mods. Fireheart has been out of the modding loop
for a while due to real life intruding a bit, but enough of us are interested in a new version of the Cold Fusion Mod
that we're pretty sure he'll deliver something in the coming months to give us more mod-playing joy. Right now, the new
site is still under construction...not sure how long Fireheart will need to get either a new site up or perhaps his
old site as a temporary measure.

(View Thread Announcement | (Visit the Site)

Phrozen's Yacking With the Modders Again

Phrozen Heart's interview with Chaotic Death appears this week. Check it out and find out a little about him.

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Eisead's Back With His Wicked Pen

All right, our staff mod reviewer isn't wicked and he types on a computer keyboard rather than writing his reviews with a
pen, but hey, I'm allowed some creative license, right? Anyway, after a long rest, Eisead comes back with a review of
'Zy-El: Trial by Fire v2.5,' and it's a multi-player review, no less.

(Read It Now)

New Mod Offerings

Seven Lances v1.07 by Foxbat

A new version of the popular mod makes its way to our lovely Keep.

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Sanctuary Reborn v1.14 by TheDragoon

Proving that I don't know everything (as if you couldn't figure that out on your own), we now have a mod I never even knew
existed (though apparently it isn't really a complete newcomer). And to top it all off, it's even got a name that reminds
me of my own mods: Sanctuary Corrupted and Sanctuary in Chaos. So go check out 'Sanctuary Reborn,' now available at Phrozen
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Resources and Files You May Need

Clean Patch Files

Clean Patch_d2.mpq for 1.09B

(Get It Now)

Clean Patch_d2.mpq for 1.09D

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New Downloadable Resource

Sir_General's Diablo II v1.09b Code Editing Tutorial v1.00

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