R U A D2 Fan?

R U A D2 Fan?

Description: by Volf

Categories: Humor

Yes=1 point No=0 points

1- After 5 straight hours of mephie runs, mephie turns arround and says: enoght allready im off duty! Y/N

2- Sometimes when i walk arround in dark woods monsters hide behind trees and make funny faces behind your back. Y/N

3- Sometimes when i play diablo my room gets dark and scary green eyes steer at u thru the screen. Y/N

4- When i entered Kurast docks the townfolks banned me. Y/N

5- When entering the Chaos Sanctum i can smell something burning. Y/N

6- Cain once told me a legend about patch 1.10 Y/N

7- The writer of this post must be insane Y/N

8- I feel naked without my copy of Diablo2, thats why i take it with me whereever i go. Y/N

9- When i kill a monster in the game i get realy saad. Y/N

10- I stopped reading after 2-. Y/N


0-3 Points = U never even played d2

4-6 Points = Your a weirdo

7-8 Points = There is something wrong with your computer

9 Points = Your a D2 fan

10 Points = What´s wrong with you!!??

Guess what my score was?

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