Increasing the Maximum Character Level

Increasing the Maximum Character Level

Description: by Nefarius

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to reset the maximum
character (clevel) from 99 to about 120.


CharStats.txt - you actually don't need to edit this,
but it would be good to adjust the stats gained per level.

Experience.txt - this is the main file we will edit.

2. Open up Experience.txt.

Now you will see alot of numbers...these are the numbers of
exp you will need from clvl 0 to clvl 99, now what we want is
to be able to get to clvl120 right?

First, let's set the limit in the MaxLevel row (row 2 in excel).
Change the entry from 99 to 120. As you can see, you can do this
individually for every char but I don't think it would be nice
if only one class can reach clvl 120 now would it?

After you set the MaxLevel to 120 instead of 99, you will
have to add the new level rows. When you scroll down to the bottom
of the .txt file, which is at row 102, you will see that the
name of the row
is 99. In the same column, continue the list. So, below 99 type
100 below that 101 and so on until you reach 120. Now we have
set it up to 120, but the exp columns are still empty.

What we can do about this are a few things. The max exp in
Diablo II is 4,294,967,295. This can be changed, but we are not
after making things more complicated.

There are two things we can do about this. One is to delete
all the exp data from lvl 1-99 and type it from scratch. Or,
we can do it in a faster way. The exp gets almost ungainable
after level 85 when you start needing tons of exp for a single
level-up, so delete all entriess after level 85 (row 87) and
retype them so that at row 122 (lvl 120) it will reach 4,294,967,295
or less.

Note: Make sure you don't have levels which need more
exp to reach then the next level. This will make diablo crash
since your exp is below the exp needed to reach the level you
currently have (it will not crash if you have a level that is
lower then you exp in that case it will bump you up to the
matching level)

3. Put the file in your modding subdirectory or put it in
your patch_d2.mpq and test it. How to test it, you ask? Well,
if you have chars that are above level 85 and the exp they need
to reach lvl 86+ is the exp they currently have then when you
kill something, like I said before you will be moved to the
matching level. But make sure you dont have a char that has less
exp then his level, since in this case the game will always crash.

4. if you put the limit to about 200, 300 or even 900 then
you will need to edit charstats.txt for one simple reason, you
dont want 5000 base hp chars to run arround your mod, you will
have to balance the stat gains per level so that they dont get
inbalanced when above level 99, the best way is to
decrease the life per level by half, take as a note that these
values are all in 'fourths,' which means that 4 hp
per level will be marked as 16 in the file, 2 hp as 8 and so
on. do the same for mana and stamina and you should be fine.

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