Changing the Loading Screen

Changing the Loading Screen

Description: by Nefarius

Categories: Tutorials (1.09x)

Difficulty: 1 (Newbie)

Works on: 1.00-1.09 D2 Classic and D2 Expansion 

This is something some one once asked me to add to
XyRAX but back then there was no tool available to create animated DC6
But today there are such tools so I decided to do add it to my new? version of XyRAX. 
After I made this small loading screen I basically knew some people
would want to do the same so I started writing yet another

What you will need: 


First you will need to extract the following file: 


Next rename this file from PAL.DAT to PAL.PAL. 
After you did this open an image editor. (Like PSP for example.) 
In the program create a new image it must be 256x256px in size. (Other
sizes might also work but I tested it only with the original loading
screen size (do not exceed 256x256 thought, thats the limit for dc6
Now draw an empty loading meter. (Or whatever you want to display on your loading screen.) 

After this we will need to apply the loading screen palette we extracted before to the image. 
To do this: Use the load palette function of your image editor and load PAL.PAL. 
The colors of your image now might look pretty messed up right now, fix what you can then save the image as frame0.gif. 
Don't close the image editor yet, instead start filling the loading bar
with color, do this until you created 10 frames. (Including
Now that this is out of our way all that you need to do is load
DC6MAKER and create a new animation, add the images you just created as
new frames. 
After you added all of them save the image as LOADINGSCREEN.DC6 and put it in the DATA\GLOBAL\UI\LOADING directory. 
(Or import it into PATCH_D2.MPQ if you don't use -direct) 

Now load up Diablo II and start a game, if you did everything correctly the new loading screen should appear.

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