Increase the Inventory/Stash/Cube Size

Increase the Inventory/Stash/Cube Size

Description: by Nefarius

Categories: Tutorials (1.09x)

Level: Moderate (2-4)

Works for: Version 1.00(in part)-1.09 D2 & D2X

Well, the second one of the new Basic tutorials Im gonna write for my

Basicly this is something many people never do since they just download and use
plugins, but thats also why there where no tutorials about this subject and many
new modders that wanted to do it didnt know how...

Well (i used well two times did you see that icon_razz.gif)
this is about to change at this very moment:

1. What you will need:

- A DC6 Editor capable of saving multiframe DC6 files

- A good image editor that can apply palettes (psp/gimp for eg)

- Some patients

- Knowledge about -direct command

- Excel or another spreadsheet that can save tabbed TXT files

1. Extract INVENTORY.TXT from d2exp.mpq (we will come back to this file later)

2. Extract invchar6.dc6 from d2exp.mpq (DATA\GLOBAL\UI\PANEL)

3. convert invchar6.dc6 to pcx/bmp (what ever format you want just not JPG)

After these three basic steps we can begin to work:

Open the invchar6.pcx (you converted it right?) in your image editor

you will see it is quite large for a dc6 it should be: 320x864px in size:

what they dont tell you: this is actually a twoframe animation of two 320x432px
images, now seperate the image into two parts and save each of them as a single
file (make sure each part is EXACTLY 320x432px in size else you will see
glitches in the game which you probably dont want to!)

Now now, this is all up to your image editing skills, but make yourself a small

write down:










(this is only so later on you wont have to guess the coordinates!)

Now lets say you increase the inventory by 1 row (29px)

and move up the Torso by 10px to make room so you write down:

CELLGRIND up=-29(you will get why later)

Torso: up=-10 down=-10

ok now to explain it:

if you move up 29px and your current coordinates are 300 then you dont type 329
but you type 271 since you move updates (towards 0)

Repeat these steps for every bodycell you move.

After this you will open INVENTROY.txt in excel (dont worry about all the
numbers, it is one of the easyest txt files!)

Now: dont change the following columns!

InvLeft, InvRight, InvTop, InvBottom (these represent the graphics alignment on
the screen!)

Now after i warned you what not to change we can talk about what to change

The rows for the inventory are:















A note: Amazon = for low resolution mode (for the Amazon) wile Amazon2 is for
hight resolution mode.

The columns to adjust are:

Gridrows/Gridcols (Inventory Gridrows/Columns)

if we added a single row then we will change Gridcols(not gridrows strangly)
from 4 to 5:

After you have done that for all of the rows mentioned above

We will move on to the next columns: GridLeft/GridRight (dont need changing, we
didnt move them horizontally)

GridTop & GridBottom thought do need to be changed:

As you remember we added 1 cells row on top so the size grew by 29px:

now we will change GridTop from 255 to 226 (since we only added 1 row on top and
dident move the grid downwards we dont need to modify GridBottom) for high
resolution rows change this column from 315 to 286!

Well now lets move on:

Since we said before we only moved the torso (in reality thought you would have
moved more!)

Now go over to TorsoLeft/TorsoRight, as you remember, we didnt move it left ot
right so we dont need to change these but now:

TorsoTop and TorsoBottom need to be changed:

I supposed you moved it upwards by 10px in this example so we will

Change torso top from 77 to 67 and TorsoBottom from 159 to 149 (hey why dident
bottom GROW? to answer that imagin you move something upwards, and above that
thing is a red cube and below a blue cube, now the red one would stand for 0 and
the blue one for 1000, if you move the object upwards the value will shrink in
both sides since you move away from 1000 and come near to 0, pretty simple)

Now after you did this this example is nearly complete:

Just for a note:

For the stash we modify Big Bank Page 1 and Big Bank Page 2 rows

for the cube we modify Transmogrify Box 1 and 2.

But now back to the tutorial:

Now after we modified Inventory.txt we need to convert the inventory graphic to
a multiframe dc6 that DOSENT animate.

How will we do this? simple, dc6 files CANNOT animate themselves if they exceed
256x256px in size (our two frames are 320x432px)

Open up your dc6 editor and add the two frames to a new animation (make sure the
charstats image is the first!) after you did it save it as invchar6.dc6 and move
it into the correct dir (thats why you need knowledge on -direct command) do the
same with inventory.txt and start the game, if you did all the way i represented
it here for only a few of the columns then you should now have a large

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