How to Make Gems Drop Automatically

How to Make Gems Drop Automatically

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This is really just a few simple changes
to three files, and it will make ANY new gems you add automatically
drop for you- no worry about treasureclassex anymore, for gems anyway!
Note that this tutorial won't be of any use to you if you aren't going
to add new gems, or if you have already added all your new gems and
have them dropping the way you like. But if you want gems to always
drop equally, and the game to drop your gems the same way it drops
Blizzard's, read on.

The first change we need to do is
incredibly simple. Open up itemtypes.txt, and scan down the rows for
gems. Then look accross the columns for 'Treasureclass.' (if you're
using excel, scroll with the scrollbars to do this, so that you don't
lose your place on the Gem row. Just remember the letter for
Treasureclass) Set this column to 1. Close itemtypes.txt.

Then, in misc.txt, go through all
your existing gems, (including Blizzard's gems, too) and make all the
chipped level 3, the flawed level 6, the normal gems level 9, the
flawless level 12, and the perfect ones level 15. As long as the levels
are set to this, and you change treasureclassex.txt, gems should drop
automatically. If one type is not dropping, you didn't set the level
properly. :)

Right, now only one more file to
edit to set up automatic gem dropping- the giant Treasureclassex. Don't
worry, there is less typing to do in here than in misc.txt!

Right, look for the rows that say chipped gems, flawed gems, etc... Delete everything from the drop and probability columns.

Now, put 'gem03' without quotes in
the first drop column for chipped gems, and give it a probability of 1.
Do this for all the grades.

gem03 - chipped

gem06 - flawed

gem09 - normal

gem12 - flawless

gem15 - perfect

Now these five codes will work
ANYWHERE in treasureclassex.txt. You could do things like forcing
Duriel to always drop four normal gems, as well as his usual drop and a
TP scroll. And it will count ALL your gems so long as you don't typo
it, and you have set your gems levels to 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15.

Have fun with this one :)

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