Enabling Organ Drops in the Expansion

Enabling Organ Drops in the Expansion

Description: by Nefarius

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Files you will need:



(HINT: We don’t need any TBL file because blizzard fixed the string codes for
these items in EXPANSIONSTRING.TBL in 1.07)

Tools you will need:

STAROFFICE, MS-EXCEL or any other good spreadsheet.

What you should know:

The basics, such as working with MPQ files and DIRECT TXT mode.

The Goal:

Enabling Organ drops from monsters which transform into items when right

We will make it so that most monsters will have a decent chance of dropping
random organs.

(NOTE: Older tutorials on this subject will not work anywhere past version 1.06,
because blizzard removed the functionality of MONITEMPERCENT.TXT, because they
greatly changed the item generation process, but overlooked this unused feature
in their update process, and (unintentionally) broke its functionality.)

Some Further Notes:

We will only enable Hearts, Brains, Jaw Bones, Eyes, Horns, Tails, Flags, Fangs,
Quills and Spleens, why you ask? The drop animation of the soul is so ugly you
will decide so by yourself , it has a black outline the size of your character,
sure you can fix this, but this is not a DC6 animation tutorial , as for the
Scalp, it doesn’t have any graphics, blizzard strangly created a new image
using the same filename as the scalp and that is why the real scalp gfx is
nowhere to be found in D2DATA.MPQ.

First load up MISC.TXT in your spreadsheet and go down to the heart row, (be
aware its name column just says unused, ignore that, you can change it if you
want but it doesn’t matter at all).
The NAMCO column will say the real name of the organs, now go over to the
spawnable column and set Hearts, Brains, Jaw Bones, Eyes, Horns, Tails, Flags,
Fangs, Quills and Spleens to 1 in here, this will make the item spawnable. Now
move over to the INVHEIGHT column and change the entry under the flag row from 2
to 1, the inventory graphics for the flag is only 1x1 inv squares but is set to
1x2 in here by mistake. Now go over to the TRANSMOGRIFY column and change
Hearts, Brains, Jaw Bones, Eyes, Horns, Tails, Flags, Fangs, Quills and Spleens
to 1 in here for those that aren’t already. Now in TMOGTYPE change the code to
“hp5” (super healing potion) for Hearts, to “mp5” (super mana potion)
for Brains, to “gpw” (perfect diamond), to “rvs” for Eyes (rejuvenation
potion), to “isc” for Horns (identify scroll), to “tsc” for Tails (townportal
scroll), to “wms” for Flags (thawing potion), to “rvl” for Fangs (full
rejuvenation potion), to “vps” for Quills (stamina potion) and finally to
“yps” for Spleens (antidote potion), of course you can use any item code you
want, but this is only for practice. Set TMOGMIN and TMOGMAX to 0, because we
didnt use items that have quantity values. After this is done you can save and
close MISC.TXT, we are done here!

Now open up TREASURECLASSEX.TXT and add a new row, just below the gold row
(NEVER! Move the gold row! It will mess up your game, you have been warned,
that’s why you need to add it BELOW the gold row.), name this new row
“Organs” (without quotes!) set picks to 1, set ITEM1-10 to “hrt”, “brz”,
“jaw”, “eyz”, “hrn”, “tal”, “flg”, “fng”, “qll” and
“spe”, set PROB1-10 to 1, so that every organ has a equal chance to drop
(1/10), next set BETTER and TERM to 0. Now go down to the MISC 0,1,2 rows, here
change ITEM6 to “Organs” (without quotes) to call our new Organs
treasureclass, set PROB6 to something like 3 to 8, be aware the higher the value
the more organs will drop! (to calculate the chance simply add all PROBS to each
other, lets say you have 5 items all have PROB set to 25, this means you have
125 total PROBS, now 25/125 each of these items will drop, pretty simply) After
doing this save the file and go play as your done, check out your new organ
drops and ENJOY!

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