Class Exclusive / Staffmod / Automagic Items

Class Exclusive / Staffmod / Automagic Items

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Barbarian Belts:

First open up itemtypes.txt. For these items we will
base their type off of the Belts. Copy that line. It's
under 'Not Used.' (along with gems, confirming that
that title is stupid)

First type in Barb Belt in the leftmost column. And
right of that, type in bblt. This is the type you will
have to put in in armor.txt.

Right next to where it says armo, (you should still be
on the same screen) to the right, type in 'barb.' I
haven't tested this individually but it should help
make sure the item is exclusive.

Skip all the way to column AB. Set this column
(rarity) to 1. And next to it, on the right, type
'bar.' This makes the belt give barbarian skills.

After that you need to type bar in column AE as well.
This is another step to making the item exclusive.

We now have the itemtype done. If you don't want it to
inherit any mods, you can save itemtypes.txt and make
your item in weapons.txt. No problem.

But, if you'd like to see your belts giving
mana-per-kill, or life-after-demonkill, read on

OK, open up automagic.txt and copy the first five
sorceress life mods onto the end of the file. Rename
the first column to BB1-BB5 (just because typing
Triumphant isn't my style )

Then change the group number to 306. This is the
single most important step. You must have a unique
group ID for these affixes, and I think it isn't
allowed to clash with magicprefix.txt or
magicsuffix.txt. (hence why they are above 300)

Then to the right of the group column, type in the
modifier you want. In the case of my example, this is
'mana-kill'. (for +mana after each kill) I gave the
values 1-2, 2-3, 3-4, 4-5, and 5-6 respectively for
each affix. Note that higher level items will pick the
later affixes, and thus you need to balance them all.
We've got the levels more or less right because we
copied them from the sorcies' orb.

After that I also included some 'att', which is +to
attack rating. Then I copied these five affixes, and
made new ones called 'BBA-BBE', which were almost
identical, except they had 'demon-heal' instead of
'mana-kill', so they would heal you after each demon
kill. Now you save this file, and add your belts in
armor.txt with the type bblt, and '306' under the
autoprefix column. Note that these mods WILL NOT
prevent a prefix from generating, it is just like
+150% damage to undead on wands, staves, and maces.

Enjoy your newfound power over items.

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