How to create a Summonable, Lightning Enchanted Iron Golem

How to create a Summonable, Lightning Enchanted Iron Golem

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This document will teach you how to mimic the 'Lightning Enchanted'
attribute which most Unique Monsters in Hell possess, and many other
attributes and apply it to your Iron Golem. The author assumes that the
reader knows at least how to apply the 'direct switch', text file
editing, and adding new cube recipes.

The basic concept of this idea, is to make a cube
recipe that will create a jewel with a '100% chance to cast lvl 30
lighning bolt when struck' attribute. After the jewel is created, we
socket it on an armor/weapon.

Then, using the Necro's 'Summon Iron Golem' Skill,
we create an Iron Golem out of that socketed armor/weapon. Everytime
the Iron Golem gets struck, the mentioned attribute will kick in, and
you have yourself a Lightning Enchanted Iron Golem.

Step 1: Make the cube Recipe

We must decide which ingredients to use on our
recipe. For now, 1 Health Potion and 1 Mana potion will do. Type the
following on their respective columns on the cubemain.txt listed below.


A(description) = 1 Health Potion + 1 Mana Potion = Iron Golem Charm

B(enabled) = 1

D(version) = 100

I(numinputs) = 2

J(input1) = hpot

K(input2) = mpot

Q(output) = jewl,mag

U(mod 1) = gethit-skill

W(mod 1 param) = 38

X(mod 1 min) = 100

Y(mod 1 max) = 30

Step 2: Apply the 'direct switch' and run the game

Step 3: Find an armor/weapon with at least one socket.

It will be quite tasking to find a decent item to
put the jewel on. It's possible to make a recipe that will allow you to
put sockets on an item, but that is no longer the scope of this
document. Study the cubemain.txt of the d2plusplus mod available here
at Phrozen keep, and you will get the idea how.(at least I did)

In the meantime, you could look for an item with
sockets, or use the 'socket items' option after finishing a quest for
Larzuk on act 5.

Step 4: Insert the jewel on the item.

That's it! As long as you can summon an Iron Golem, everything is okay.

Additional Notes:
Now that you have grasped this
concept, you can go wild with it. Use it, abuse it, do whatever you
wish. Take a look at the skills.txt so you can replace the skill that
will kick in if the Iron Golem gets struck.

Example: This will make an Iron Golem with a '100% chance to cast level 30 Poison Nova when struck'.


U(mod 1) = gethit-skill

W(mod 1 param) = 92

X(mod 1 min) = 100

Y(mod 1 max) = 30

This will make an Iron Golem with attributes: '50%
chance to cast level 20 Meteor on attack', and '100% chance to cast
level 30 Charged Bolt when struck'

U(mod 1) = att-skill

W(mod 1 param) = 56

X(mod 1 min) = 50

Y(mod 1 max) = 20

Z(mod 2) = gethit-skill

AB(mod 2 param)= 38

AC(mod 2 min) = 100

AD(mod 2 max) = 30

Note that not all skills will work. Most will, but
not all. Remember that the Iron Golem possesses the attributes of the
armor/weapon that it was made from. You can even put attributes like
life leech, elemental, even magic damage.

Well, that's it. Happy Iron Golem modding!

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