Spawning NPCs and Critters

Spawning NPCs and Critters

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Making chickens appear in act 4 town.

For this you will need 2 files Monstats.txt and Levels.txt
First open up monstats.txt and go down to row 151(if I am not mistaking this is
a Dummy and its called Chicken in its Namco(B).

Go to MinGrp(V), MaxGrp(W) columns and make MinGrp have about 10-50 in it make
MaxGrp have something between 100-500 in it.

Next open up levels.txt and go to the row of act 4 town(one of the last ones in
here) go to the C1-C5(EB-EF) columns and put 149 into them. Now go to columns
CA1-5 and make the rows have 30 in em(for the rows u made the chickens in (like
this C1 chicken then CA1 will be 30) Now ad it to the patch_d2.mpq and your

Making npcs appear in any town you like

This is pretty much EXACTLY the same as above just that u don't use the c1-5
columns you use the M1-25colums(BD-CB).

Go to monstats.txt and find the npc you search for(Natalya seams not to work if
I finished act 3) now ad that npcs number –2 into m1 make sure mtot is set to 1
and that monden is set to ATLEAST 100.

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