Summoning Werebears and Werewolves

Summoning Werebears and Werewolves

Description: by Fusman

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Tested and working with Diablo 2 LoD 1.08

I will assume in this tutorial that you know how to extract and insert txt files
from mpq files or know how to use -direct.

If you are bored with the original wolves and bears how about summoning
werebears and werewolves ?

It's easy, open up monstats.txt and find the lines for the Druid summonable
bears and wolves, lines 424 and 431. Now find the lines for the werebear and
werewolf, lines 433 and 434. Copy these lines to a new excel sheet along with
the header line in monstats.txt. This new sheet looks something like this then

Ok, now that you have done this, it is very easy to make changes to Druid
Fenris and Druid Bear lines to make them look like the Wolf and Bear lines.
Start by changing column I called 'code' to 40 for the Druid Fenris
and change the 'code' column to TG for the Druid bear. Now you have
changed the 'code' column for those two to be the same as the wolf and
bear lines. That is, the Druid Fenris has the same value as the Wolf line and
the Druid Bear has the same value as the Bear line. You need to do some more of
this exact thing for this to work, make the Druid Fenris line similar to Wolf
line and the Druid Bear line similar to Bear line. Specifically columns BE (make
them 0), BJ (change to 1 for Fenris), BK and BL (make them 1 for both Fenris and
Bear), BO and BP (make them both 1 for both Fenris and Bear), BQ and BS (make 0
for both Fenris and Bear), BT (make 1 for Bear). Column FA needs to be 96 for
Fenris, just like the Wolf line has. That's it for those two lines (Druid Fenris
and Druid Bear), now copy those lines back into monstats.txt into their original
locations one by one. Druid Fenris to line 424 and Druid Bear back to line 431.
Remember the Wolf and Bear lines (#4 and #5 in new sheet) are just for
reference, you dont need to change those lines at all, so you dont need to copy
them back or anything. Now save your modified monstats.txt file and just close
that new book you made for the copied lines (book1 in screenshot), or save it
for later if you want.

Next open up montype.txt and find the lines for Druid Fenris and Druid Bear,
lines 424 and 431 again. Copy columns B through R in line 433 and paste those
cells in the same columns in line 424 now do the same thing again except copy
from line 434 and paste into line 431.

In the screenshot I have selected columns B through R in line 433 copied and
pasted them in line 424.

Save and close montype.txt and add both of the files you modified into your
patch_d2.mpq file or use the -direct method whichever you prefer. You can make
this look better by changing the string file to read 'summon werewolf'
instead of 'dire wolf'. Use Tbled 1.02 to edit string files.

That's it, happy summoning.

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