Batch Files

Batch Files

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Back in the good old days of DOS, we had batch files that let us simplify

certain tasks such as renaming a large quantity of files.

A BATch file is just TEXT, so open it in notepad or in DOS with

There is no history lesson here, batch files are a kind of programming, for

more information check out:

--- commands ---

@echo off ; turns off echoing to the screen so that you dont see the command

being issued, only the result.

echo Hello ; when used in conjunction with @echo off it puts the text onto

the screen like this:


if @echo off is not present then you will see:

c:\echo Hello


cls ; clear screen

pause ; pauses the batch program and waits for user to hit a key

rename filename1 filename2 ; renames filename1 to filename2

copy filename1 filename2 ; makes a copy of filename1 called filename2

del filename1 ; deletes the file

You can also execute programs from a batch file, just put the name of the

program in its own line like so:

mpq2k ; will run the program mqp2k.exe

--- how to make a patch so that you can release it for public use ---

--- make a file called patch.bat and put the following 'code' inside of it ---

--- cut below ---

@echo off


echo This mod was made by name@email.address

echo With this mod Diablo 2 will drop all unique weapons when a monster

is killed most of the time


copy patch_d2.mpq patch_d2.old

mpq2k a patch_d2.mpq itemratio.txt data\global\excel\itemratio.txt

echo Patching complete!

--- stop cutting above ---

an explination of the code above:

@echo off ; turns off echoing

cls ; clears screen

echo This mod was made by name@email.address ; shows who made this

echo With this mod Diablo 2 will drop all unique weapons when a monster is

killed most of the time ; tells what it does

pause ; waits for user to press a key, in this time they can close the

program so that it doesnt do any patching

copy patch_d2.mpq patch_d2.old ; backs up the original patch

mpq2k a patch_d2.mpq itemratio.txt data\global\excel\itemratio.txt ; runs

the program mpq2k and imports the new file into the mpq archive

echo Patching complete! ; tells user patch is done doing its work.

--- make a file called uninstall.bat ---

--- cut below ---

@echo off

echo this will restore your original patch file and delete any 'hacks'

you have enabled.

del patch_d2.mpq

copy patch_d2.old patch_d2.mpq

del patch_d2.old

--- stop cutting above ---

Now when you want to release a mod all you have to do is release 2

batch files, an installer, and an uninstaller. Also the files that

you want to add to the users MPQ file. For my all uniques patch i

would have to release the following files:




The USER MUST HAVE MPQ2K and STAREDIT in the same directory as diablo 2,

so if they do not have it, they can just download the Diablo 2 Mod Creation

Kit. Also the user must unzip the patch to their diablo 2 directory and

run it from there.

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