Lvlprest.txt File Guide

Lvlprest.txt File Guide

Description: by Nefarius

Categories: File Guides (1.09x)

A Name: Internal Name of the Maps loaded thru this Line.

B Def: Definition ID of the Tiles loaded for this Map.

C LevelId: If this map is a Level by itself ratter then a component this cell
contains the levels ID (from levels.txt)

D Populate: Possible connected to the Ability of monsters to spawn in this map
section. (1/0)

E Logicals: Related to Buildings, like the Cottages in act 1 and the cow kings
Bivouac. (1/0)

F Outdoors: 0=Subterranean Level (or Buildings etc) 1=Wilderness etc. (May be
related to the Day/Night light shift.)

G Animate: Does this map contain animated tiles? (Lava) (1/0)

H KillEdge: Related to special edges drawn for outdoors levels. (1/0)

I FillBlanks: Maybe a setting blizzard added to fix the walk able lava tile bug
in Act 4?

It is disabled only for those areas. (Chaos Sanctuary and River of Flame) (1/0)

J SizeX: Amount of Horizontal Cells. (Map Size)

K SizeY: Amount of Vertical Cells. (Map Size)

L AutoMap: Probably Has to do with areas automatically revealed on the Automap
such as towns. (1/0)

M Scan: Enable/Disable VIS tiles (1=enabled, 0=disabled) ('as far as I can
tell, you need to set to 1 in order to make your Vis (warps) in a ds1 take
effect. In other words, if you take a ds1 that didn't have Vis at all before,
and then make at least one (yes, you can add warps to any ds1), set this to

N Pops: Is related to roofs that become transparent when you enter a specific
map ('have something to do with the area where the roof and/or walls
disapear when you enter them (aka houses). It's some kind of the # of areas that
are delimited by 2 special tiles in the .ds1.')

O PopPad: Related to the previous settings. (Not a Boolean)

P Files: Total number of DS1 files loaded for this component.

Q File1: DS1 Map File #1

R File2: DS1 Map File #2

S File3: DS1 Map File #3

T File4: DS1 Map File #4

U File5: DS1 Map File #5

V File6: DS1 Map File #6

W Dt1Mask: Setting for the Tiles Mask used for the DS1 files loaded thru the
File1-6 entries, If you switch Maps you must adjust this cell!

('Dt1mask is a bitfield value, size is 32 bits. If you take a line from
lvltypes.txt (32 column files in there), the Dt1Mask tells exactly for this ds1
which files from this list to really use, and the ones to skip')

X Beta: No function, just an internal comment fields. (1/0)

Y Expansion: 1=Expansion Map, 0=Classic Diablo II Map. (1/0)

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