Weapons.txt File Guide

Weapons.txt File Guide

Description: by Ric Faith

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A. name - item name for reference

B. type - associated itemtype

C. code - 3-character code for the item

D. alternateGfx - what animation to play when weapon is equipped

E. version - 0 for cD2, 100 for LoD

F. compactsave - ?? (always blank)

G. rarity - The item's rarity, bigger number = rarer

H. spawnable - Whether or not the item can be bought from the various item vendors and dropped at random unless specified

I. mindam - Minimum one-handed damage the weapon can cause

J. maxdam - Maximum one-handed damage the weapon can cause

K. 1or2handed - Boolean (1=yes,0=no) for whether weapon can be carried in 1 or 2 hands by Barbarian

L. 2handed - Boolean if weapon is a 2handed weapon

M. 2handmindam - Minimum two-handed damage the weapon cause

N. 2handmaxdam - Maximum two-handed damage the weapon cause

O. minmisdam - Minimum ranged damage the weapon can cause

P. maxmisdam - Maximum ranged damage the weapon can cause

Q. {blank> - ?? however 13=bow/xbow, 14=1hand melee, 15=hybrid melee/thrown, 17=2hand melee

R. {blank} - ??

S. {blank} - ?? relates to 1 handed melee dmg

T. {blank} - ?? relates to 2 handed melee dmg

U. {blank} - ?? relates to range/thrown dmg

V. rangeadder - additional range of weapon for melee attacks

W. speed - determines base speed of item. -ve values indicate faster speeds, +ve value indicate slower speed

X. StrBonus - %age of Str taken into account for Bonus damage

Y. DexBonus - %age of Dex taken into account for Bonus damage

Z. reqstr - Str requirement to equip weapon

AA. reqdex - Dex requirement to equip weapon

AB. durability - Durability of weapon

AC. nodurability - Boolean, sets Indestructibility

AD. level - item level

AE. levelreq - character level required to equip item

AF. cost - base cost of the item

AG. gamble cost - does not have any effect on gamble cost

AH. magic lvl - used to determine which affixes are available on item (See Annex A)

AI. auto prefix - reference to group number in automagic.txt

AJ. OpenBetaGfx - item gfx used in the Beta Testing

AK. normcode - Normal version of item

AL. ubercode - Exception version of item

AM. ultracode - Elite version of item

AN. wclass - 1 handed weapon class, determines what style of attack to use (eg. 1hs, 1ht, hth)

AO. 2handedwclass - 2 handed weapon class, determines what style of attack to use

AP. component - ??, 6 for bows, 5 for everything else

AQ. hit class - what type of effects are displayed/heard when enemy is struck with weapon

AR/AS. invwidth/invheight - dimensions in unit space (eg. 2x3, 1x4)

AT. stackable - Boolean is it a stackable item

AU. minstack - how many minimum in a stack

AV. maxstack - how many maximum in a stack

AW. spawnstack - when randomly spawned, how many in a stack

AX. flippyfile - animation played when item is dropped

AY. invfile - gfx displayed in inventory

AZ. uniqueinvfile - gfx displayed in inventory for unique version (if any)

BA. setinvfile - gfx displayed in inventory for set version (if any)

BB. hasinv - Boolean does it have a predetermined place for auto-equipping?

BC. gemsockets - how many max sockets can spawn

BD. gemapplytype - which set of gemeffects will have effect (0=weapon, 1=armor/helm, 2=shield)

BE. special - remark column

BF. useable - Boolean allows right-click to use, unimportant

BG. sound - sound code played when item is dropped/placed in inventory

BH. unique - Boolean is item only spawned as a unique

BI. transparent - ??

BJ. transtbl - ?? always 5

BK. quivered - Boolean, requires a quiver to use

BL. lightradius - innate addition to lightradius

BM. belt - Boolean, can it be worn in the belt

BN. quest - Boolean, is it a quest item

BO. missiletype - missileID from missiles.txt

BP. durwarning - for weapons is always 7, varies for different equipables.

BQ. qntwarning - Boolean, for thrown weapons

BR. gemoffset - offset value for the socket, always 0

BS. bitfield1 - material? all metal items have a 3. Wands/Orbs/Staves have 5, while clubs and crystal swords have 1


{seller}Min - Min Number non-magical of item will spawn in {seller's} inventory

{seller}Max - Max Number non-magical of item will spawn in {seller's} inventory

{seller}MagicMin - Min Number magical of item will spawn in {seller's} inventory

{seller>MagicMax - Max Number magical of item will spawn in {seller's} inventory

{seller}MagicLvl - Max Level of affix that can spawn on the magical items

FA. Source Art - ?? not used

FB. Game Art - ?? not used

FC. Transform - color palette used for color changes via gems etc.

FD. InvTrans - Transparency of item? not used

FE. SkipName - Boolean, to not display the base class of item on the unique form.

FF. NightmareUpgrade - item code of the item sold instead of original item in NM

FG. HellUpgrade - item code of the item sold instead of original item in Hell

FH. Nameable - will the naming quest work on item

FI. PermStoreItem - Boolean will item always be sold by sellers? Item cannot be depleted

Annex A - Calculation of affixes available for item - by Ruvanal


alvl = affix level. For an item this is the level that is used to
compare to the level and max level as found in the prefix and suffix
tables. When referring to a prefix/suffix it is the value listed in the
level column.
ilvl = internal level (also referred to sometimes as the item
level; better yet item creation level). This value is set at the time
of an items creation. For monster drops the ilvl=mlvl. (BTW ilvl
matches up with the terminology of the 1.07/1.08
cubemain.txt---'itemlevel pct a')
mlvl = monster level.

clvl = character level.

qlvl = quality level. This value is found in the level column of
armor.txt, weapons.txt and misc.txt. This is the value that is used to
create the weapXX and armoXX treasure classes.
magic_lvl = magic level bonus on some items. Currently the only
ones that have this are wands (normal and exceptional, but not the
elite ones), staves, orbs (all with a value of 1) and circlets
(circlet=3, Coronet=8, Tiara=13, Diadem=1.

When an item is generated that has affixes the alvl is calculated* from ilvl and qlvl as follows

If (ilvl>99) then {ilvl=99}

if (qlvl>ilvl) then {ilvl=qlvl} ;** see note below

if (magic_lvl>0) then {alvl=ilvl+magic_lvl}



if (ilvl<(99-qlvl/2))

then {alvl=ilvl-qlvl/2}

else {alvl=2*ilvl-99}


If (alvl>99) then {alvl=99}

*all calculations use integers so there are no fractions at any step.

** this new ilvl value is only used for the duration of this
calculation. The ilvl value that is stored in the items data file will
remain unchanged.

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