God Resource Pt.1 - Greek Deities

God Resource Pt.1 - Greek Deities

Description: by Phrozen Heart

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This is a list of 100 Greek gods and goddesses which could prove useful for naming everything from magical affixes
to your new boss monsters.

Please credit Phrozen Keep (http://www.d2mods.com) in the readme
file for your mod if you choose and use any names from this list. Thanks.

ACHELOIS: Moon Goddess of Pain Relief

ACHTHONIAN: Goddess of Earth and Underworld

ADEPHAGIA: Goddess of Gluttony

ADONIS: God of Desire and Manly Good Looks

ADRASTEIA: Goddess of Divine Retribution

AEOLUS: God of the South Winds

AETHER: God of the Air

AETHON: God of Famine

ANANKE: Goddess of Destiny

ANTEROS: God of Mutual Love

APATE: Goddess of Lies and Deceit

APHRODITE: Goddess of Love

APOLLO: God of the Sun, Music, Archery, Poetry, Painting. Prophecies, Plagues, Healing, Animal Welfare, Radiance and Ploughing

ARACHNE: Goddess of Web Sleaziness

ARES: God of War

ARISTAEUS: God of Bee-Keeping

ARTEMIS: Goddess of Hunting, Animal Liberation, Feistiness and Feminism

ASCLEPIUS: God of Medicine

ASTRAEUS: God of the Four Winds

ATE: Goddess of Infatuation, Obsession and Mad Impulses

ATHAMAS: God of Raising Children

ATHENA: Goddess of War, Wisdom, Art and Technical Skill

ATLAS: God of Weightlifting and Heavy Burdens

BIA: Goddess of Force

BOREAS: God of the North Wind

CALLIOPE: Goddess of Eloquence and Poetry

CALYPSO: Goddess of Silence

CETO: Goddess of Trouble at Sea

CHAOS: Goddess of Emptiness and Confusion

CHELONE: Tortoise Goddess

CHIONE: Goddess of Snow

CHRONOS: God of Time

COEUS: God of Intelligence

COMUS: God of Comedy, Jokes and Revelry

COTYTTO: Goddess of Blatent Immodesty and Nocturnal Sports

CRONUS: Father of the Gods

CYBELE: Goddess of Mountains and Wild Animals

DEIMOS: God of Fear

DEMETER: Goddess of Crops

DIKE: Goddess of Justice

DIONYSUS: God of Sex, Wine and Intoxication

ECHO: Goddess of Distraction, Misdirection and Incessant Jabbering

ENYO: Goddess of War, Blood and Violence

EOS: Goddess of the Dawn

EPIMETHEUS: God of Creature Creation

ERATO: Goddess of Love Songs and Erotic Poetry

EREBUS: God of Primordial Darkness

ERIS: Goddess of Strife and Discord

EROS: God of Love, Desire and Fertility

EUPHROSYNE: Goddess of Joy

EURUS: God of the East Wind

EUTERPE: Goddess of Joy and Pleasure

GAIA: Earth Mother Goddess

GLAUCUS: God of Fishing

HADES: God of the Underworld

HEBE: Goddess of Youth

HECATE: Goddess of Hidden Wisdom, Change and Darkness

HELIOS: God of the Sun

HEMERA: Goddess of the Day

HEPHAESTUS: God of Blacksmiths

HERA: Queen of the Gods

HERMES: God of Merchants and Commerce, Athletics and Travel, Public Speaking, Shepherds and Thieves

HESPERUS: God of the Evening Star

HYGEIA: Goddess of Hygiene

HYMENAEUS: God of Marriage Consummation

HYPNOS: God of Sleep

IAMBE: Goddess of Mirth and Good Sense Of Humor

IRIS: Goddess of Rainbows

LETHE: Goddess of Forgetfulness

METIS: Goddess of Wisdom

MNEMOSYNE: Goddess of Memory

MOMUS: God of Blame, Mockery and Criticism

MORPHEUS: God of Sleep

MYIAGROS: God of Fly-Swatting

NEMESIS: Goddess of Retribution and Vengeance

NEPHELE: Doppleganger Goddess

NIKE: Goddess of Victory

NOTUS: God of the South Wind

NYX: Night Spirit Goddess

OCEANUS: Father of the River Gods

ORPHEUS: God of Beautiful Bittersweet Music

PAN: God of Shepherds, Flocks and Fornication

PANACEA: Goddess of Cures and Panaceas

PENIA: Goddess of Poverty

PHOBOS: God of Terror

PHOSPHEROS: God of the Morning Star

PLUTUS: God of Riches and Wealth

PONTUS: God of the Sea

POSEIDON: God of the Sea

PRIAPUS: God of Virility and Fertility

RHEA: Mother of the Gods

SILENUS: God of Drinking Companions

STYX: Goddess of the Underworld River and Unbreakable Oaths

TETHYS: Goddess of the Fertile Ocean

THANOTOS: God of Death

THEMIS: Goddess of Order and Justice

TYCHE: Goddess of Chance and Fortune

URANUS: God of the Sky

ZEPHYRUS: God of the West Wind

ZEUS: King of the Gods and Ruler of Olympus

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