God Resource Pt.2 - Nordic Deities

God Resource Pt.2 - Nordic Deities

Description: by Phrozen Heart

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This is a list of Norse gods and goddesses which could prove useful for naming everything from magical affixes
to your new boss monsters.

Please credit Phrozen Keep (http://www.d2mods.com) in the readme
file for your mod if you choose and use any names from this list. Thanks.

AEGIR: God of the Sea

ANDHRIMNIR: God of Cooking

ASTRILD: Goddess of Love

BALDUR: God of Innocence, Light and Peace

BYGGVIR: God of Barley

DAFN: Goddess of Undertow

DIS: Goddess of the Disablot (midwinter ritual of drinking and storytelling)

EIR: Goddess of Healing

ELLI: Goddess of Old Age

EOSTRE: Goddess of Easter

FORSETI: God of Justice and Order

FREYR: God of Plenty

FREYA: Goddess of Love and Fertility

FRIGG: Goddess of Marriage and Motherhood

GEFION: Goddess of Plants and Fertility

GERD: Goddess of Sex and Fertility

HEIMDALL: God of Light, Security and Survelliance

HEL: Goddess of Underworld

HERTHA: Goddess of Sacred Cows and Plows

HLIN: Goddess of Consolation

HNOSSA: Goddess of Love

HOD: God of Darkness and Winter

HONIR: God of Indecision and Avoidance

HOLLE: Trinity Goddess of Womanhood

HOLLER: God of Death, Disease and Devastation

IDUN: Goddess of Spring, Youth and Immortality

KVASIR: God of Inspiration, Knowledge and Beet Juice

JORD: Goddess of the Wilderness and Primitive Earth

LAGA: Goddess of Springs and Wells

LOFN: Goddess of Adultery and Forbidden Love

LOKI: God of Mischief

MAGNI: God of Strength

MANI: God of the Moon

MIMIR: God of Wisdom and Knowledge

MODI: God of Battle and Berserking

NEHALENNIA: Goddess of Plenty

NICOR : God of the Sea

NOTT: Goddess of Night

ODIN: Father of the Gods

OSTARA: Goddess of Fertility

SAGA: Goddess of Sagas

SIF: Goddess of Corn

SJOFN: Goddess of Love and Harmony

SKADI: Giant Goddess of Skiing and Winter

SNOTRA: Goddess of Virtue and Self-Discipline

SOL: Sun Goddess

SYN: Goddess of Legal Defence

THOR: God of Thunder

TYR: God of War

VIDAR: God of Silence and Revenge

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